Calderon's Plight - Epidemic of Corruption and Violence

Felipe Calderon
From the El Paso Times - JUAREZ -- The visit by Mexican President Felipe Calderón to Juárez and Chihuahua City exposed his plight -- to strengthen state police to end the epidemic of corruption and violence. Calderón said all of Mexico needs better-paid state police, and recruitment and training efforts for people to trust law enforcement. "It is essential that we strengthen our capabilities of the state attorney general's offices and investigative agencies to have institutions of justice and public safety that are trustworthy, professional and efficient," he said.
U.S. Border Patrol Observing a Train Near Border
On the same note, Calderón asked governors of other states and mayors across Chihuahua to support the consolidation of city and state police to improve coordination and bring about a reduction in crime. Calderón said that it would be a "hybrid" system, so that in some cities, municipal police would continue to operate, and in others they would blend with state police and attorney general's offices. He said it is important to strengthen community policing in Mexico, but it is still a risk to take that step. Read more here:



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