APS considers asking state to reevaluate testing, evaluations

From KOAT-TV.com - ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —Standardized testing and teacher evaluations in New Mexico schools have been at the core of controversy this year, and Albuquerque Public Schools may be joining other districts in holding off on both.
      Santa Fe and Rio Rancho public schools have both gone to the state asking for a delay in implementing new testing and evaluations. APS wants to find out if all of the testing is needed.
      “I think parents and teachers feel like there is too much testing going on,” said APS board member Marty Esquivel. “So what we really need to do is get to the bottom of what tests can we can pull back on that we have the authority to pull back on.”
      To do that, the school board will soon decide of having a resolution that delays data for the teacher evaluations for two years and holds of on some of the testing. The district will use the delay time to ask the state to reevaluate all of the testing.
      The APS board will consider asking for a delay next Wednesday. More