House approves public meeting agenda legislation

New Mexicans will have more notice about public meetings under legislation approved by the House. 
Governmental groups, ranging from school boards, county commissions and state agencies, would be required to make their meeting agendas publicly available 72 hours in advance. 
Currently, they must give a 24-hour notice of a public meeting agenda. T
he legislation unanimously passed the House on Wednesday and goes to the Senate. Supporters say the proposed change will improve governmental transparency.


Gun bill clears House

More people buying firearms in New Mexico will undergo a criminal background check under legislation approved by the House. 

The measure will require background checks for private sales of handguns, rifles and shotguns at gun shows. 

The House approved the bill Wednesday on a 43-26 vote and sent it to the Senate for consideration. 

Federal law requires background checks for sales by licensed dealers, including at gun shows, but doesn't cover private gun sales. 

Supporters of the legislation contend that expanded background checks will help prevent sales of firearms to people prohibited from having them, including convicted felons and individuals with a history of mental illness.

Gun rights activists say the measure won't stop criminals from acquiring firearms.