Texas Needs To LEAD Even More Aggressively

© 2020 Jim Spence - Our amazing constitutional American Republic is disintegrating before our very eyes. As it does, a few ominous thoughts come to mind. Various states are moving to de-certify the previous national election, due to overwhelming evidence of MASSIVE voter fraud. The fraudsters in the federal and state governments that are/were behind the election fraud are executing every conceivable legal maneuver to thwart efforts by free and fair-minded people to maintain their fundamental right of SELF-DETERMINATION.

Events are NOT unrelated. This week we witnessed federal law enforcement officials access the powers of a corrupt partisan appointee "judge" with a scandalously disqualifying background, to sign a fraudulent search warrant. The result was unprecedented. We witnessed an armed invasion of the residence of the Democrat’s opposition party leader and president who actually won the last election.

No doubt a now infinitely corrupt FBI leadership, that already concocted the “Russian Collusion Illusion” while working directly in concert with the Hillary Clinton crime syndicate/campaign, is not hesitating to reflect, nor is the hopelessly corrupt Attorney General, who heads the U.S. Department of Justice. And as usual, Joe Biden is confused by his crib notes.

Planted evidence will likely be used in the totalitarian deep state effort to eliminate its chief competition. This has been tried by the governor of Michigan and her cohorts on a small scale already with some success.

Make no mistake, there is no distinction between deep state communists and remorseless fascists. Each employs the same tactics, which explains how easily Hitler and Stalin reached an agreement to divide Poland for their own use and abuse.

Many people have contacted me privately in recent days wondering what, if anything can be done to save this nation from the filthy corruption and attacks by naked power mongers now running the Democratic Party and every branch of government except the Supreme Court.

Long time readers of this column and other columns and websites where individual freedom is still valued above and beyond everything else, are asking themselves the same questions.

The correct response in my estimation, lies in what is happening in Texas, as it relates to the border. Texas is passing along federally created problems to New York City and Washington D.C. where the federal government is revered instead of viewed with skepticism. Texans, New Mexicans, Arizonans, and yes even some Californians, know Democrats will help protect every border except our own.

Clearly Democrats believe they need an influx of people who have never experienced freedom, to help provide them with more human raw materials for the next round of voter fraud. This will be much more easily accomplished now that Democrats have gotten away with massive voter fraud already. Democrats can steal again with an unknowing assist from those seeking a higher living standard. Sadly, with most illegals, interest in REAL FREEDOM is actually a quite abstract concept. Illegals are desperately trying to escape places where fascist/communists have already made sure the right of self-determination will always be a fantasy. Oddly, illegals are fleeing to our nation, which now has an epic battle with fascist/communism on its hands.

What should Americans do? Unfortunately radical steps will be required to put down a radical police state/military takeover of the United States. I call this a police state/military takeover because ARMED people with federal government credentials, showed up at the opposition party leader's residence, with an illegally executed search warrant. My friends, this action by the Biden DOJ, makes the Nixon administration’s childish efforts to “bug” DNC headquarters look like a frat house prank. My kingdom for non-partisan statesmen who can understand what Howard Baker was all about when the implications of Watergate became clear. The same implications are now CRYSTAL clear.

Of course legal remedies will now have to be extreme.

First, and I do not write these words without deep consideration, the time has come for every state in the union, that is led by freedom-loving elected officials to shift gears. State budgets need to be adapted to the emerging reality. Arming of national guards and organizing of state militias should proceed promptly without delay.

Texas, which retained its right to return to becoming an independent nation before it agreed to join the union, should conduct a free and fair election. Becoming independent again should go on the ballot. This can serve as a political alternative. Texas is a big state.

Make no mistake. Elections no longer matter in almost every urban area in the United States. Even in the urban areas of Texas, voter fraud attempts will have to be policed. Corruption in places like Dallas and Houston are as common as violent crime epidemics in these same places.

Sadly, first blood was drawn by Democrats this week in the State of Florida. Now that the battle lines have been drawn, it is time for all real leaders to act like leaders. The time to engage in fund raising for the next election are over. The time to dramatically build up state national guards and militias in freedom-cherishing states has arrived.

For those of us paying attention, the time to admit that every single law passed by the fascists in power in Washington are nothing more than naked attempts to eliminate political opposition and enable voter fraud. Democrats could not win at the ballot box in 2020 and they cannot win in 2022. DEMOCRATIC PARTY LEADERS KNOW THIS. What you are seeing is Plan B unfold.

With all of this said, one comes to truly understand the Democrats disdain for the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution. However, there was a very real reason why the term “MILITIA” was articulated in that amendment.

Nobody ever thought it would come to this, much like the mythical judge Ernst Yanning suggested, as he plead guilty to charges of sending innocent people to prison for the greater good, in the film "Judgement at Nuremberg."

My friends, it has now come to this. And the sooner freedom-loving Americans, especially Texans, understand this reality, the easier it might be to put a stop to national self-destruction.

It is getting very late in the life of our precious republic. And there are tens of millions of people who will never understand what is happening. Those of us who are now too old to physically prepare for what is coming one way or another, are going to have to rely on the younger generation of leaders including people with military experience, to secure our freedoms. Or we will lose them. All of them.

Americans have had to do this before.........and we are going to have to do it again.


We Have a National Emergency Now

© 2020 Jim Spence - Let there be no misunderstanding about two things. 1) The bill passed by Democrats that creates a domestic army of tax collectors mindful of ancient Rome. 2) The police state raid on the Trump residence today.

The implications for these events should JOLT every American. The Biden administration, with little to lose, is betting America is sufficiently numb and ready to ignore police-state actions.

Naked TOTALITARIANISM arrived in America today.

The reason is simple. Now that Democrats have driven the United States economy into the ditch, with shortages everywhere, they are coming to understand they are about to lose their grip on power in November. So desperate for power, they are behaving like they believe when a DICTATORSHIP uses force on free people, somehow this serves the "greater good."

Every freedom-loving American regardless of political party affiliation or philosophical leanings should understand that his or her basic liberties are going to evaporate if this is allowed to stand.

The Biden regime has become a militaristic junta that rules by force with badged police used as enforcers. Biden appointees, who are dominated by reckless power thirsty no accounts with child-like intellects, are now OPENLY resorting to employing federal law enforcement agencies in the same way Vladimir Putin uses the KGB.

What is happening is mindful of Chairman Mao's iron fist, in terms of how he used the secret police to jail all dissidents. Benito Mussolini also comes to mind. And yes…….even Adolf Hitler, and how he used the Gestapo in the earliest stages of his rise to power, as he schemed to stifle opposition and politically massacre his enemies before the real killing began.

It is time for Americans from every nook and cranny of this nation to understand that these actions litter history. We are seeing are an ominous signal of what has come to America. It is time for all the Trump haters to understand that Trump is no longer the issue. The issue is the people giving political orders to the FBI. Since these appointees have no basic principles, and they have been getting away with crimes and Nixonian political intrigue for far too long, they are now upping the stakes.

The Washington swamp truly has been the VIRUS plaguing America all along. The land of the free is now in critical condition. These naked police state tactics have super-ceded the debates over the level of obnoxiousness of Donald Trump. The millions of people who did not vote for Trump, should finally understand their choices are going away too.

There are so many principles involved that are bigger than Trump. The most important one for Americans is to understand what entitled bureaucratic swamp creatures with badges are all about. They are the kinds of zombies Joe Stalin used to dispose of those who disagreed with him.

Once Trotsky has been disposed of, they will be coming for you next.

Bruce Reinhart

Update - Above is a picture of America's version of Judge Ernst Yanning in the film, Judgement at Nuremberg. Bruce Reinhart will someday suggest he never thought it would ever come to this. 


Smug, Smirking, Know-It-Alls

© 2020 Jim Spence - This video of Governor Bevin of Kentucky was made awhile back. It is worth watching. You can see it by clicking HERE.

Here’s the update:

There are millions of smug, smirking, know-it-all types all around us. They work in government bureaucracies including: public and higher education. They have also infected substantial portions of the private sector. They dominate the media and the entertainment business. They have even worked their way into control positions at major corporations like, Disney and Twitter, etc. They worship the vision of an all-powerful world government that is full of elites who are allowed to behave like the pigs in Animal Farm. Sadly, many of the most successful GOP elected officials blow with the wind and their fundraising cash flows. Few can be counted on to insist on votes that govern based on sound values and time-tested principles.

We had a national election in 2020 where very specific MORAL choices were ON THE BALLOT. However, with control of education for several generations, the smug, smirking know-it-all types had long ago built a powerful political machine. They had a problem in 2020. But many still think they solved it. And maybe they did.

There were so many lunatic candidates early on in the Democratic presidential primary, avowed communist Bernie Sanders rose to the top of the heap. The so-called elite “moderates” in the Democratic Party used undemocratic methods to pull the plug on the Bernie run when they desperately foisted a dementia-plagued shell reminiscent of the stiff in the film, “Weekend at Bernie’s” onto the top of their ticket. He added one of the absurd candidates as his VP, Her credentials were dark skin pigmentation and a vagina.

Though the GOP had a flawed messenger, he was truly a metaphor for the lead character in, "My Cousin Vinny." Rational Americans, being the innocent defendants in the 2020 election, were in mortal danger and had to make the right choice. Few people actually liked the brash and vulgar Vinny (Trump). But we all knew we were facing the death penalty, and the alternative was to go with the public defender, who was clearly an incompetent fool suffering from dementia (Biden).

The independents and the conservatives rejected this incompetent shell (Biden). However……through carefully orchestrated voter fraud schemes in select precincts in Democrat inner city strongholds, the national election outcome was changed by criminal elements working on behalf of the smug, smirking, know-it-all types. Operatives took advantage of absentee ballot harvesting on a grand scale where they knew they could get away with it. That this happened has become crystal clear as Wisconsin and Arizona are the first of what will eventually be several states, that finally realize the trillion dollar grand theft that took place.

Still, two years later all Democrats are obsessed with hating Vinny, and many Never-Vinny types in the GOP, who are put off by his irreverence, are less concerned with massive voter fraud then admitting Vinny was the right guy at the right time. 

Reasonable questions arise. How could smug, smirking, know-it-all types go along with acts that produce an end to most crucial freedom we have? How could any American be "ok" with ending self-determination?

The answers are self-evident truths. When you are a smug and smirking elitist, you think you do know it all. They have a plan that is working. Tens of millions of people have been indoctrinated through years of so-called education. So much have they been brain-washed, they would rather have utter incompetency making asinine public policies, if the only other choice is a brash obnoxious jerk like My Cousin Vinny who can unveil the truth to the jury.

Like those in the video Governor Bevin referred to, anyone who thinks passing another law can fix things, can also find it easy to simply suggest that this voter fraud reality is very unlikely. They make this assertion simply because committing voter fraud is a felony. This preposterous tripe is consistent with the rest of their delusions. Still others are actually perfectly fine with voter fraud, since their end justifies any means. Dictatorships solidify when their opposition is eliminated via any means necessary.

The explosion of violent crime rates in the same places where massive voter fraud took place is a case in point. Violent criminals are released without bail in New York City. There are 4,000 shootings in Chicago alone every year. These are the same places where voter fraud is a matter of routine. When you have an entire political party (Democrats) essentially asserting that the mass murders committed by Kermit Gosnell in his Philadelphia abortion clinic should be made legal, summoning the will to look the other way on massive voter fraud in Philadelphia and elsewhere, is like a stroll in the morally indifferent park.

Massive voter fraud changed the voting choices that rational NON-know-it-all types made in November of 2020. And low and behold, all the absurd stooges and fools the Democrats themselves rejected in their presidential primaries in 2020, are making public policies that are fast-tracking the destruction of American living standards. All this is going on while our assisted living president tries to remember to look at the carefully prepared cue cards the smug, smirking, know-it-all types fill out for him before every public appearance.

Unless rational Americans DEMAND legitimate elections from now on, we are on the precipice of anarchy. Since Democrats will fight free and fair elections every step of the way to keep us on this suicidal path, the 2nd Amendment looms large just as it was intended to, if self-determination is stolen.


Understand the Real Threat to America's Future

 © 2020 Jim Spence - It is interesting to read the insanity in the news these days. Well, more like infuriating.

It seems that there are so many absurd things coming from Democrats, you cannot possibly list them all. I'll pass on trying to do that here.

Everybody knows that Joe Biden is like a dementia-plagued great-grandpa who has let his totally out of control great-grandchildren play with public policies at the White House. The results are plain to see. Everyone sees what has happened to American living standards in the short time since Biden's inauguration day. These people jerking us around are no longer apologizing for the horrific energy policies. They are gleeful about astronomical gas prices and inflation.

Recent stories are piling up that completely confirm what most of us knew almost two years ago. Biden never came close to tallying the number of REAL votes his benefactors claim. He was never in the same galaxy of popularity when compared to the last president with a (D) next to his name. It was a hoax.

What matters now is not so much that the 2020 election was stolen from the voters in America. The threat is that Democrats are going to try to steal every election from now on.

The anti-voter fraud public, which is most of us loyal Americans, do not want the breathtaking rate of self-destruction to reach a cataclysmic stage. To prevent this we had better guard every stage of the process involving ballot issuing and ballot counting.  Otherwise we are going to see Democrats destroy the nation.

We can resume discussing the litany of absurd issues that should be spelling Democrats doom everywhere......once we make sure they do not steal us blind.....AGAIN.

All of these websites and news outlets that have done their best to expose the idiocy of Biden's collection of utter fools is a waste of time right now.

America needs to unite against sheer voter fraud which is going to be attempted on a massive scale in November.

There is really nothing else left to say.


America "Has Your Back" LeBron

© 2020 Jim Spence - Only in America can a man with a diploma from an Akron high school, and the basic cognitive capabilities of a five year old, become a billionaire. After supporting the Chinese dictatorship’s strict policy against freedom of speech, LeBron James has once again exercised his 1st amendment right to be a complete fool, while comfortably enjoying his wealth and freedom of movement within the borders of the United States.

It seems James is mad at America because of Brittney Griner’s detainment in Russia. This time James made his comments on the trailer for the latest HBO episode of, "The Shop: Uninterrupted."

First a disclaimer. Everyone should be hoping and praying that Griner is released from a Russian prison immediately. Griner finds herself subjected to the whims of the murderous Putin regime. Griner allegedly pleaded guilty to drug charges last week, after being held in Russia since February. Her crime? She supposedly had vape cartridges containing hashish oil in her luggage.

This time James showed just how utterly clueless he truly is. It seems James is now angry with the way the United States has handled Griner’s case. James even questions get this…….whether he would want to come back to America,….“if he was in her shoes.”

Um, I got news for you Bronnie, Brittney Griner cannot wait to get back inside our borders. 

"Now, how can she feel like America has her back?" James says in the trailer. "I would be feeling like, Do I even want to go back to America?'"

Take a deep breath and marvel at what this fool is saying. Griner is being detained by a murdering dictator in Vladimir Putin. Ironically, Putin is not at all unlike the Chinese dictator Xi, who James supported when Xi was violently suppressing freedom of speech in Hong Kong.

Bronnie, you need to listen up. There is no rule of law in Russia anymore than there is within the borders of your beloved Xi dictatorship. Neither the Biden State Department, nor the rest of the civilized world, has been able to convince Vladimir Putin to stop butchering innocent people by the tens of thousands in Ukraine.

Bronnie, do you seriously believe Putin can be persuaded to release someone like Brittney Griner when he can simply claim that his Russian authorities caught her breaking Russian drug laws?

Based on previous experiences, James enjoys the fact that rules of basic human intelligence are not required of him. That in the feeble little mind of LeBron James, he could get away with saying this Griner situation is America’s fault, is completely understandable. James’ history of being allowed to hold both Jews and women in contempt, seems to have emboldened him. Nearly four years ago, James actually posted a selfie along with the lyrics from rapper 21 Savage. Here they are:

"We been gettin' that Jewish money, everything is Kosher. Bought myself a "Ventador and bought my bitch a Roadster. Drive my Lambo to the store, I'm a wave with my doors."

Bought my bitch a roadster? You are so fond of your sweetie you refer to her as your bitch? Naturally this is what people with the good fortune to become billionaires do. They buy their bitches roadsters with all that Jew money. Everyone should be impressed that James figures “everything is Kosher,” after buying himself a Lamborghini with some of that "Jew money."

Let’s be clear here. LeBron James is an American. He has a constitutional right to demonstrate how ignorant he is as well as how very limited his desire for fundamental knowledge is. No doubt James gets his backside kissed so frequently by adoring groupies and popular culture, he still considers himself a geopolitical expert and a pretty good basketball player.

What is sad is James doesn’t know why he is a billionaire with freedoms. Nor does James understand what dictatorships are all about.

On the other hand, perhaps Brittney Griner, might possibly be able to escape this horrific situation unharmed with an infinitely valuable geopolitical civics lesson for her troubles.

There are THREE extraordinary lessons to be learned here for all Americans especially LeBron James. 1) Do not cross the borders into nations that do not enforce rigid constitutional protections that are explicitly spelled out in many of the twenty-seven amendments enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. 2) Support judges and elected officials who respect the rights to: LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. 3) Make note of the terms “life” and “pursuit.” Judges who respect all human life are to be respected not vilified and threatened. And happiness is something to be pursued, not something you sit on your ass and ask the government for.

Finally, let's revisit James not being "sure" if he were in her shoes what he’d do? If he’s not sure, he is even dumber than anyone can imagine. Lebron James doesn’t even realize………America has HIS back.


Winning the vote is no longer enough

© 2020 Jim Spence - What is happening to America in 2022 did not pop up over night. It began with the Obama administration. Mr. Obama’s insidious background was laid bare. But America ignored all of the warning signs including all the America haters he called his "best friends." Now the Obamas, who have never had real jobs, own three mansions, while Americans see fires burning everywhere. America has been fundamentally changed.

Over the years there was a mountain of incontrovertible proof supplied to the free press, of the Obama's utter corruption of the FBI. However, since the media itself could not grasp the dire implications of changing the FBI mission from federal law enforcement to political racketeering, the brazenness of Democrats was magnified and the disintegration of America was accelerated.

As the Obamas prepared to leave the White House in 2016, they wanted to see Hillary Clinton crowned as their rightful heir to the budding dictatorship. The Obamas felt compelled to help facilitate the ascension of Hillary.

Using a fully corrupted FBI, the Clinton campaign conjured up a, “Russian Collusion Illusion,” to smear Trump. This absolute scam, which was propped up with the unquestioned support of virtually every media outlet in the nation, should have worked. But it didn’t because there was only one candidate more offensive and detestable than Donald Trump in 2016. And that candidate was Hillary Clinton.

Since early November of 2016 when Trump won the presidency, America has been subjected to non-stop lies, false accusations, shameless character assassinations, grotesque politically-based reactions to a medical challenge (the virus), economy destroying lockdowns, rushed vaccinations, absurd impeachment proceedings, and finally, when all else failed......massive voter fraud in America’s swing states. All of these types of utter manipulations, along with the jailing of dozens of political opponents on sham charges continues to this day. The January 6th charade is simply the 9th act in a never-ending scam.

It is important to recognize a few things about activist Democrats:

Any political party activists who are willing to legalize the killing of babies in the ninth month of a pregnancy, just prior to those innocents exiting the birth canal, and calling this process women’s healthcare, are capable of anything.

Any political party activists willing to use the sacred powers of the FBI to incarcerate political opponents, are willing to do anything.

Any party activists who are willing to gleefully employ energy policies that drive gasoline prices into the stratosphere in America, without reducing the world’s carbon footprint by a single molecule, are capable of anything.

Any party activists willing to tap the U.S. strategic oil reserve and sell that oil to the communist dictatorship in China, are capable of anything.

Any party activists willing to cripple the authority of police forces and release violent criminals without bail, are capable of anything.

In 2022, American Democrats are behaving as all dictators have as they try to use force to make their powers permanent. Democrats in the White House are now encouraging their Mussolini-like black shirts street thugs to threaten Supreme Court justices. Again, any party willing to do these things, is willing to do anything.

Some observers believe a “red tidal wave” of “votes” is coming in November to bounce these butchers out of power. Sadly, winning the vote is no longer enough in America. Reasonable Americans already won the vote. There was a red wave of votes in 2020. Americans knew Donald Trump was obnoxious a long time ago. However, they also knew his policies were working, and Joe Biden belonged in assisted living. Now Americans know Democrat party activists are running things and America is imploding.

Americans had better police every single voting precinct in America to prevent the criminal ballot harvesting schemes that were successful in stealing the last election two years ago.
In the meantime, everything you see in the mainstream media is a sham. Every political story is a contrived propaganda piece.

Finally, America has international enemies working around the clock to keep Joe Biden and/or Kamala Harris in power just a little longer. The same goes for Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Dictators like Putin and Xi and violent socialists like George Soros are also funding professional protestors, arsonists, and violent criminals in an effort to destroy the last great constitutional republic on the planet. Their goal?  Replace America's respect for the rule of law with another Orwellian dictatorship where the elites do as they please, and the rest of us shut up, wait in lines, and most important of all……..OBEY.


Independence Day 2022, Part III

© 2020 Jim Spence -  There is fundamental problem in the United States. Politicians use voters to fundraise and keep themselves in office. This is true of BOTH parties. Once a problem gets SOLVED, the fundraising opportunities disappear. Politicians know this. Accordingly, they tend to use divisive issues to propel their own careers through fundraising. Problem-solving is not a priority. Hence we have so many unsolved problems festering.

We have three broad categories of people who vote in America. I am not including voter fraud which is rampant. 1) Loyal Republicans who seem to understand that even those they vote for lie to them like it was a bodily function. 2) Loyal Democrats who refuse to try to get Constitutional Amendments passed to get what they want because they cannot win the arguments. 3) And independent thinkers who only get to choose between Republicans and Democrats.

In 2022, we have the most brazenly radical Democrats ever. They are holding complete power at the federal level EXCEPT for the judiciary. Frustrated that the rule of law is in their way, they are issuing death threats to Supreme Court justices to essentially render the U.S. Constitution irrelevant. This is the ONLY barrier in the way of dictatorship.

Let’s look at how these radical Democrats are governing:

In less than 20 months Democrats have engineered a massive invasion of unvaccinated illegals. These illegals continue to flow towards America’s southern borders. They have made it exceedingly difficult for the U.S. oil industry to operate, while continuing to beg for international oil. The price of energy has skyrocketed as has inflation in America and all over the world. American children are exposed to twerking drag queens who openly discuss the nuances of sexual preferences during elementary school story times arranged by Democrats. America’s largest cities have crippled law enforcement leading to massive public safety nightmares. Despite trillions of dollars of taxpayer funding, Democrat-backed unions have turned our public education system into a third world performer. We have shortages of doctors, nurses, vets, electricians, plumbers, dentists and you name any other profession. Waiting in long lines is now a way of life for everyone but the elites.

Don’t delude yourself. The other two military superpowers on this planet, both absolute dictatorships, find all of these self-inflicted wounds America is imposing on itself as music to their ears. Both Putin in Russia and Xi in China love nothing more than seeing American Democrats engineering the utter destruction of the foundation of the only nation in their way of world domination via their militaries. These are the Hitlers and Tojos of the 21st Century.

Somehow with the help of public education and the media, American Democrats are under the mistaken impression that American Republicans are the greatest threat to America. 

It is time for ALL Independents and Republican voters to see that China and Russia are adamantly opposed to the world’s international monetary system. Xi and Putin hate the world order because it uses the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency. Having the world’s reserve currency in dollars is the ultimate economic advantage. Biden and Co. are also blowing this edge along with everything else.

The 2020 election was stolen. There is no way that a man who belongs in assisted living got sixteen million more votes than Barack Obama. When you are ok with dictatorship voter fraud is a piece of cake to condone.

Democrats, mad as hell at the Supreme Court, are now willing to promote ideologies that find “Fuck the Fourth” parties useful to the process of damaging the very foundation of our incredibly adaptive constitutional republic.

As November approaches, expect massive efforts at voter fraud to dwarf those of 2020. Dictators Putin and Xi will continue to funnel billions of dollars to "groups" to keep Democrats afloat in America. They will support the defunding of police in violent American cities and insane environmental policies that export American wealth without lowering the carbon footprint by a single molecule. It goes farther. Putin and Xi also support those engaged in massive voter fraud.

The 4th of July is about much more than fireworks and barbeques. Are enough people paying close attention?


Independence Day, 2022 Part II

© 2020 Jim Spence - Let’s get the proper perspective on celebrating our independence from England. The year 1776 marks the beginning of our country. It is a national birthday.

Our system of government has evolved through the passage of seventeen constitutional amendments since 1789. Nothing moved quickly then or now. It took thirteen years from the writing of the Declaration of Independence to secure our independence and ratify a working constitution.

Is it reasonable to judge how our nation has performed in terms of serving the citizens versus how other nation's systems have served their citizens? It would seem that the criteria for proper evaluation should place a great deal of emphasis on where we are today, since it is silly for any of us alive today, to be held responsible for the performance of the nation during previous generations....good or bad.

Before we consider grading our American system of government in 2022, we should consider the alternatives as represented by other nations. This consideration should include where they were and what they are today.

Hereditary monarchies whether unlimited or limited, have been the dominant systems throughout human history. At the end of the colonial era, the United States rebelled against an English hereditary monarchy system. Many hereditary monarchies have fallen since 1776, but many continue to this day.

In 2022, China, Russia, and the U.S. are essentially the three primary military superpowers of the world. However, in BOTH China and Russia, unlimited hereditary monarchies dominated the histories of these nations for THOUSANDS of years. Not coincidentally, in both China and Russia, dictator monarchs have since been replaced by non-hereditary dictatorships. This truth lies in great contrast to the U.S. where American citizens have NEVER been subjected to dictatorship.

For citizens in both Russia and China in 2022, basic freedoms are nothing more than an illusion. The rule of law is not subjected to boundaries established by a freedom-oriented constitution in either China or Russia. Essentially, the law is whatever dictators Putin and Xi say it is. And in both Russia and China, all opposition to Putin and Xi are against the law. In these nations, where living standards are far below that of the U.S. and the environmental protections are non-existent, the exercise of freedom of speech will get you killed. Low living standards and dirty environments go hand-in-hand with dictatorships.

Europe is not a nation with a single governing document. Europe is a loose collection of independent nations that have created freedom of movement and trade arrangements to go with a common currency. Great Britain dumped the European Union over policies that both continuously import poverty and export wealth. Not long after the Marshall Plan rescued Europe from the WWII catastrophe, most countries in Europe have steadily sunk into an endless cycle of floundering economically with stagnant and deteriorating living standards. There are very few if any exceptions.

This brings us to our American system, which sports the highest living standards on the planet. This is true despite Democrats constant complaints about the U.S. Constitution and the alleged difficulties of altering the document via amendment. Democrats don't know they have it so good......let alone why they have it so good.

The United States has not moved from dictator to dictator or monarch to monarch. Instead we have amended our constitution twenty-seven times. These amendments are a major part of our success story. These amendments actually represent the “change mechanism” that has helped America adapt and evolve as the human condition has evolved. Carefully read the U.S. Constitution and all of the amendments. It is an enlightening process. And if anyone wants to change it, it can be amended.

Long before January 31, 1865, when the 13th Amendment was ratified abolishing slavery, it was illegal to import slaves. Still, unprincipled Africans living on the west coast of that continent continued to capture, chain, and sell slaves elsewhere. The customers for their human captives were Arab/Muslim nations in Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Admittedly, Americans adjusted their moral compasses via the 13th Amendment far too slowly. One can sort of understand why this happened so slowly, considering the price that had to be paid to become more legally moral. Hundreds of thousands of Americans on the union side died in the Civil War prior to the majority of states ratifying the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery after the war. 

Many people suggest that 21st Century African Americans should refrain from celebrating American Independence, even with the Juneteenth slavery emancipation holiday added to the nation's calendar as a federal holiday. Two questions require answers by 21st Century Americans, especially African Americans:

1. Are all people of African descent in the United States, responsible for the actions of unprincipled black Africans who captured, chained, and sold their fellow black men and women to the highest bidders both before and after slavery was abolished in the U.S.?

2. Are unprincipled black Africans who captured, chained, and sold people into human bondage, solely responsible for their own actions?

We all know the answer to these two questions should be, everyone is responsible for their own actions. This is a universal truth.

Sadly, the slave trade continues to this very day in some parts of the world. Still, African Americans are being twisted these days by shameless politicians. Most of Africa continues to fall prey to hereditary monarchies or ruthless dictatorships and astounding poverty levels unimaginable to all Americans. Still, accusations of overwhelming power in the hands of white supremacist Americans and overt racism are as common as insect sightings. Something doesn't add up.

In part III we will identify some of the parties responsible for attempts to destroy the basic truth that while perfection is an illusion; compared to dictatorships, hereditary monarchies, and hapless European socialists, all Americans have it good.

Not surprisingly unelected dictators who are unaccountable to anyone and operating freely on the world scene, are spending billions to destroy America' sense of well being. Every American should know who supports the dividing of this nation and why.


Independence Day 2022, Part I

© 2020 Jim Spence -  There should be no illusions about the GOP. So often they say one thing and do another. I'm reminded of John McCain running his last election on the "REPEAL OF OBAMACARE" promise. He cast the deciding vote to NOT repeal Obamacare. His two-faced chicanery is hardly unusual with politicians. 

It is so odd to watch the Democrats these days. Their former party of “inclusion” is anything but. Orthodoxy is demanded. Their leaders are like the Borg collective in Star Trek The Next Generation. “You must comply, resistance is futile."

Democrats now embrace an orthodoxy that requires approval of public education bureaucrats and their staging of filthy drag queen shows in elementary schools. Anyone who disagrees with this idea is a bigoted Neanderthal. Americans are also told to hold the preposterous belief that there is only “one body" involved in late-term abortions. If the last tip of the last baby toe has not exited the birth canal, the baby is not a body. Strange that a non-body cries within seconds of being fair game for murder.

We are also pressured by Democrats into accepting the idea that allowing grown men and maturing teenaged boys to use the ladies restrooms along with little girls of all ages, is just fine. Anyone who disagrees with this notion is a bigoted Neanderthal.

Often we have only two choices from Democrats. We can embrace ideas that condone the abuse or outright murder of children, or admit we are evil bigots.

In 2022, American Independence Day came with an excruciating twist. Sadly, the 4th of July is being lined up for painful twisting, just as nearly everything else has. These twists just keep choking out the views of reasonable people nearly every day. Let’s explore.

Democrats in Tucson, Arizona promoted a, “Fuck the Fourth” party over the weekend. This might seem like an isolated incident, but it isn’t. It is the tip of a gigantic iceberg. Newspapers all around the nation questioned the basic decency of America, and asked why we even celebrate the existence of our nation.

Let’s get real here. While all reasonable people grasp the depth of man’s disturbing history of taking inhumane actions against his or “her” fellow man, only the twisters in America can summon the utter power-seeking gall to blame thousands of years of the most horrific aspects of human history on non-Democrat Americans.

The juvenile nature of Democrat’s thought processes would be somewhat amusing, if these power-hungry twisters hadn’t already unleashed unchecked violent crime on the streets of all urban areas in America. Unprosecuted crime has become the hallmark of Democrat's urban leadership. Why? It is because they are so twisted they have now stopped thinking.

Democrats now fully embrace ancient objections to the basic decency of the American system that date back to the colonial era. The objections begin with the African slave trade. Unquestionably, the thousands and thousands of years of engaging in human bondage includes a portion of U.S. history. And there is nothing decent about any of it. However, the starting point for slavery in colonial America is portrayed as if it were a matter of spontaneous combustion, where only white human beings were involved in the institution. The purpose of this half-truth is Democrat's delusions of the primacy of modern day white supremacy. Anyone who disagrees, is well…..you know……a white supremacist. Even Clarence Thomas has been called a white supremacist for disagreeing with Democrats.

The facts on American slavery are pretty simple. Some unprincipled white Europeans discovered they could sail down the west coast of Africa and meet with unprincipled black Africans. These unprincipled black Africans captured and chained other black Africans and held them for sale. The black victims were sold to the highest bidders and transported to the western hemisphere. Unprincipled whites and unprincipled blacks BOTH perpetrated these grotesque atrocities on their fellow man. The 21st century Democrat narrative has conveniently and purposely left out an important aspect of basic history. Incredible efforts are made to disguise the fact that unprincipled black Africans did nearly 100% of the capturing, chaining, and selling of their fellow men and women at the beginning of the slave trade process.

Two absurdly opposite narratives are offered up for consumption. The two exclusive choices promoted by Democrats are these: 1) Democrats accuse all others that America’s founding fathers are preposterously held up as god-like “saints” by non-Democrats 2) All of the evils of the world, especially the African slave trade, are entirely the America’s founding fathers fault, simply because these men were "uniquely unprincipled."

This is not real history it is naked manipulation. The American founding fathers were flawed. In this sense, they were no different than the owners of slave ships, the black African slave hunters, the black African slave dealers, and the slave owning southerners. The basic truth is, racially speaking, there is plenty of historical blame to go around. Unprincipled people of all races are a big part of human history. Only with ridiculous historical twisting, can the entire sorry episode of slavery in human history, which continues to this very day, be characterized as relevant to behaviors in the 21st Century America of most white Americans.

This leaves us with actual “systems” of government to compare. One who understands prevailing systems of government, understands why we should celebrate the 4th of July. In Part II, we will look at the systems in place in the 21st Century and compare them, instead of trashing the one system that functions at the highest level after playing hide and seek with the unprincipled participants of human history.


Greed, Recklessness, and Unintended Consequences

© 2020 Jim Spence -  There’s an odd thing about the events in America in recent days. Circumstances are producing seemingly endless streams of very uncomfortable feelings. At the outset let's explain some of the oddities.

I've had several interesting discussions with people about the topic of abortion. Almost without exception, there were strong opinions expressed to me. And yet nobody I engaged with had ever READ the Roe vs. Wade opinion, nor had they ever seen the film Gosnell, which should be required viewing for anyone purporting to hold an understanding of the abortion issue from the broadest perspective.

Naturally, nobody enjoys writing columns that address the highly-charged topic of abortion. Several times on these pages, columns have appeared that attempt to explain what the overturning of the Roe decision would mean. Of course one has to READ the U.S. Constitution, read the Roe ruling, and read the Dobbs ruling to understand what all of this means from a legal standpoint.

The most important element of the Roe ruling is understanding it was the ultimate form of judges "writing a law” instead of comparing a properly passed law with the U.S. Constitution for inconsistencies. In the Roe case, the judges simply decreed that pregnant women had a right to choose. Of course there is a huge problem with judicial decrees, simply because it is the sole duty of Supreme Court justices to protect rights infringed upon by unconstitutional laws passed by legislatures and signed by governors or the president. The judicial branch serves as the referee, not a player with a particular agenda in the law-making process. To make laws, one must be elected to the executive or legislative branch of our governments.

History teaches us when judges violate their oaths to serve only as referees, and take it upon themselves to actually establish laws, other judges can and do overrule their extra-judiciary efforts. THERE IS A REASON WHY JUDICIAL VERDICTS ARE CHARACTERIZED AS.......OPINIONS.

Roe was an opinion, not a law. In both a legal and a political sense, when Democrat judges give Democrat politicians a dubious compromising inch, the politicians will often try to use that conceded inch to become dictators of the galaxy.

In the Roe opinion, women were capriciously granted by the court (not the legislative and executive branches of government), a LIMITED right to choose. In the Roe opinion, this conjured up “right,” lasted for thirteen weeks during a pregnancy. Thirteen weeks was a limit the judges simply made up. The 1973 court's reasoning was that since babies grow and develop in the womb, America needed a federal framework that included preventing the legalization of horrific murders. While this was true, no such framework was ever created by Congresses or Presidents. Ambitious judges exceeded their authority and simply created a framework themselves.

The types of horrific murders the judges wanted to prevent, were those that were subsequently committed by one, Kermit Gosnell. This is why the film, Gosnell is critical to understanding why the Roe opinion set thirteen weeks as the time limit to choose. Anyone who “thinks” they understand what having no time limit on abortion rights means, should challenge their own fundamental humanity and watch the film, Gosnell. The script for the film is an almost verbatim record of the murder trial of Gosnell, who is easily the most notorious child butcher in history, including King Herod.

Forget what you might be hearing from the incompetent U.S. news media. Once again the propaganda factories are running way above capacity. The Dobbs decision last week does not write any law. The only opinion it expresses, is the opinion to refuse to recognize an opinion as a law. The Dobbs opinion merely reverts this issue back to elected legislatures and governors where it belongs. Now gutless politicians on both sides will now have to gather their courage and do their jobs by dealing with or not dealing with the question: When does a pregnant woman’s “choice” become the murder of a helpless baby?

The reason the 2022 court did what it did is clear to those who have read the Constitution and understand that in America, “Powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” What the Dobbs ruling did was simply apply the tenth amendment to the U.S. Constitution to the litigation it was considering. It did not ban abortions, as all the screeching threat makers and arsonists would have us believe.

Pro-abortionists are now intentionally setting fires to clinics and violently attacking others, especially Catholics. No doubt almost all have never read the Constitution, the Roe opinion, or the Dobbs opinion. They are blocking traffic, setting fires, and carrying out threats. They are doing so because they demand the right to commit other crimes.

In the end, the behaviors of the most ardent defenders of a serial baby killer like Kermit Gosnell, are not surprising. What would one expect from those who adamantly support the killing of babies at any time, prior to the last tip of the last toe exiting the birth canal? If you can convince yourself that there is only one “body” involved in the killing of babies in the birth canal, you can convince yourself of pretty much anything.

If there is one thing criminal minds almost always have room for, it is greed. As usual, Democrats have nobody to blame but themselves for the Dobbs opinion. Democrats filed the lawsuit demanding the court RE-WRITE the Roe ruling and unilaterally extend the 13 week time limit that had been conjured up out of thin air. Since these Democrats most likely never read the Roe ruling, or the U.S. Constitution, they miscalculated. 

The summary here is simple. The 1973 Supreme Court conjured up a “right” for women. It generously gave them thirteen weeks in Roe to decide. For reasons that are unfathomable to most people, thirteen weeks to make this decision was not enough for greedy Democrats. Instead, virtually all elected Democrats have taken the position that the likes of Kermit Gosnell should be allowed to operate in every state in the union. The 2022 Supreme Court refused to extend the thirteen week limit. Instead it washed its hands of this filthy mess and put the decision back into the hands of the people and their elected representatives.

Where federal powers do not exist, the people can and do amend the U.S. Constitution. Slavery was abolished via an amendment. The woman's right to vote was achieved via amendment. Alcohol consumption was banned and re-instated via amendment. The Constitution has been amended seventeen times since the eighteenth century. This process has expanded the powers of U.S. Presidents and Congress, but not the powers of judges in black robes. Respecting this process represents the essence of the Dobbs opinion. When the court was delivered a reckless ultimatum by Democrats, it had to choose to either 1) expand its own non-existent power by extending the 13 week limit in Roe, or 2) recognize it had no such authority.

Once again as they have done with so many things, Democrats have produced unintended consequences through recklessly greedy actions.

Over the weekend we saw people insisting on the right to kill babies without restriction, getting so mad with helpless baby defenders, they resorted to more killing and more burning. They threaten anyone who openly attempts to protect helpless babies. Why? It is because they want to retain the mythical right to kill.

Is there really any mystery here?

Now, speaking of recklessness and unintended consequences, can anyone loan me a couple hundred bucks so I can fill up my truck with gasoline?