Hector Balderas Not Interested in House Seat

From rollcall.com - An adviser to New Mexico Auditor Hector Balderas (D) told Roll Call there is no chance the auditor will run for Rep. Martin Heinrich's (D) 1st district seat, refuting the notion floated by state insiders. The thinking was that Balderas, who is seriously considering a Senate bid, might instead run for the open Albuquerque-based seat now that Heinrich is running for Senate. Roll Call mentioned this possibility in an extensive primer on the New Mexico and other Senate races published Tuesday. But the adviser says that is not an option. Balderas is still undecided about the Senate race, but he is expected to announce his plans within the next month. More News New Mexico

Russell: Martinez a National Candidate in 2012?

Brigette Russell
Capitol Report New Mexico - The other day, Joe Monahan discussed Gov. Martinez’s national ambitions. Monahan and others in the know take the Governor’s vice presidential aspirations as a given. This is hardly surprising, given the national buzz her election generated. Before she was even inaugurated, a Politics Daily story called “Why the Next Republican VP Nominee Will Likely Be Hispanic” featured Susana Martinez and Marco Rubio as potential running mates on the 2012 ticket. The Albuquerque Journal, Santa Fe New Mexican and New Mexico Independent all picked up the story. Steve Terrell of the New Mexican quoted Martinez as dismissing all such talk in an interview in Latina magazine: Read full column here: News New Mexico

Wilson Fundraising is Strong

Heather Wilson
NMPolitics - Republican U.S. Senate candidate Heather Wilson announced today that she raised more than $300,000 in the fundraising quarter that ended March 31. Wilson raised $303,394 from more than 1,100 donors since entering the race on March 7, according to a news release. Her campaign claimed that 87 percent of donations came from New Mexicans, 70 percent were for $100 or less, and that it raised more than $32,000 online. “New Mexicans are tired of government in Washington spending money we don’t have,” Wilson said. “I am honored that so many New Mexicans have been willing to support my candidacy this early and help me bring a new quality of leadership to the United States Senate.” Read full story here: News New Mexico