Federal Government Gives $68,000 per home to Homeowners for Repairs

KOAT - They're old, broken down homes that should be deemed unsafe to live in, but thanks to federal money, 50 Bernalillo County houses have a new lease on life. The federal program helps rebuild rundown homes, and for the past two years Bernalillo County's Housing Department has helped renovate 50 houses. The grant money gives each home about $68,000 in construction money.
It's money that at least one homeowner said is a godsend. "Oh, I'm very happy when I got the letter that I qualified," said homeowner Dulcy Padilla.
To qualify, a person must own their home. Their property taxes must be current. And they have to provide a utility bill to show they live in the home.
"It's also income-based," said Irene Serna from the Bernalillo County Housing Department. "For example, for a family of two, they're income level can't be over $21,000." Read full story here: News New Mexico


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