NM Indoor Football Team Reaches Out To Terrell Owens

From KOAT-TV.com - RIO RANCHO, N.M. -- The state’s first indoor football team has offered former NFL Pro Bowler, Terrell Owens, a contract. The New Mexico Stars made the offer a day after Owens held an audition for all 32 NFL teams and none of them showed up. The 37-year-old free agent wide receiver took part in some drills and caught passes in a showcase televised by ESPN and the NFL Network. Owens hasn’t received a reported offer from an NFL team. The New Mexico Stars will be holding the first of three open tryouts this Saturday at Rio Rancho Rams Football Stadium. Read more

Rubbing People the Wrong Way?

KOB TV - Three massage parlors in Rio Rancho and Albuquerque are under investigation for allegedly conducting sex-for-money activities. Rio Rancho police and Albuquerque vice and Homeland Security officers served search warrants on three “Best Chinese Massage” parlors – one in Rio Rancho and two in Albuquerque. Read full story here: News New Mexico

Pearce Hosting Job Fair in Silver City

Steve Pearce
Today, Congressman Steve Pearce announced that he will be co-hosting a job fair in Silver City with the Silver City Chamber of Commerce and Western New Mexico University. The job fair will be held on Thursday, November 10th, from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the Grant County Business and Convention Center, located at 3011 U.S. Highway 180. “Jobs continue to be my top priority,” said Pearce. “Everywhere I go, I hear from people who tell me they need jobs, and from employers who are ready to hire.
This will be the third job fair I have hosted this year, and after the success of the Las Cruces and Roswell job fairs, I look forward to participating in another one to connect employers with job seekers, and help put New Mexicans back to work. I strongly encourage any employer looking to hire or anyone searching for a job to take advantage of this great opportunity.” Congressman Pearce encourages local businesses looking to hire to participate in the job fair. Booths for employers are free, and all businesses wanting to register for a booth at the job fair can call 1-855-4-PEARCE. Job-seekers are advised to come early, bring copies of a current resume, and be prepared for an on-site interview.


Skandera Draws Criticism

Hanna Skandera
NMPolitics - by Emanuele Corso - It’s no surprise that N.M. Education Secretary Designate Hanna Skandera is taking steps to undermine public education. The problem is that the educational model she and her backers pursue isn’t education at all. It’s operant conditioning. Earlier this year I wrote about the questionable nomination of Hanna Skandera to the post of New Mexico secretary of public education – a job for which she is, on evidence, unqualified. Given her lack of a proper background and experience as an educator I wondered just what she was about. As it turned out, Skandera failed to be confirmed for the secretary position during the 2011 regular session and so has held her office as “secretary designate.” Since holding this office, and without the mandate accorded by legislative approval, she has taken steps designed to undermine the authority of the Public Education Commission and the future of public education in the state. Ms. Skandera came to New Mexico with a mission – to undertake the process of privatizing public education. She came here under the auspices and/or recommendations of various right-wing “foundations” and “institutes.” In some of them she had previously served as an officer. Read full column here: News New Mexico

Owner Financing Killed by Dodd - Frank

Just when you thought your federal government could not get any more intrusive or stupid when it comes to over-regulating and killing the real estate market we get the latest interpretations of the Dodd Frank Act. This 2000 + page monstrosity requires an owner financing sellers to do the following:
Barney Frank
1. Verify Borrower's ability to pay. In an amendment to the Truth in Lending Act Chapter 2, the Owner Finance Seller/Lender is now required by minimum standards now in place to verify and document the consumers ability to repay the loan including taxes, insurance and other assessments. And if there are multiple loans, i.e. 1st and 2nd creditor must verify and document the consumers ability to repay both loans. In doing this determination the owner/financer must include consideration of:
A) Consumer's Credit History
B) Current Income
C) Expected Income
D) Current Obligations
E) Debt-to-Income Ratio or Residual Income after non-mortgage related debt and mortgage related debt.
F) Employment Status
G) and other financial resources other than the consumers equity in the dwelling
In other words, an owner financer must become a........bank. If they do not comply they can be forced to return all payments to the borrower regardless of how much benefit the borrower received through the use of the property.


Gonzales Still Silent on Santa Fe Studios

Javier Gonzales
State Democratic Party Chairman Javier Gonzales has remained silent. He refuses to provide full disclosure of his personal financial involvement in a public-private venture known as "Santa Fe Studios." The public portion of the Santa Fe Studios deal included the receipt from public entities of free land, free water utility hookups, a $10 million grant (from the state of New Mexico) and a $6.5 million loan (from Santa Fe County) back in 2009. Nobody seems to know how much, if anything, was actually put into the deal by the partnership that included Javier Gonzales. The only comment we have seen from Gonzales on the structure of the deal is that he has since "detached" himself from it. "Detach" is not a particularly descriptive financial accounting term. Gonzales needs to provide full disclosure of his entry into and exit from a deal that was seeded by so much taxpayer money, land, and concessions. You can read the original story of a deal that still appears to stink to high heaven here: News New Mexico 

State: Indian casinos owe more money

From KRQE-TV.com - ALBUQUERQUE - While New Mexico’s Indian casinos paid the state nearly $64 million in taxes during the last fiscal year, a state official said it should have been more. “The amount of money that we speculate is owed is substantial,” said David Norvell, chairman of the New Mexico Gaming Control Board. “We estimate it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of $15 million.” Norvell, a former New Mexico attorney general, said the dispute centers on players who receive comped or free play at the casinos. “We believe the money they win should be counted for under their revenue share,” he said. The dispute may go back to the establishment of Indian casino gaming in the state in 2001 and it may involve more or less than $15 million, Norvell said. However, the gaming board doesn’t know for sure on either point because the tribes refuse to turn over records that would clarify those details, he said. Read more

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