Nathan Small to Appear on NewsNM

Nathan Small
New Mexico Wilderness Alliance employee Nathan Small will appear as our guest on News New Mexico Wednesday morning at 8:00am. Along with District 37 State Representative Jeff Steinborn, Small, (also a Las Cruces City Councilor) is a major local political official who actively works for the enactment of a bill in the U.S. Senate that would create the controversial "wilderness" designation for various parcels of lands in our area including areas in Southern Dona Ana County on the Mexican border. We will ask Small questions from our site visitors and listeners as well as questions we have for him. Please use the contact page at the top of our site to e-mail us your questions for Mr. Small.



Anonymous said...

Small's assertion that Border Patrol management is behind this initiative is absolute nonsense. What a self-serving comment. I wasn't persuaded by this man's comments in the least. It seems to me that he has a genuine conflict of interest in the process. I have listened to what the retired Border Patrol Chief said and his take is much more credible. I can hardly wait for the next city council election.

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