Loving football calls it quits

From KOB-TV.com - By: Lauren Hansard, KOB Eyewitness News 4 - Across New Mexico, high schools are preparing for Friday night football, but one high school has cancelled its’ varsity program just weeks into the season. For the Loving High School varsity football team, last Friday was their last game under the lights.
     “Somewhat kind of expected it, but I didn't expect to not have any more Friday night lights," said senior Gabriel Morales. “I just feel a little disappointed knowing like we have so many people in our school that aren't willing to play football."
     The team only has 22 players, half of them freshman. After losing 51-0 to Hagerman last Friday, the school district decided to call it quits. They said it’s for the player’s safety. “I think coach made a decision, and he did what was right for the team and what’s going to keep the boys healthy, so injury free," said parent Sonia Guzman.
     But the boys will get to keep playing. The rest of the season they will play against JV teams on Saturdays. “I just feel a little depressed knowing that this is my last year, and I’m basically going to be playing JV all over again," said Morales. More