Border Agent Convicted for "Pulling Cuffs"

From -Agent Jesus Diaz facing 10+ years in prison for “pulling handcuffs” during arrest in Texas.In what appears to be yet another case of the Mexican Government orchestrating a fake crime against one of their drug smuggling criminals hauling dope into the U.S., Border Patrol Agent Jesus Diaz, a 7-year Border Patrol veteran, was convicted in Federal Court on February 24 of one count of excessive force (under color of law) and 5 counts of lying to Internal Affairs.  He is facing a maximum of 35 years in prison when he is sentenced in November.  Meanwhile, he’s been in jail since the verdict nearly two months ago.  He’s in solitary confinement 23 hours per day for his safety.  So far, the judge has refused to allow bond while Diaz awaits sentencing.   More News New Mexico

CMS Investigates Irregularities in Obtaining Federal Matching Funds for NM Hospitals

From -A draft audit issued by CMS has identified irregularities in how local New Mexico governments and eight hospitals in the state generated money used to obtain federal matching funds as part of CMS' Sole Community Provider fund program during 2009, according to a Sante Fe New Mexican report. CMS has determined that $21.7 in payments by local governments did not comply with its rules for the Sole Community Provider fund program. Through this program, federal government matches 3-to-1 the money local governments provide for indigent health care in their communities, according to the report. Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center in Santa Fe is one of the hospitals being investigated. In 2009, Sante Fe County provided $9.5 million for indigent care, drawing approximately $27 million in federal matching funds  More News New Mexico

EPA Releases Rap Song:Clip It-Flip It

Pulaski note:  Your tax payer dollars at work. The government website states: "Do your part for climate change and children's health" ....the song is a blatant attempt to indoctrinate children. From Come on and Click it, flip it, turn the handle to the right, turn off the water, twist the handle real tight. Slip on your sneakers, lace em up tight, leave the car parked you know that’s alright. Public transportation is the way to go, it’s one of the ways to keep emissions low, you can ride your bike, instead of the car, if we save on fuel then we’ll all go far.  Audio clip and More News New Mexico

NM Symphony Ends on a Sour Note

KOB TV - After almost 80 years in the business the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra is making its final curtain call. On Tuesday the board of trustees of NMSO voted to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. NMSO is facing more than a million dollars in debt and officials say musicians have not been paid for month. George Boerigter, NMSO Vice Chairmen, spoke to KOB Eyewitness News 4 Wednesday on the board’s decision. Read full story here: News New Mexico

Progressive: Obama War President

Progressive - In 2008, many voters viewed Barack Obama as the peace candidate, but he’s turned into a war president. On the campaign trail, he promised to get all combat troops out of Iraq by the spring of 2010. Then he extended that to the end of this year, and now his administration is trying to persuade the Iraqi government to sign an agreement extending the presence of U.S. troops there indefinitely. And in Afghanistan, where Obama has tripled the number of U.S. troops, his administration is again backpedaling on withdrawal.
President Obama in the War Room

Obama said he’d start bringing troops home this July, but that seems more and more likely to be just a token number. He had vowed that all U.S. troops would be out of there by the end of 2014, but now his administration is negotiating with Kabul to have long-term military bases in Afghanistan. And, of course, a month ago, Obama launched the war on Libya, which shows no signs of ending any time soon. From his Nobel Prize speech to his Libya speech, Obama has become the chief advocate of war, boasting of its utility and expanding its justifications. He’s turned into a better salesman for war than his predecessor, and he’s running the empire more efficiently—and with less antagonism. More bombs, less bombast: That’s the Obama doctrine for you. Read full column here: News New Mexico


Whatever Happened to Walter Cronkite?

Big Government - Last weekend, His Presidency Barack Obama was captured making potentially offensive comments to a group of big money donors who had paid large sums of money for special access to His Presidency. We observed that CBS only released “selectively edited” moments from the raw tape. We know how much the mainstream media values complete and full disclosure of recordings of this nature, so we found it curious, to say the least, that there was not one drop of intellectual curiosity from these guardians of media purity regarding the content of the full recording. Read full story here: News New Mexico