Governor's petition said to contain derogatory term

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez
NewsNM Swickard - I use the term "without legal status." I am not offended by the term illegal since I have a friend who has documentation that she is a "legal immigrant." Illegal Immigrant is not correct because we do not know the intention since they have not indicated they wish to immigrate. All we know is that they do not have legal status which is a better descriptor. 
From - SANTA FE, N.M. —Gov. Susana Martinez has a new immigrant driver's license petition going around social media that some said includes a derogatory term. he petition reads, "Repeal the dangerous law that allows illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses." "When you classify a human being as illegal that's very degrading to humanity, very degrading to the culture, and the race and the heritage," Ralph Arellanes, New Mexico director of The League of United Latin American Citizens, said.
"It's not good for New Mexico. It's not who we are," State Representative and House Speaker Ken Martinez said. For years, organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union, have denounced the use of the term illegal immigrant, calling it a slur and derogatory.
"It has a dehumanizing effect, which is something we have to be careful with," Ken Martinez said. The Associated Press even banned the use of the term to keep it out of media coverage. Ken Martinez has pushed to keep the term out of politics.
"One is you're innocent until proven guilty. Two is there are many immigrants here who have lawful status in the United States, such as the dreamer children," Ken Martinez said. KOAT-TV asked the governor why she still uses a term widely known as derogatory and offensive. "I simply use the term because, as a lawyer, I try to quote the law as it is written, as it is written by them -- not me," Susana Martinez said. Read more