Israel: Flotilla Goal Was the Instigation of Violence

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to mostly uninformed international criticism of his country today with a complete rebuking of those supportive of the provocateurs involved with the blockade running flotilla.

The three year old blockade, which has been enforced by both Jewish Israel and Islamic Egypt, has been a joint effort designed to impede the violent radical Hamas government in Gaza from importing weapons and fighters.
Though the confrontational behaviors of the Hamas government have led to severe hardships for residents of Gaza, it continues to successfully recruit sympathy in the international community while also provoking incidents. Hamas continues to show no inclination towards peace and refuses to stop recruiting fighters to fire rockets into the nearby civilian neighborhoods in Israel. Read more:


And The Winners Are Likely to Be?

The competition is intense. The opportunities are great. The pressure is on. Read more:

Senator Casey Working on a New Bailout

No group screamed louder or expressed more disgust over government bailouts than the labor unions.

Don't look now, unions are working behind the scenes to get their own bailouts. Read more here:

Powell and Rush Win Land Commish Primaries

Democrat Ray Powell and Republican Matt Rush will face each other in the State Land Commisioner race. Read more:

Hatoyama Resigns

The Japanese have established a revolving door for their prime ministers. Much less than a year after being swept into office with a stunning election victory, on the hopes of reforming the system, it was the system that won. Read more:

Oh Susana!

Unopposed in the Democratic Party and loaded with contributions in her campaign bank account, Diane Denish knows who her opponent is. And so does the rest of New Mexico. It is Susana Martinez of Las Cruces. Read more here: