The Group Identity Malignancy

© 2022 Jim Spence - Recently, one of my closest friends contacted me. He was exasperated and seeking advice. He is a very kind man nearing his mid-sixties now. He grew up in a very loving family. Like all of us human beings, he has had his ups and downs in life and made some mistakes. He is a strong-minded individual with a gentle disposition. If one plays the disposition comparison game, he rates quite favorably versus most men. He is well-educated and well-read. He is also a Christian man with deeply held beliefs. He has two grown children. He loves them both dearly. His daughter is married and has two children. His son, a gay man, is also married.

My friend, like most men from the baby boom generation, struggled a bit when he first discovered his son’s sexual preference. But eventually he came around. Not just to grudging acceptance, but to making very serious changes in his own life including the church he attended. Because of the lack of acceptance and lack of Christ-like unconditional love that was sometimes inferred in some pastor sermons, in recent years, my friend specifically met with pastors of prospective churches in advance. He advised them that he would not continue to attend their church if anything that even hinted at gay bashing surfaced on Sundays.

Despite an open-door policy by dad, the son in this conundrum is very much immersed in his sexual identity. It seems to be, in his mind, the defining aspect of his life. And is so often the case when any group identity is of paramount importance to a person, much more is expected from his family than simply acceptance, an open door, and even unconditional love. There have been unmistakable indications of pressure from son, for the embracing of political/world views that so often seem to be a pre-requisite in the gay community.

We recall two gay men friends of ours who occupied the separate mother-in-law wing of our home for a couple of months between their moves years ago. We refused to accept any rent from these men because we considered them to be our friends. A few months later when we were invited to their home for dinner, one of the men attempted relentlessly to engage us in political discussions. When we did not take the bait, he concluded his efforts by declaring that he had no respect for whatsoever for anyone who voted for George W. Bush. Not long after dinner we excused ourselves and left. It was such an unpleasant experience the relationship was never the same.

Ironically, my friend has rejected the assertions of Christians who ostracize gay people and distanced himself from them, while his son has embraced the wings of the gay community that bash ALL Christians.

The tragic irony of group identity was on full display recently, when a shocking news story emerged last month. It seems that two married gay men in Atlanta engaged in unspeakably heinous crimes. They used their adopted children as sexual objects, including filming them for the purpose of distributing child pornography. These men were arrested and now face charges that could keep them in prison for the rest of their lives if convicted. It turns out one of the men had a criminal record that should have prevented him from successfully adopting children.

If these charges are true, how could these men successfully navigate the adoption system, skirted obvious common-sense safeguards, and gained control of two vulnerable children? Ironically, the answer is this gay couple used a Christian adoption agency to facilitate the process.

Serious questions arise concerning group identity paradigms. Are the millions of men and women around the world with gay sexual preferences responsible for the conduct of others with the same preferences who commit heinous crimes against children? The only proper answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. In no way can any reasonable person hold other people with the same sexual preferences responsible for the actions of others who have those same preferences.

What about the Christian adoption agency? Clearly their screening process failed miserably resulting in the facilitation of an adoption that should have never happened. Are all Christians responsible for the failures of this Christian adoption agency? The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. In no way can any reasonable person hold people with the similar religious views responsible for the actions of others.

In a nutshell, this conundrum magnifies the great tragedy of all human beings embracing group identity paradigms. Group identity, which is encouraged now more than ever before in popular culture, has become a malignancy growing on otherwise loving families in so many ways. All gay men and gay women should be treated as individuals with both virtues and flaws. No better and no worse. All Christians should be treated as individuals with both virtues and flaws, no better and no worse.

Those who blindly embrace their group identity, whatever it is, at the expense of family members who love them unconditionally, but do not accept all that goes with their group identity politics, engage in a process that produces self-inflicted wounds that damage themselves and those who truly love them the most.

We will pray for healing and reconciliation for this father and son. There are many things that are impossible with human beings. But with God ALL things are possible.


Election Fraud - How It's Done Part II

© 2022 Jim Spence - In Part I, thanks to information provided by Omega4America and Gateway Pundit, we explained how the crime of ballot harvesting is done without any legal consequences. That one of the two major political parties in America (Democrats) protects and defends these treasonous acts, tells you how little integrity is left in the election process, now that progressives have decided America must have one-party rule.

To understand how to combat massive election fraud crimes, the victims (U.S. citizens) must first know there are two types of fraudulent ballots used at scale to steal elections.

First, there is the “Sleeping” phantom voter. Second, there is the “Hiding” phantom voter. Hiding and Sleeping Phantom Voters share a characteristic – they are real people, with valid voter registrations, who registered to vote – at some time, just as my niece and sister did decades ago (which I mentioned in Part I). These two types of registrants are used to change election outcomes against the will of the people. They are on voter rolls, and probably have been on voter rolls for years. Recent voter registration “drives” at universities were also designed to provide tremendous new raw material for these types of fraudulent operations. The names of people who change addresses frequently or get married and change their names are ripe for fraud.

Election officials, political candidates, and the tech firms they hire, track usable phantom voter prospects on voter rolls. They analyze and investigate them and then apply a percentage as to whether they are likely to vote. of the ways these crimes get committed, begins with identifying millions of young and/or transient voters who registered and voted only once before moving. These names become valuable seeds for future votes, when these votes are needed, by Democrats. 

Some of these phantom voters are defined as "sleepers." A "sleeper" is a person who has no idea a political group or election official is casting their ballot for them. Again, this would be people like my niece or sister, who would have no way of knowing there was an organized method for casting a ballot in their name in a state where they have not lived for years.

The names of nursing home occupants are also quite ripe for this sort of fraudulent voting scheme. These elderly citizens are alive, but they are living in cognitive care facilities because they suffer from dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease and can no longer remember much of anything. They clearly cannot vote, but don’t kid yourself, millions of ballots are cast using their identities in every election.

Using sleeper votes is only one of two major fraud strategies. For years, and increasingly recently, Democrat election officials have identified sleepers and voted their ballots for them when they were needed. They simply assign an absentee ballot to a sleeper and vote it for them when there is a tight race, and the Democrats need extra votes to win. In this way, names that remain on voter roll lists are like rainy day slush funds for Democrats to use when their policies utterly fail. They can account for 3% – 15% of the vote that can be pulled in when needed. Democrats needed those votes for Biden in 2020 and again in 2022 for other Democrats after two years of Biden’s disastrous policies. 

Speaking of Alzheimer's disease and dementia, a look at the alleged Joe Biden vote total in 2020 says it all. There was zero enthusiasm for Biden. To even suggest Biden got 81 million legitimate votes two years ago, doesn’t pass the smell test. The most plausible explanation for this ridiculous increased vote total is massive voter fraud. In 2020, millions of sleeper phantom voters ballots wound up in the hands of Democrat operatives who voted those blank ballots straight Democrat. They were taken to the polls in massive numbers though back doors and fraudulently counted in favor of a guy with dementia.

The other major voter fraud category for ballot harvesting is the way Democrats exploit the availability of “Hiders.” Using "Hiders" are INSIDE JOBS. The process requires fraudsters to use tactics that elude conventional technology on a massive scale. Hiders are created by modifying a voter’s name slightly. It can be as simple as changing the spelling from Hernandez to Hernandes or Lopez to Lopes. Any close derivative will do. Omega4America vote integrity teams found entire families with dually registered voters living in a physical location and also using a single UPS box separately. This is done routinely to obtain a second set of blank ballots.

Democrat election officials use other ingenious ways to engage in “Hider” voter fraud. In a large, swing, midwestern state, Omega4America investigators found that Democrats created two voter IDs for one name. An example would be #01234567 and #1234567. Each number would be used and assigned to the same person, a different address. The second address ballot is collected, filled out, and saved. It is produced for use in tight races. Democrats use sleepers and hiders to ensure they will win virtually all close races.

Once the informed citizen understands how Democrats use these tools (and other similar methods) to steal basic freedoms from Americans, they realize that eternal vigilance will be required to combat this highly sophisticated form of organized crime.

The only way to effectively combat this pervasive criminal activity is for Republicans and Independents to purchase copies of the actual election rolls EVERY DAY. Monitoring cheating must be done in REAL TIME. This sounds like it is expensive, because it is expensive. However, based on how much money is spent on national elections, cheating has become more cost effective for Democrats than trying to convince people their policies are working.

The daily voter roll list in Wisconsin costs $12,000 a day to purchase. Does anyone know that Democrats bought Wisconsin’s daily election roll 28 separate times before the 2016 election? Who knows how many times Democrats have bought daily election rolls in various states in 2022 to stockpile phantom sleeper and hider ballots? The cost of buying daily voter rolls is chicken feed compared to the estimated $50 million it costs to contest a Senate seat. Democrats own the election rolls while Republicans remain clueless. Republicans use campaign contributions to send out junk mail while Democrats use ballot harvesting operations to steal.

Republicans will have to keep track of election rolls in REAL TIME instead of using the snail paced stone age forms of technology. Use of outdated voter roll lists is a waste of time. 

Besides using advanced voter roll tracking technologies, the GOP will have to hire armies of election observers that cannot be forcefully removed by Democrats from ballot counting locations. If this continues Democrats will once again bring truckloads full of cannisters that contain harvested ballots to flip election results.

Omega4America has engaged in advanced election monitoring processes already. What did they find? They identified a Democrat Party dominated county, where officials unilaterally changed 31,500 zip codes. The voters in this county remained at the same addresses. Essentially, these voters continued to receive all their mail with no lapses. Everything came to them in the mail as expected except for one item……a blank ballot.

These scams are widespread. Omega4America teams investigating in Wisconsin and Florida discovered that Democrats were engineering these types of treasonous scams by the truckload. And no doubt this is the tip of the iceberg. The same blueprint is no doubt used in states like Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and who knows where else. These crimes against our free republic negated the electoral slaughter Democrats actually suffered at the polls last month.

Fighting all varieties of ballot-gathering and harvesting fraud will also require real-time monitoring and analysis of ballot collection points. Democrats like to target large apartment complexes and dorms where fraudulent ballots can be gathered easily at scale. And Democrats are already fighting the monitoring of ballot drop containers, to prevent massive fraud detection.

Lenin would be proud.


Election Fraud - How It's Done Part I

© 2022 Jim Spence - Kristi and I have been voting for nearly fifty years. In the early 1990’s, my niece and younger sister shared an apartment at our residence. Both were in their late teens when they lived with us and both registered to vote. As the years went by, and long by after they moved away, we noticed both their names REMAINED on the voter rolls. Even fifteen years after they had both moved out of state, their names stayed on the voter rolls. We noticed this because for many years when we showed up to vote, officials would ask us to sign right next to our names on the registered voter printout. The printout was sorted by address, so could see their names still on the registered voter list next to ours. Now those rolls are kept from our view. Are they still there? Only the Democrats in the County Clerk's Office know for sure.

On many occasions Kristi and I discussed what an unsecure slipshod practice it was for the County Clerk to treat the all-important registered voter roll like it was some sort of bulk junk mailing list. In recent years, we have come to understand why Democrats at every level have fought tooth and nail to keep all names on the voter rolls indefinitely.

Over the last two years it has been ardently asserted that massive voter fraud was taking place all over America on this site. Some have asked me for my sources of information that cause me to believe this. It started with a book written by John Fund called, “Stealing Elections.” The book was published back in 2004. Most recently, it was the sworn testimony of dozens of election observers in 2020, in conjunction with the absurd vote count attributed to Joe Biden, that cemented my conclusion that voter fraud defines America now.

That our election process has been turned into a complete scam is not something anyone really wants to believe in this country. If you are engaged in voter fraud, you are guilty of treason in my mind. Given all the veterans who died to make sure we would always have free and fair elections, the perversion of this process is a complete betrayal of decency.

Now that massive voter fraud is a reality, and the courts will not put a stop to it, the implications suggest violent civil war is inevitable. Nobody wants to see this.

The evidence of massive nationwide voter fraud continues to pile up. Extensive research done by Omega4America, and several other organizations explains precisely how voter fraud is accomplished. Gateway Pundit published an article that originated at called, “Here’s How They Did it: Real-time Election Fraud by Database Latency.” Below is the sequence of actions that have destroyed America’s right to self-determination:

1. Years ago, Democrats came to understand the potential for exploiting sloppy voter roll databases. Eventually they realized they could get away with changing voter roll addresses and then changing them back within a few days. The Covid situation provided the perfect excuse to flood the postal system with blank ballots. It was all done in the name of "social distancing," putting all the ingredients in place for massive voter fraud.

2. County election managers engage in the corrupt process of changing the zip codes on thousands of registered voter addresses. They do this just before tens of thousands of blank ballots are sent out into the mail system.

3. A bogus address on an envelope means thousands of these blank ballots wound up in containers labelled “undeliverable.” Democrat operatives developed a variety of simple schemes that allow them to collect thousands of valid BLANK ballots.

4. A few days later county election officials change all the addresses back in their databases to reflect the correct zip codes. This goes unnoticed.

5. The National Change of Address Database (NCOA) NEVER picks up the sleight of hand accomplished by those temporary address changes.

6. This situation means thousands of citizens get the rest of their mail just fine — except for the blank ballots, which most did not even know were coming even though Democrat operatives did.

7. Most of these ballots go to areas where a vast majority of people living in the area don’t vote.

8. Thousands of voters are changed from inactive, to voted, and then changed back long after these fraudulent ballots are used to steal elections.

Ballot harvesting through “ballot gathering strategies,” is how Democrats routinely exploit the intentionally sloppy database processes that are inherent in virtually all registered voter lists. There are several variances to the process that can be added to the eight-step process above, that are enabling Democrats to pull off a nationwide assault on voting rights.

Here’s the rest of the fraudulent sequence taking place across the country:

1. Democrats simply do a controlled count all of the in-person votes on election day, and also count all of the early, in-person votes to know whether or not they even need to cheat.

2. If they know they are going to need to cheat, Democrats roll out an excuse to STOP the vote counting system after the polls close. They have done this routinely in Atlanta, in Philadelphia, in Maricopa County, and in many other places around the nation twice now.

3. Next the Democrats bring in cannisters full of the undeliverable ballots mentioned above that were gathered after Democrats changed voter’s names, addresses, or zip codes to make them undeliverable.

4. From this point forward it is simple math. Democrats determine the number of votes they need to win and then they produce the number of harvested ballots required to put their candidates over the top.

In Part II we will explain how fair-minded people can combat this process before it leads to civil war.


Fast Food - Fast News

© 2022 Jim Spence - The news media used to be a respected industry. It employed mostly fact-oriented journalists. The journalism profession used to see itself as a watchdog for a liberty-conscious public. Protected by the 1st Amendment, most journalists used to insist that the principles of freedom and liberty deserved the ultimate respect. This is no longer true. Instead, these days American journalists and the news media industry they work in, is much more mindful of the fast food business.

Each day fast food restaurants fire up their vats of grease in the kitchens. These hot buckets of greasy oil eventually fill fast food products with gobs of fat that are consumed by a recklessly unhealthy public. This continues to happen every day.

The Fast Food sales process is now a perfect metaphor for the American news media sales process. Each day media bosses begin with the same agenda. Their goal is to gather advertiser dollars. To do so, they stoke the appetites of their customers and provide a fast news consumption experience that involves serving up half-truths that confirm pre-determined narratives. All of this is done to conveniently meet the appetites of their customers. Media entities call what they produce the latest, "news." In reality it is greasy, fat-laced, "Fast News" that results in dysfunction.

Like those who consume fast food, those who consume "Fast News" are subjecting themselves to ingestion of a relentless stream of unhealthy substances. As part of the appetite stoking process, meaningless polls are conducted and cited by media outlets. Absurd surveys are taken and referenced by journalists purporting to report facts. Political party messaging is tailored to capitalize on this crassly managed ignorance. As America continues to allow our wealth to be exported while we import massive doses of poverty and crime, the process is quite mindful of witnessing a train wreck in slow motion.

There is only one reality that matters in America right now. While it might not be profitable to continuously repeat.......the reality is simple. America is no longer free. Instead it is controlled via massive VOTER FRAUD and one-party rule.

Massive voter fraud is the defining characteristic of every city and county in America where Democrats are effectively in control all three branches of local government. The release into the mail each election cycle of hundreds of millions of blank ballots, which began in 2020 as part of Democrat's "Covid strategy," has created the perfect conditions for criminals to engage in endless high stakes election cheating.

There is a criminal willingness on the part of thousands of Democrats, to illegally gather in rooms and force GOP election monitors outside of the sight of the vote counting process. Comprehensive ballot harvesting schemes are also a way of life now at virtually all locations where Democrats have the political muscle to get away with these crimes. This means from 2020 forward, Democrats can be expected to criminally count ballots from unknown sources, rather than legally count only those ballots handled via bonified chains of custody. They will not lose in any location where they are in control.

The crime wave that upsets America these days is downplayed. It has reached far beyond unsafe streets and dangerous subway systems. This crime wave has engulfed our entire election process. And accordingly, it has stolen our right to self-determination without a single shot ever being fired.

All around the world, crime is the defining characteristic in countries where one party rule is a way of life. In America, eventually, we will have one-party rule.

While there are still those who continue to fight one-party rule dictatorship. One party-rule grows on America like a malignant tumor. America needs political chemotherapy not discussions of what Democrats said and what the GOP response was.

Everyone in the Democratic Party from Biden down pretends that Fast News is good for us. And many Republicans still think the next election might be clean. Don't eat this garbage. It will make you sick.


Treason and the Reverse Sedition of Media Silence

© 2022 Jim Spence - The American Revolution and the ratification of the U.S. Constitution represent watershed moments in human history. With this initial structural foundation in place, American would go on to establish many of the standards by which all other ambitious nations are measured. This is particularly true when it comes to measuring average living standards and per capita productivity. America's comparative successes explains, despite what an army of history revisionists attempt to distort, why tens of millions of people around the world will still gamble everything they have, simply on a chance to emigrate to America.

America's rise did not happen overnight. A bloody Civil War was required, along with seventeen additional constitutional amendments. Eventually, through our constitutional ability to adapt, America overcame its politicians and applied the basic concepts of freedom to ALL adult men and later to every adult woman in our country. These are crowning achievements in human history. They are the direct results of sacrificial bloodshed on battlefields, and the process of free people forcing recalcitrant politicians to subordinate their personal power ambitions to the overall will of the people.

Still, history is replete with dictators subverting freedoms. The United States provided the bulk of the blood, treasure, and sheer military force required to thwart the efforts of would-be global dictators in Germany, Japan, and Italy eighty-one years ago.

Even after WWII, the tendency of corrupt politicians all around the world is to dial back rights of self-determination, and reinstitute human rights horrors. This ugly aspect of humanity has manifested itself over and over throughout human history. And over the last two years, America has revealed its lack of immunity to the cancer of the power grab by otherwise clueless policy makers.

Two years ago, it became apparent to most of the observant types in this nation, that the presidential election was nothing more than a charade. Though disguising ballot harvesting schemes on a massive scale was impossible, the Democrats in America found that getting their own elected “officials” to certify sham election results was actually pretty easy to accomplish. It was also easy for Democrats to get their friends in the mainstream media and in the judiciary to look the other way. The ghost of Ernst Yanning is alive and well if you can convince those with Machiavellian leanings the "greater good" is at stake.

Those paying attention to these fatal trends already knew the most likely answer to the only remaining question after the 2020 theft: Would sham elections produced by massive ballot harvesting schemes and locked-door vote counting charades become the norm?

Everyone got the answer to this question last month when ballot harvesting and vote tallying corruption reached epidemic proportions all over America. As Democrats literally stole contest after contest last month, they were able to elude the consequences of the public's total dissatisfaction with their failing policies. With another successful theft, Democrat's astoundingly stupid public policies will continue with only a narrow margin in the U.S. House to slow them down. And with this new reality, America is surrendering its ability to change and adapt to bad leadership.

In the face of an even more obvious sham election in 2022, how has America dealt with the creeping reality of totalitarianism within our own borders? The simple answer is this: Except for a minor prosecutorial action here and there, in places like Orlando and a few counties in Arizona, Democrats are getting away with treason. For there is no other way to put this. It is an act of treason to forcefully reverse the will of the people as expressed by FREE and FAIR elections. When one person or a group of people engage in voter fraud, or even merely look the other way while it happens, they sell their souls to the devil.

How can overt acts of treason in plain view take place in America without overwhelming repercussions?

A brief review of the output by various news media outlets in our country provides the chilling answer. Instead of engaging in honest reporting on these overtly treasonous acts, which will eventually result in dictatorship, things are pretty much business as usual with the fourth estate. The mainstream media is continuing to pretend that ballot harvesting schemes are isolated incidents instead of the fundamental pillar of the Democrat’s game plan to hold power, even when the majority of voters rejects their policies.

Here’s a quick summary of what NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NPR, and virtually every local newspaper runs with every single day. We citizens are intentionally manipulated on a daily basis in the hope that we will begin to hold the impressions that:

1) Half the nation has transgender leanings requiring dozens of new pronouns as well as billions of taxpayer dollars to be spent on wildly expensive surgeries for sex changes.

2) About half of all adults are gay and the most pressing priority in Washington is a national gay marriage law.

3) Every adult female has either had several abortions or wanted several of them.

4) All women think the act of killing viable babies via late-term abortion procedures is simply women’s healthcare.

5) It doesn’t matter that not a single prediction in the film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” ever came to pass. We still must destroy the foundation of the American economy with stupid energy policies while the Obamas live on a $12 million beachfront property, despite the ominous threat of "rising sea levels."

6) It is just fine that the Democrat’s economic plan will continue to be the Importation of Poverty across open borders and Exportation of American wealth to those who sell us the same energy we used to produce ourselves.

7) Long waits for doctors, nurses, etc. has nothing to do with the government takeover of healthcare a dozen years ago.

8) Freedom of Speech is not a basic human right, it’s simply part of a white supremacist conspiracy now being masterminded by Elon Musk.

What is the primary focus of the entire media complex instead of this Coup de Etat, which unfolds right under our noses? The entire media complex seems intent on reporting on everything except the bodily functions of a) Elon Musk and b) Donald Trump. Additionally, Fox News, possibly the last hope for freedom, seems compelled to run stories on the latest Instagram posts of the Kardashians. This is done as if national security was at stake.

If one visits Newsmax, One America News, or the Epoch Times, they will find these outlets are carping at the stupefying incompetence of the Biden regime. Switch to the mainstream and you'll find NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, and virtually every local newspaper pretending the results of Democrat policy incompetence is just bad luck. Most disturbing of all, is that no major media outlet regardless of bias, has decided to continuously expose the naked voter fraud, occurring on a colossal scale, that effectively nullifies the right to self-determination. 

Journalism isn't merely dead, it is complicit in the process of bringing a one-party rule dictatorship to America.

Sedition can be defined as: "Using "language" to incite rebellion against the authority of the state." Today in America, there is silence-based form of reverse sedition. It is directly linked to the media's behavior. The act of NOT defending American citizen's rights to free and fair elections is essentially the act of deliberately NOT reporting acts of treason. 

America's media is guilty of gross malpractice bordering on criminal intent. It should be laser-focused on Democratic Party involvement in ballot harvesting and illegal behind closed doors one party ballot counting schemes. These aren't isolated irregularities. These are crimes against every veteran who ever died or was wounded while fighting against dictatorship. The U.S. Constitution, including all its amendments, forbids both ballot harvesting and behind closed door ballot handling and counting by one party. Not reporting on treason leading to one-party rule REVERSES the powers the state has guaranteed to the people of this nation.

Ignorance of the basic pillars by which dictatorships prop themselves up is the real pandemic of our time.

Unanswered questions will now haunt America until this cancer is irradicated. Why were all those constitutional amendments regarding self-determination ratified? What was the Civil War all about? What was World War II all about? What were the Voting Rights Acts in both the 19th and 20th centuries all about?

Let's summarize all of this. Democrats are engaged in treason. The mainstream media is engaging in a form of perverse Reverse Sedition.

The GOP leadership is AWOL, content to enhance their own personal political franchises.

There is no other way to accurately describe what is happening in America. Crime was a problem. However, the so-called crime wave is not restricted to the streets. It has spread to every nook and cranny of mainstream journalism.

Accordingly, one party-rule dictatorship in America prevails, and its permanence is not far away. They control the police and the military.


What Were All of Those Wars For?

© 2022 Jim Spence - One final history lesson is presented here before your author signs off indefinitely.

Twice previously, Americans fought long and violent wars on our own soil to obtain the essential freedoms associated with the fundamental right of self-determination. The first armed struggle began in the mid-1770’s when Americans took up arms to escape the long reach of oppression and tyranny by both a hereditary monarch and a parliament across the Atlantic Ocean.

Sadly, self-determination was not achieved for all American MEN in the United States for another ninety years. Freeing all MEN required another armed struggle that was completed by the middle of the 1860’s. The American Civil War ended the outright enslavement of all MEN in America. But it did not end the oppression and tyranny against women. That liberation took yet another fifty-five years.

On August 18, 1920, Americans finally completed the legal process of bestowing the right of self-determination on ALL American adult citizens. With the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ALL adult females were guaranteed the right to vote just over 102 years ago. Prior to the ratification of the 19th Amendment, fully one half of America’s entire adult population remained unrepresented. The lesson here is simple. Politicians are congenitally pre-disposed to be corrupt. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Let’s fast forward. Anyone paying attention in November of 2020, almost exactly 100 years after America finally emancipated all adults regardless of gender, knew what was happening. There was NO WAY that doddering old dementia-plagued Joe Biden legally obtained fifteen million MORE votes than Barack Obama did in 2012. The 2020 election was rigged via millions of blank ballots and brazen cheating in the metro areas of swing states.

No freedom cherishing American should make the mistake of further delusions. After two years of disastrous public policies, especially regarding energy, far more than a slight majority of American citizens were fed up with Democrats insane public policies. Earlier this month, real citizens turned out in droves. They turned out not so much to vote for Republicans, as they did to vote AGAINST Democrats. Americans wanted to put an end to the insanities foisted on us by idiotic Democratic Party public policies.

In short, the 2022 national elections in America were nothing more than a naked and remorseless ballot harvesting sham. By and large, in every swing state, where contests were competitive, the Democrats literally engineered breathtakingly brazen grand larceny in open view. That anyone would “certify” what occurred earlier this month as legitimate, is aiding and abetting tyranny. That the media ignores this electoral crime wave is an insult to those who honor all the brave people who died bringing self determination to ALL men and ALL women in this country.

With the reality that two consecutive national elections have now been literally stolen, America has arrived at a devastating point in history. Those who ridicule the concept of self-determination around the world could not possibly be happier to see us self-destruct.

The media has already moved on. Staging political shows that pretend ideas, issues, dialogue, and elections matter, is big business. But further discussions and/or debates regarding sound public policies, including the basic foundations of right, wrong, decency, and self-determination, have been rendered meaningless. Under the present predicament, America is virtually assured of a continued descent into both an economic and cultural abyss. Law enforcement is being decimated before our very eyes. And our military is being undermined behind the scenes.

This despicable situation did not come as a surprise. In a previous column on this site in August, it was noted that the State of Texas has the legal right to secede. With a corrupt political party destroying the legitimacy of elections and certifying the DENIAL of self-determination for all American citizens, the time has come for the State of Texas to exercise its option to return to the status of being an independent republic. If Texas does so, the resulting emigration from formerly free states in the United States, will simply boggle the mind.

How profoundly sad this all is.


The Ultimate Game of Let's Pretend

© 2022 Jim Spence - For a dozen years or more, this site has occasionally featured columns suggesting that increasingly in America, we are witnessing an around the clock game of “Let’s Pretend.”

Sadly, this cancer of willful national ignorance has spread. It began slowly at first. With the mainstream media presenting a steady series of illusions for public consumption, American citizens were encouraged to pretend that a few horrific public policies were working well. A good example was the illusion that the government takeover of our healthcare system was not a complete disaster.

Let's Pretend is a juvenile process. In it, participants are expected to engage in a world of make believe. America is very clearly suffering from a steep decline in living standards. Those engineering this economic disaster insist that we pretend we are doing ok.

Since early 2021, this process of embracing national delusion has expanded even further. We are no longer merely expected to pretend that all nonsensical public policies are working. We are now supposed to pretend that the majority of voters have completely abandoned all sense of decency and actually approve of this disintegration. 

We are also expected to pretend the opportunity for all U.S. citizens to participate in FREE and FAIR elections comes every two years. Unfortunately, we do not have free and fair elections any longer.

What happened?

While Democrats care very little about the fundamental incentives required for a sound economy, they have mastered the intricacies of illegal ballot harvesting. In 2020 and again in 2022, tens of millions of blank ballots were printed and these blank ballots flooded the nation's postal system. Democrats, without identifying millions of blank ballot recipients, are systematically using these ballots as the raw material necessary to pull off massive voter fraud.


Armies of well-organized ballot harvesters, all paid Democrat operatives, round up bogus blank ballots by the millions. They fill them out, and then drop them off at unguarded ballot bins.

When even more votes are needed to counteract the dissatisfaction of the majority of American voters, Democrats in control of ballot counting processes in Democrat-controlled states, counties, cities, and precincts, simply contact operatives for the delivery of even more bogus ballots until Democrats can declare victory.

It no longer matters that Democrats have been poisoning the incentives that have driven our economic system.

It no longer matters that America used to be all about productivity and abundance.

It no longer matters that America has morphed into a nation that suffers from mass shortages, runaway inflation, and horrific crime rates.

It no longer matters that voters DID NOT choose to continue on this path last week.

Nobody should pretend otherwise, though millions do. Friday was Veteran's Day in America. One has to shudder when considering how many young men and women gave their lives through military service to prevent this from ever happening on our soil. 

At this stage of American history, a discussion of anything except this corrupt process is the ultimate game of “Let’s Pretend.”





There is no need for further discussion on this site regarding which public policies work, and which policies clearly don't work. Examining which candidates are mentally competent and which are suffering from dementia is irrelevant.

The United States citizens have been systematically denied the right to self-determination. Democrats used Covid to make sure that our nation gets flooded with blank ballots before national elections. Then they delay vote counting in states they control until enough fraudulent ballots are dropped off to produce the freedom denying results they seek. Their policies do not have to serve us well, because we no longer have the ability to change and adapt.

Effectively, America is headed directly for one party rule just like Russia, China, Cuba, and North Korea.

Democrats will hand pick our dictators.


Totalitarianism is Prevailing

 © 2020 Jim Spence - One of two things happened last night. Either 1) Americans chose in sufficient numbers to go along with the, "importation of poverty and crime and the exportation of American wealth," that defines Democrat public policy or 2) The commission of massive voter fraud crammed these policies down our throats.

In either case, this is a terrible reality that fundamental freedoms are dead.

Our amazing constitutional American Republic has now disintegrated right before our very eyes. We had overwhelming evidence of MASSIVE voter fraud two years ago. And again, right on cue, ballot harvesting schemes and staged voting machine "malfunctions," have rendered the will of the citizens of our nation null and void.

The winning margin by the GOP in the U.S. House of Representatives from the mid-terms will turn out to be a fraction of what it should have been. In many Senate and Governor races, where brazen voter fraud in select inner city precincts and areas with ballot "drop boxes" had statewide effects. Citizens in these places were cheated out of their fundamental right to self-determination.

Never before in the history of our country have voters who are this fed up with the policies of leadership, in percentages that boggle the mind, voted for status quo. But we are going to be told to believe this now.

Totalitarianism has prevailed, and facing tyranny becomes a way of life. Democrats have a stranglehold on us that will prevent us from voting for change.


Daily Notes 11-8-22 - Some final thoughts on crime

© 2022 Jim Spence - People who commit crimes and get away with them, soon commit more crimes. This is a reality that is on the ballot today.

What is not directly on the national ballot today is a rejection of VOTER FRAUD. But for years, Democrats have fought all efforts to enforce laws that insure free and fair elections. They do so simply by pretending that REQUIRING an I.D. is unreasonable. This is insisted on so unidentified ballots can pollute real results.

The biggest question remaining for America’s future is: How massive will the voter fraud crimes committed by Democratic Party operatives be today?

Democrats already know from past experience they can get away with the overt criminal activity of VOTER FRAUD, to accomplish in farce elections, what their public policies cannot gain majority support for in real life.

Don't delude yourself, Democrats have ballot drop box strategies in progress as we speak. In captive precincts their state-appointed thugs are ready to strong arm GOP election observers out of the way, so literally truckloads of harvested ballots can be mixed in with those cast by the person whose name is actually on the ballot. They typically stop counting so they can determine how much cheating has to be done. Creative new early voting schemes have already been implemented.

Democrats have learned that chain of custody laws on ballots, which are designed to prevent voter fraud, can be skirted easily. They use third world tactics and partisan Democrat judges to pull this off. Look for efforts of this nature to be perpetrated aggressively, particularly in places like Phoenix, Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Las Vegas, St. Louis, and Atlanta. The goal? To steal U.S. Senate races. That this will happen is a virtual certainty. And some GOP candidates who win the real vote, will lose to a rigged vote. Will it be enough to counter the total dissatisfaction of the majority of Americans with asinine public policies? We'll see.

Sadly, we have arrived at this mortifying stage in American history. Both Russia and China funnel vast resources to pro-Democrat 501-C3 organizations to help the most radical elements of the Democratic Party, do to us domestically, what Russia and China cannot accomplish militarily.


One thing you should not bother looking for even after today, are these two events: The San Francisco Police Department will not be releasing the police bodycam footage to show what actually happened when cops arrived at the Pelosi residence eleven days ago. Nor will the Nancy Pelosi-dominated Capitol Police Chief, release their security footage of the Pelosi house from every camera installed there. Instead, we are to swallow the absurd stories the Democrats tell us and modify continuously, and simply believe what they say……despite the fact they refuse to release these films which could serve as iron clad irrefutable proof documenting and corroborating what they do say.

The story of the Paul Pelosi Affair has died down, but the lies and utter manipulative illusions live on.

Today's illusion will be the Democrats ardent claims there is not massive phony ballot harvesting corrupting our elections so they can continue importing crime and poverty while exporting American wealth.

More lies and illusions to come.