NM hunters must pay child support

From KRQE-TV.com - Millions of dollars are owed to New Mexico children for child support, and a new system is making it easier for children to actually see that money. If parents don't pay up, they will now be denied hunting and fishing licenses in the state. New Mexico is a hub for big game hunting and fishing. And for many, the incentive to hunt may be enough to help make good in supporting their kids.
     Applying for a hunting or fishing license is now easy online. "Now they can just go directly to our website, and they can fill that all out by themselves and then they can also print their license right there in real time," said Rachel Shockley, spokesperson for New Mexico Game and Fish.
     The process may be simple, but those who haven't paid child support will come across a screen blocking them from doing so because their names have been flagged. Matt Kennicott of the New Mexico Human Services Department believes this system will help kids receive the help they deserve.
     "I think it would definitely serve as a good incentive knowing how much people like to go out there and hunt to get their child support paid off so they can receive their licenses. It would definitely be a motivator," Kennicott said.  According to the Child Support Enforcement Division, more than $17 million is owed for child support across the state. In one case, someone owes more than $321,000 in child support.
     A long list of bench warrants show the number of cases outstanding. "We've got I think just over 600 outstanding warrants right now," said Kennicott.  Friday was the last day of amnesty week, where people could take care of delinquent payments and get their bench warrants cleared. Soon law enforcement across the state will begin warrant round-ups and start making arrests.
     Game and Fish officials said this is the second most effective way of bringing in collections, next to the New Mexico Department of Motor Vehicle's license suspension program. More