Roadkills up as drought drives wildlife

From - by Kim Vallez - Game and Fish says it's seeing an increase in the number of car accidents involving animals especially in Albuquerque's East Mountains. There have been three reported incidents in that area in the last few days. Two involved deer; the third a bear.
     Officers with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish officers believe the drought is playing a major role. "When you get these animals up around looking for water, looking for food, they will start crossing roads." says Game and Fish spokesman Ross Morgan
     While animal encounters are not uncommon in the mountains, they are not the only areas at risk. Earlier this month a bear was found wandering through Albuquerque in a neighborhood near a school. Game and Fish says all types of animals are involved, everything from elk and deer to javelina and antelope.
     They warn that some of these accidents can be very serious, and not just for the animal. Larger animals can fly over a vehicle's hood crash through the windshield. Game and Fish officers say despite the desperation of animals to find food and water, it is never a good idea for humans to feed wildlife. It causes them to come to populated areas more often, increasing their chances of getting killed. Read more