Newsbreak New Mexico 5pm Webcast 12/14/12

Newsbreak New Mexico 5pm Newscast with Vanessa Dabovich

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NM bowl ticket sales
Justin Bieber murder plot
Winter storm
Bingaman gives farewell speech


NM Bowl ticket sales struggle

There could be a lot of empty seats at Saturday's New Mexico Bowl football game. 

The game is supposed to bring fans of both teams to Albuquerque, but apparently people from Arizona and Nevada don't have a ton of interest. This will be the seventh New Mexico Bowl. The smallest crowd was about 25,000 five years ago. 

This year's crowd could be a lot smaller. Nevada had to buy 10,000 tickets. They say they may only use about a thousand of those, and that is after giving tickets away to New Mexico military families. 

Their opponent Saturday, the University of Arizona, is on the hook for 5,000 tickets but has only sold about a thousand of them.


Newsbreak New Mexico 12pm Webcast 12/14/12

Newsbreak New Mexico 12pm Newscast with Vanessa Dabovich

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Winter storm
NM Republicans pick leaders
Maria Hinojosa gives UNM speech
DACC president retiring


NM republicans pick senate leaders

Stuart Ingle
New Mexico Senate Republicans have voted to keep Stuart Ingle of Portales as their minority floor leader.

 They voted during a meeting Thursday in Santa Fe to retain their current leaders as they prepare for the Legislature's 60-day session to begin in January. Ingle has held the top GOP post for more than a decade. He took office in 1985 and also served as minority whip and minority caucus chair. 
Senate Whip William Payne of Albuquerque will continue to serve as caucus whip, a position he has held since 2008, and Sen. Steven Neville of Aztec will continue as caucus chairman. Ingle says it's going to be an interesting time in the Legislature and that the minority leaders plan to work across the aisle for the good of the state.


DACC president to retire

Margie Huerta
New Mexico State University Interim President Manuel Pacheco Thursday accepted a letter of retirement from Dona Ana Community College President Margie Huerta.

 Her retirement is effective January 31, 2014. 

Dona Ana Community College is the fourth largest higher education institution in New Mexico. Since 2004, when Huerta was named president of DACC, it has become one of the fastest growing community colleges in the nation. 

Under her leadership, enrollment increased by more than 50 percent from 6,083 students to more than 9,800 in 2011. The college also added satellite campuses in Gadsden, Chaparral, Hatch and the DACC East Mesa campus.


Senator Bingaman gives farewell speech

Senator Jeff Bingaman's farewell speech - 12/13/12

Excerpt of the speech:

  “I consider it an honor and a privilege to have represented the people of New Mexico in the Senate for the last 30 years.  I thank the people of my state for their confidence in electing me and supporting me during the time I have served here.  I thank the very capable and committed men and women who have worked on my staff both in Washington and in New Mexico during these 30 years.
        “And I thank all my colleagues here in the Senate for their friendship and help to me during this period.
        “Of course I thank my wife, Anne and our son John and his wife Marlene for their support that allowed me to serve in the Senate.
        “To all my friends and colleagues who will be here in the next Congress and in future Congresses, I hope you can find the common ground necessary for our country to effectively move forward and meet its challenges. The endeavor is a worthy one and I wish you every success.”


Border patrol will no longer translate

U.S. Border Patrol agents will no longer serve as interpreters when local law enforcement agencies ask for language help.

 The new decree issued by Homeland Security says agents should refer any such request to a private service if it's solely for interpretation. 
Immigration advocates in Washington state say Border Patrol agents who often interpret during traffic stops or other minor local law calls eventually end up asking immigration questions and in some cases arresting immigrants suspected of being in the country illegally. The use of interpretation is one of several contentious practices immigrant advocates have fought against in Washington since the Border Patrol agency expanded the number of agents in the state.


Newsbreak New Mexico 8am Webcast 12/14/12

Newsbreak New Mexico 8am Newscast with Vanessa Dabovich

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Sunday alcohol consideration
Border patrol translation changes
DACC president retiring 


State Senator wants alcohol on Sundays

If one state senator gets his way, customers at restaurants, bars or sporting events would be able to buy a drink on Sunday mornings. 

Republican John Ryan says he will pre-file the legislation shortly.  He wants it to be debated during the first few weeks of the upcoming legislative session. 
Specifically, the bill would allow establishments to start pouring hard drinks, beer or wine at ten a.m. instead of waiting until noon.  He also points out New Mexico ski resorts might be able to retain more folks hitting the slopes.  Neighboring Colorado routinely allows Sunday morning alcohol sales.
 If passed, the law wouldn't apply to liquor or grocery store sales. Anti-DWI groups like MADD aren't yet taking a position on the legislation.