Aggie Baseball Season Ends on a Walk Off Homerun

Rocky Ward (left) had a tough pill to swallow this afternoon when NMSU's baseball team suffered a tough blow in the 9th inning of their elimination game with Nevada in the WAC baseball tournament. Read here:

China won't stand in the way of penalties on North Korea

North Korea continues to isolate itself through rogue nation behavior. Being forced to choose, China appears ready for the North Koreans to be punished for their aggressions on a South Korean ship earlier this year. It is one more sign that China is accepting its role as a leader and peacekeeper on the world's diplomatic stage. Read more:

Sestak Yields

Following the White House official statement on the matter Rep. Joe Sestak issued a statement today that pretty much lays to rest questions about the White House's possible involvement in trying to get him to stay out of Pennsylvania Democratic Primary race for the U.S. Senate.

Previously Sestak claimed he was offered a "job" by the White House if he would get out of the race. It would seem that the "job" he was offered by the White House was merely an unpaid seat on a board with the offer coming through Bill Clinton. Earlier in the week the two sides statements (Sestak's and the White House's) had become so contradictory that common sense suggested one or the other was lying. Now that all the facts are out "lying" now seems like an overly harsh charge against Sestak. Do we hear big exaggeration anyone? Read statement here:

Carville Is Shocked and Amazed

It was an interesting presidential press conference yesterday. In reference to the horrific oil spill in the gulf President Obama said, “In case you’re wondering who’s responsible, I take responsibility.”
    We are quite sure we do NOT want the president taking responsibility for something he had nothing to do with. There are multiple explanations for why the president would choose to take the hit. Most of them are political. First, there are way too many foolish people yelling at the president. Democrat James Carville (right) was yelling on television recently. Sadly he is yelling about something that British Petroleum is responsible for. However, sometimes when common sense suggests you put the blame where it belongs, “political” strategists will advise you that it might just come off as un-presidential to point fingers.
    Another school of thought suggests that if you are president and your policy agenda is for the federal government to virtually take as much control of society as is legislatively possible, always taking responsibility tends to help condition the minds of the public to lay all their troubles, fears, and concerns at government’s door.
    In the end, how the president’s claim of responsibility for B.P.’s error will be received is anyone’s guess. In the meantime it strikes us as particularly pathetic that James Carville chooses a time and circumstance like this to offer harsh criticism of the president. Apparently Carville is shocked and amazed that the federal government takes emergency actions too slowly. This being pathetic because moving slowly, is precisely what government is good at. Anytime you need lethargy or sloth, the government can deliver. All you have to do is be extraordinarily patient.
    Leave it to a government worshipper like Carville to get mad at his own god......government.

Washington Post - Clinton Approached Sestak

According to the Washington Post it was Bill Clinton
at the behest of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel who approached Joe Sestak and offered him a presidential appointment in exchange for his withdrawal from the Democratic senatorial race against then recently converted Democrat Arlen Specter. Read more:


The Sestak Affair

The proposed 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution addresses the charges lodged by Rep. Joe Sestak against an unnamed White House official. Read more:

Hillary Clinton - The "Rich" Don't Pay Their Fair Share

A recent study showed that nearly 50% of all Americans do not pay federal income tax. Yesterday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton waded in on the question of what ails America. It is simple. Those who pay the most federal income taxes don't pay enough. Read more:

Linda Chavez Injects Some Reason Into Rand Paul Controversy

Columnist Linda Chavez sorts out the controversies surrounding Rand Paul.


NMSU Baseball Loses to Hawaii

If the post season aspirations of the 2010 NMSU baseball team are to be fulfilled, they will have to advance through the loser's bracket of the WAC baseball tournament. Defensive breakdowns spelled doom for Rocky Ward's team yesterday as the Aggies committed six errors in the field.