The Great Distraction: Fact checks Support Romney on Bain Capital Attacks From Obama

Mitt Romney
Amidst Democratic Party leaning fact-checking organizations findings that President Obama is running untruthful advertisements about Mitt Romney, on Monday Romeny accused President Barack Obama of running a “campaign based on falsehood and dishonesty.”
“A campaign based on falsehood and dishonesty does not have long legs,” Romney said on “Fox and Friends,” this morning.
Romeny also said, “The president only has one thing going, and that is constant attacks on me. They’re dishonest. They’re misdirected. And I think the American people recognize that kind of politics as something of the past. It may work in Chicago, but it’s not going to work across America.”
Romney scoffed at President Obama’s assertion of executive privilege over documents related to the disastrous “gun-walking” operation that took place under right hand man Eric Holder's watch at the Department of Justice. He did so in response for calls for transparency by the White House.


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