Public Service Company takes another step to close units at San Juan Generating Station

From the Farmington Daily Times - The Public Service Company of New Mexico has taken another step to meet federal emissions rules at San Juan Power Generating Station and close two units at San Juan Generating Station.
     In December last year, PNM submitted a filing with the New Mexico Public Regulatory Commission to gain approval for processes that would enable the generating station to meet federal emission standards. The filing contains a proposal to close two units at the station by the end of 2017, to reroute power from Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station to serve PNM customers and to install emission reducing technology, all of which need PRC approval to happen.
     According to the executive summary of the filing, PNM is proposing to close units two and three to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency's Regional Haze Rule. "Approval of PNM's Application will also enable the company to move forward with plans to reduce its use of coal and significantly increase its use of cleaner fuels, including natural gas and solar," the filing stated.
     As a result, PNM is asking for 134 megawatts of power from a unit in Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station to be used to replace power lost as a result of the closures. PNM has partial ownership in one unit at the nuclear facility.
     PNM has future plans to build a 144 megawatt natural gas power facility to be used for peak usage, said PNM spokeswoman Valerie Smith, and also build a 40 megawatt solar facility. PNM will ask PRC to approve those plans in the future. More

State lawmaker proposes judge financial statements be online

A state lawmaker is proposing that financial disclosure statements of New Mexico's judges be posted online. 
Democratic Sen. Jacob Candelaria of Albuquerque said his measure would increase governmental transparency. Judges and other government officials must file annual financial statements with the secretary of state disclosing sources of income and business interests.
 A spokesman for the secretary of state's office said the agency stopped online posting of all financial disclosures after some officials voiced security concerns because the forms listed residential addresses and personal identifying information. The disclosures can be obtained through a public records request. 
Candelaria's legislation calls for posting disclosures of judges on the secretary of state's web site and the state's online "sunshine portal."


Texas proceeds with water lawsuit against NM

The U.S. Supreme Court says Texas can proceed with its lawsuit against New Mexico over management of the Rio Grande
New Mexico Attorney General Gary King says he's looking forward to telling New Mexico's side of the story. The court has given the state 60 days to file a motion to dismiss the case. 
Texas accuses New Mexico of allowing illegal diversions of surface and underground water of the Rio Grande near the state line. Texas officials say those diversions take away water from farmers and residents around El Paso, a drought-stricken area that gets about half of its drinking water and most of its irrigation water from the Rio Grande.
New Mexico is also struggling with drought and argues that Texas is getting what's required under a compact between the two states.