A disconnect

© 2016 Jim Spence - Suddenly, the health of the economy is seen to be improving so much since the November election, the Federal Reserve Board is contemplating another Fed Funds interest rate hike in an effort to return American monetary policy to what might pass for normal. If the Fed actually hikes in March, it will be the second Fed Funds rate hike since Trump was elected president. By way of contrast, for the entire eight year Obama presidency, a presidency that presided over the slowest rate of growth in U.S. history, the Fed Funds rate stayed at historic lows. These ultra low rates cheated savers and bank C.D. investors like no others have ever been cheated.
The Federal Reserve Board had only hiked the Fed Funds rate once during Obama’s entire presidency until Trump became president-elect. Within five weeks of Trump’s win, the Fed has finally felt confident enough to hike again (in December 2016). It now seems likely the Fed will hike again in March.
What is going on here?
United States Fed Funds Rate
We had a meeting this morning with two prominent bankers that serve our region. To paraphrase their explanation, “There has been an incredible surge in loan demand from business people……since early November. Business people are finally confident and optimistic enough to both hire and expand.”
And speaking of surges in confidence, since early November, the S & P 500 index has gained 10.61%. We may well be seeing the strongest market after a presidential election in history.
In the U.S. private sector, it is pretty clear now that decision-makers who must take real risks to create jobs, have flipped from being hopelessly cautious or worse for eight years under Obama, to being increasingly optimistic now that Mr. Obama is out. These folks, are the economic realities out there in the real world.
Sadly, this is not what gets discussed in America these days. In the public schools, at colleges and universities, in news media (minus Fox), and especially in the entertainment industry, it is as if the world is coming to an end.....not emerging from ten years of bitter economic winter. Accordingly, there is simply a complete disconnect between the reality of finally being blessed with a pro-business government, and the perpetual denial of the damage done by the horrific anti-business policies of Obama.
It was fitting that an industry dominated by Democrats, one that makes huge piles of money each year producing hundreds of shoot em up films, still has the temerity to lecture Americans about gun controls. Hollywood, which sees itself as the pillar of moral virtue that somehow entitles stars to preach, could not get the right envelope in the hands of its presenters during the best picture Oscar awarding on Sunday night. As if the industry needed one more embarrassment to add to its resume of boorish behavior.
Anti Trump Oscars 2017
Tony Branco's rendering of what the Oscar ceremonies are all about

Will the momentum of economic optimism thanks to Trump's deregulation continue? Unfortunately, this is a tough call. There are several gigantic and highly influential entities trying to throw up barriers to our chances for an economic revival. First, there is a relentless propaganda war not just on Trump, but against his very positive economic policies. Collectively (no pun intended) Democrats have decided to run with their absurd Russian connection con job. This Russian hack propaganda ruse is being orchestrated by Democrat partisans in the media, public education, and even in the entertainment industry. Second, there are plenty of gutless Republicans in the House and Senate who seem to be too cowardly to take action on the changes demanded by the electorate last November. Some observers think the lack of action on tax reform and Obamacare are just Washington moving a bit slow. Others think it is gutlessness as usual in our nation’s capitol. Only time will tell. As an independent, I have very little confidence in the GOP to do what they say they will do....even if Trump is doing what he said he would do. GOP members of the House and Senate seem way too content to see if they will catch hell for doing nothing, while they see if Trump's popularity holds under the unprincipled assaults.

In the meantime, as all of this plays out, it is comical to see Hollywood types continue to be overwhelmed by their inflated sense of self importance. Jackass movie stars think people want to hear all about their petty hatreds while they are accepting trophies for pretending to be someone else. Of course some people agree with Hollywood. But not 85% of all American counties or 60% of all American states. Counties and states voted for the optimism that came with a Trump win. This optimism is reflected in the quantum leaps in: loan demand, the stock market, and confidence at the Federal Reserve. But of course, nobody quotes these Americans in the New York Times.


Swickard: Take the political fundraising out of immigration issues

© 2017 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.   “If you want to understand any problem in America, you need to look at who profits from that problem, not at who suffers from that problem.” Dr. Amos Wilson
             The immigration problems of the last thirty years are caused by politicians who profit from them. Both sides use immigration problems for fundraising with no intention of ever solving the problems.
            No one knows what the immigration laws are any longer so people with legal status in our country and those without legal status have no idea what government agencies are going to do.
            I am sure it is not true that we have the cure for cancer but the medical field and pharmaceutical companies are making so much money they don’t want to cure cancer. Again, probably not true but I hear that said.
            It is true that when it comes to immigration reform, neither party wants to fix this broken system since they are getting political contributions from frustrated citizens on every side of the dispute. More on that shortly.
            But what is the controversy? The immigration laws of our country, specifically, the Immigration Reform and Control Act known as Simpson-Mazzoli Act enacted in November of 1986 is not being enforced. Some people think we need immigration reform while others think we should enforce the existing immigration laws.
            What is the most unfair is that both political parties have spent thirty years fundraising and not dealing with the immigration issues. Namely, there are millions of people in our country without legal status. This is the strategy of both parties to have millions of people who are uncertain of what our government is going to do.
            Recently President Trump started an effort to deport people without legal status who have committed felonies. Both political sides are showboating the issue while millions of people, heck, the entire population of our country, both those with legal status and those without legal status have no idea what will happen.
            In a nation of laws, it is unconscionable to have laws but not obey them. I don’t blame the people in our country without legal status because both political parties have barked about the issue but only looked at it to get political contributions. We should either follow the laws, make more specific laws or amend the laws. We should never ignore our laws.
            The political climate harms our nation in many ways. First, people without legal status often do not get the legal protection of our laws because they don’t want to be involved in a legal system that will note that they are without legal status. Criminals often take advantage of these people because they rarely report crimes.
            It is unfair to immigrants who followed the laws to gain legal status to have millions of people who are jumping the immigration lines. It is especially unfair to have immigration processes that often take more than ten years. We can send people to the moon and back safely, but we cannot operate an immigration system.
            Yes, I know that it doesn’t operate so that politicians can use the fear, uncertainty and doubt to drive their fundraising efforts. I see a whole lot of dysfunction that is intentional.
            So, what to do? Obviously, stop using immigration issues for fundraising. We will never get viable solutions when “There’s gold in them ills.” I see three possible actions which will be opposed by the political animals because they will reduce fundraising.
            First, before enacting immigration reform go back and see what was wrong with the 1986 Immigration Reform Act. Is it a problem of enforcement or wrong solutions? Second, endeavor to not have a shadow society since that isn’t good for anyone except politicians. Finally, find ways to have win win solutions instead of the normal political one side wins while the other side loses.
            I often say to never use a political solution for a non-political problem, be it education, the military, the economy or immigration. Finally, the political trolls on both sides who only want to call people names and make our society unpleasant, they cannot be part of any solution. We must make our society better despite the actions of our fundraising politicians.

Trump Transgender Guidelines

Does anyone remember 2016 was a "change" election?

© 2016 Jim Spence - Not a big fan of Trump’s style? You are not alone. The news media (minus Fox) is virtually uniform in its disdain, for not only the Trump style, but also his policies. A friend of ours tells the story of a rodent exterminator he hired last year. He did not like much of anything about the guy except for his persistent efforts got rid of the rodent problem. This is the dividing line in America. We have a rodent problem. The mainstream news media is simply not trusted by the American public. The reasons for the distrust are like counting the stars in the night sky. It is tough to count them all. The best way to summarize would be to say that the mainstream media has grown fond of rodents.

To keep rodents in power in the U.S. the mainstream media has been pulling out all of the stops. They used fatally flawed polls to predict a Hillary Clinton landslide last year. Despite the fact that ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, MSNBC and almost every newspaper built their own biases into every polling narrative, when the votes were counted Hillary Clinton lost 30 of 50 states and 85% of all counties in the U.S.

This was alarming to Democrats. MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski encapsulated the media’s fears pretty well on MSNBC just yesterday when she said it was the media’s job to, get this…….“Control what the people think.” It is her deeply held fear that somehow Trump might be affecting how people think. Poor Mika doesn’t quite get it. Trump REFLECTS what 85% of American counties and 60% of American states think. This seems to be a fact too horrible to accept for Democrats.
Trump Fine Tuned Machine
The hysteria in the news media has never subsided in wake of the election. The public is told many things by the propaganda ministry as it tries to reassert its dominance over the narratives. First, we were told that misogynists (women haters) defeated Hillary. Next we were told that racists defeated her. The problem with these false narratives is that Trump attracted many millions of female votes and millions of votes in counties that went for Obama not once, but twice.

It would seem that Democrats along with the media (but I repeat myself) have finally coalesced around the idea that Hillary lost because the Russians were able to successfully phish John Podesta’s emails and release them. The contents of these emails showed that the Clinton’s cheated Bernie Sanders and collaborated with the media on debate questions to give her an advantage. These facts are painted over with the phrase "Russians hacked the election." This is asinine.

Sometimes politics is pretty simple. But if you are a Democrat you collaborate with the media to make politics seem complicated. After eight years of overt socialism, the policies of Barack Obama failed America. Accordingly, 2016 was a “change” election. Let me repeat this. America wanted change.

What we are witnessing now are entrenched bureaucracies resisting the change 60% of American states and 85% of American counties voted for. International globalists like George Soros who would love to control the U.S. from Europe have been hiring professional protesters to show up at GOP rallies and now town hall meetings. These paid protesters pretend they are working Americans who want to stop the “change” Americans voted for.

Some people ask why is the American news media so hated and so deeply distrusted? The answer is simple. It is their willful ignorance of reality. The media continues to deny that Americans want change. The media intentionally ignores solid undercover work by real journalists who expose the realities associated with professional protesters. All you have to do to realize this is true is watch a White House press briefing these days. When Sean Spicer points to the fact that protesters are being PAID to show up at town hall meetings and pan for mainstream media cameras, reporters at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, MSNBC and almost every newspaper seem dumbfounded. But the facts are what the facts are. Journalists are not the least bit curious about disgraced Chicago Democrat Scott Foval who was caught by undercover investigative reporters admitting that he paid protesters and put them on buses to disrupt GOP rallies. You can read about this HERE

If you did read about Foval you did something that most people at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, MSNBC and almost every newspaper in America refuse to do. The bottom line is the media is hated because they refuse to acknowledge the widespread documentation that runs counter to all of their preferred narratives. This why they get so many things wrong, starting with their ridiculous polls.

Working Americans want change because of the nightmare of stagnant wages in America intensified under Obama while all illegal immigration enforcement came to a virtual standstill. There is no public policy that will keep wages stagnant more than opening borders with a country like Mexico, where the government dominates life and workers must settle for peanut wages. Of course a gigantic percentage of illegal aliens that sneak across the U.S. border wind up on our welfare rolls while clogging our emergency rooms. This is reality.

It is still clear that the news media doesn’t get reality, which explains why Americans are choosing their information sources carefully. While ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, MSNBC and almost every newspaper are running stories on what paid protesters are doing (without identifying them as paid protesters) Americans are watching Donald Trump do pretty much what he promised to do when he won 60% of states and 85% of the counties just four months ago.

Americans demanded change at the ballot box. Minus the coarse Trump style, it is pretty refreshing to see somebody actually win an election and then do his damnedest to keep his promises. And it is disgusting to watch the press pretend about virtually everything that occurs right under their noses.

All talk

© 2016 Jim Spence - Successful business people understand that you must “talk” to communicate your goals. Talking to teammates each day is part of the normal course of executing tasks to achieve goals.

There is nothing wrong with "talking" per say. Local sports broadcasting became a hobby of mine more than thirty years ago. I worked high school football and basketball games as well as women’s basketball and baseball games for NMSU. There was plenty of talking going on with those radio broadcasts. The toughest game to broadcast was baseball. With so much time between pitches, you had to do plenty of talking. We armed ourselves with mountains of statistics and stories to fill the downtime.

When you have to “talk” about something every day, as the news media does, it is a trap for audiences. The news media “talks” every day because their business is to “talk.” Their business models require millions of people to listen and more important, partake of the commercials. I remember my late great mother-in-law getting angry at Dan Rather thirty-six years ago. Rather would interrupt her soap opera almost every day at the same time. The music and the graphics on the lead in to Rather would indicate that he had “breaking news.” When the dramatic music stopped and the graphics came down, Rather would then say, “There’s no news about the hostages in Iran.” CBS must have had a daily sponsor paying for the right to be featured for breaking news on the hostages.

The truth is we have a twenty-four hour news cycle, but there is not something significant going on all the time. Much of what gets covered is noise or nonsense that gets repeated over and over with spin.

Politicians talk too. Sometimes politicians execute, but most of the time they talk. Trump has been executing, but this weekend he made the decision it was time to go to Florida and talk to the people....and the cameras. He blasted the mainstream media......again.

Trump Rips The Press
Consider the House Republicans. They have all done plenty of “talking” about Obamacare. They passed bills on six different occasions to repeal Obamacare over the last seven years. Of course the GOP knew if the bills got through the Senate, Obama would veto those bills. In effect it was all talk. Recall how quickly Paul Ryan and the GOP were going to do things with Mr. Trump ready to sign their bill. At least that is what they “said” back in November. Think again. That was all talk too. The GOP has had four months to pass yet another Obamacare fix. We have seen nothing from Paul Ryan. Ryan is like a barking dog that caught the car he was chasing. When I watch how Ryan and Mitch McConnell operate at one quarter speed I am reminded that the Democrats, who did more to ruin this nation over the last eight years, aren’t the only problem we have. The GOP, which claimed it was powerless to stop Democrats, now seems hesitant to do anything except confirm appointees now that they have the majority. It is pretty clear the GOP Congress is carefully weighing what is really and truly best……..for their re-election hopes. They are by and large, a conspicuous collection of gutless politicians.

I found it interesting that HBO Democrat Bill Maher actually went off on a fellow progressive over the weekend. Apparently whacked out author and Michael Moore wannabe Jeremy Scahill did not like it when Maher booked Brietbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulus on his show. Yiannopoulus is the man that California Berkely protestors decided to silence with a riot last month. Yiannopoulus had been booked to give a speech at Cal a few weeks ago, but protesters turned violent and his presentation was cancelled.

It seems that Mr. Scahill couldn’t riot on the HBO set, so he simply boycotted the show rather than debate with Milo. And as goofy as Bill Maher is, he is not in Scahill’s league. Maher to his credit, has cautioned Americans about the dangers to women’s rights of bringing in fundamentalist practitioners of Islam into America. He like anyone else with common sense realizes that women are treated like livestock by most Muslim men in the Middle East. Maher has also challenged the strict Islamic culture for the oppression of minorities, curbs on free speech, and the commingling of religion and government policies. Of course all of these warnings fall on deaf ears with American progressives, who practically lionize Muslim refugees, while demonizing any Republican who offers warnings similar to those of Maher.
Maher’s response to the refusal of Scahill to tolerate free speech at Berkley and elsewhere drew this stinging rebuke: “Liberals will continue to lose elections as long as they follow the example of people like Mr. Scahill whose views veer into fantasy and away from bedrock liberal principles like equality of women, respect for minorities, separation of religion and state, and free speech. If Mr. Yiannopoulos is indeed the monster Scahill claims — and he might be — nothing could serve the liberal cause better than having him exposed on Friday night.”
There is a real problem with 21st Century progressives and free speech. They are indoctrinated in grades one through twelve to be progressives. Colleges and universities often behave as if they believe their missions are to serve as left wing boot camps for young adults rather than a broad menu of ideas. News media outlets minus Fox affirm everything Scahill would like for young Americans to be told. Any open and free debate that challenges Scahill's ideas are to be squelched.

As we move deeper into 2017 two realities emerge. Progressives like to talk and they don’t like to listen. And by the way, the very same statement applies to the GOP Congress. So far they are all talk with their new found majority.


Swickard: A state government too big to cut

© 2017 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.   It’s amazing watching the New Mexico Legislature. They want to name the Green Chile Cheeseburger as New Mexico’s Burger. But they are ignoring that Texas is about to get New Mexico’s crop water in court so the only Green Chile available for burgers may come from Colorado.
            And that’s not all. The Legislature was called into session primarily to deal with a large amount of money missing from the budget. The first thing said by some leaders in the House and Senate was that the New Mexico Government is too big to cut. Too many New Mexicans have been hired to fire any of them.
            They got that from the banking crisis of 2008. It worked for the bankers then and seems to be working now. Thanksgiving will be awful if some of the state worker cousins gets laid off and other do not.
            Since the state government cannot be cut, taxes must be raised. That is exactly what the citizens do not want. But the next election is many months away and many of the leaders in the Legislature didn’t have an opponent in this last election so the citizens have no control.
            Making it worse is the betrayal in the Legislature. Years ago, Governor Bill Richardson, who spent every second running for President of the United State had a plan to make New Mexico better and get lots of press while doing it. The food and medicine tax was abated while that amount of money was made up by raising fees.
            He was celebrated for his plan which almost got him to Washington but for a few details. New Mexico was out the money for his run at the Presidency but no one seems to care. Anyway, that Bill Richardson plan compensated by increasing fees for the loss of revenue from the tax on food and medicine.
            The rank and file New Mexicans paid the same amount of money out of the family budget each month but people who were struggling daily would struggle less. Fast forward to today where since the Legislature cannot cut the too big to cut state government they are going back to taxing food and medicine, but the fees are going to be raised also.
            To make us feel better, if that is possible, the Legislature is not putting all of the taxes back on food and medicine. But the counties were supposed to be held harmless by Richardson’s taking the taxes off food and medicine. The Legislature was supposed to make up the loss of taxes. Then the Legislature decided to not do that but let counties raise that money themselves in taxes. Already then taxes doubled since the fees were raised.
            The revenue was neutral when taxes were taken off food and medicine and fees to the state were raised. Counties then raised the taxes in their county since the Legislature would not share any of that extra state money from fees. Now the Legislature is bringing back taxes on food and medicine while raising the state fees even more. Essentially, the citizens got taken three times.
            And what the Legislature this session was supposed to do is fix the economy and find a way to deal with the loss of so much water in the Texas lawsuit. Without water for crops there isn’t going to be Green Chile, onions, alfalfa and Pecans. There will be plenty of pecan firewood for sale.
            These things will make the state much less attractive for businesses. Taxes going up and minimum wage going up. You know the minimum wage is price-fixing. It’s fixing the price of labor. Politicians don’t care.
            What’s the tipping point in New Mexico? The edge where many businesses and citizens leave? When enough leave, the budget crisis gets worse. Can’t cut the state government because it is too big to cut. If New Mexico had enemies who wanted to harm the state, what would they do differently in the Legislature? Nothing.
            We will find out what Green Chile Cheeseburgers made with Colorado green chile taste like since the Legislature is doing nothing to replace the water lost to Texas. At least the green chile isn’t coming from New York City.

Crowd Size matter?

Encouraging rage

© 2016 Jim Spence - Barack Obama was president for eight years. Not everyone liked it. But Obama won. Most Americans who didn’t vote for Obama trudged off to work each day for eight years anyway. It is what you do win or lose.
America was faced with two choices in 2016, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Sixty percent of America’s fifty states (30) chose Trump, and only 40% chose Clinton. Astonishingly, Trump carried 84.28% of all U.S. counties while Clinton won only 15.72% of all counties.
In 2017 Americans are getting a good look at what Democrats do when they are out of power. They are "encouraging rage" while Trump fulfills the promises he made that enabled him to carry 60% of the states and 84% of the counties.
A good example of how low Democrat’s behavior is sinking is to consider their insistence on a slow motion confirmation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. It did not stop there. Democrats accused Jeff Sessions of being a racist, while Senator Tim Scott, the Senate’s only black Republican, was targeted for racist tweets by thousands of Democrats. The Democrat’s racist assault on Scott became so hostile and visceral the black Senator from South Carolina finally went to the Senate floor and read samples of Democrat methods. He omitted the hundreds of instances where Democrats called him the N word.
“You are an Uncle Tom, Scott. You’re for Sessions. How does a black man turn on his own,” Scott read. "Tim Scott ... doesn’t have a shred of honor. He’s a House Negro like the one in ‘Django.’”
Democrats have used the term, “diversity” in a very perverted way for decades. Democrats actually don’t want “diversity” if it means more black men and black women being accepted even if they chose to be Republicans. Senator Scott has one of only two black chiefs of staff in the entire U.S. Senate. The other African-American chief of staff in the United States Senate is also the chief of staff of a Republican.
Of course, there was no mass media coverage of the racist assaults on Tim Scott let alone any other stories exposing the utter hypocrisy of Democrats. It would seem that only racist assaults directed at black Democrats are worthy of coverage.
If you were watching the mainstream media Trump deplores prior to the elections, you would have thought that Hillary Clinton was about to carry 84% of all U.S. counties and 60% of all U.S. states not Trump. And if you have been watching any news outlet except Fox SINCE the election, you would still think Hillary Clinton actually carried 84% of all counties and 60% of all states, not Trump.
Many people don’t care much for Trump’s style or his personality. But it is clear that he won because to many millions of Americans, for now, his policies make more sense than those offered by Democrats.
Sadly, nobody should believe any polls reported by any news network anymore. Polls are propaganda. It is better to rely on common sense in the wake of the all the fatally flawed polls.
Only common sense is required to realize that anyone who opposes the basic requirement of photo identification for voting, wants to make it easier to commit voter fraud. Scientists are now engaging increasingly in whistle blowing, at great personal risk, to expose temperature data manipulation in climate change studies. Common sense dictates that we realize that the climate change science is not exactly settled, just increasingly marred by chicanery. When we see Democrats now pretending that Russia is the boogieman, a notion that Democrats laughed at just five years ago when Mitt Romney made the same assertion, we must realize Democrats are grasping at straws because they lost 84% of all U.S. counties and their ledger of ideas is bankrupt.
In my two previous columns I have suggested that it is increasingly possible that a second U.S. Civil War is looming in the not too distant future. The Democratic party was able to win just 16% of all counties and just 40% of all states. The Democratic party is taking actions that would nullify the same election that saw 84% of all counties and 60% of all states utterly reject its candidate and her ideas. This is dangerous business.
Close to 90% of all journalists, entertainers, and college professors also seem to think attempts at nullification are a good idea. All of this is taking place less than one month after the Trump inauguration.
Efforts to encourage rage and nullify elections are not without precedent. Democrat-dominated California is behaving like Democrat-dominated South Carolina in 1860. The eventual Democrat rebels in the pro-slavery states hated Lincoln’s guts. Lincoln clearly won the 1860 election, but did not receive 50% of the popular vote.
In 2017, Democrats are conducting an orchestrated political war after a convincing loss. It is a very dangerous response for Democrats to pretend they won when they lost. Just as the Democrats encouraging rage in the Black Lives Matter movement led to the deaths of law enforcement officers all over the nation, their blatant encouragement of rage within their constituencies, is going to lead to disaster for our nation.
Brace yourself.

Do elections have consequences?

© 2016 Jim Spence - The U.S. propaganda ministry has turned militant. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, MSNBC, the New York Times, The Washington Post, the vast majority of local newspapers, radio stations, and televisions stations around the nation are engaged in all out war against the new president. Even in states where socialism is exceedingly unpopular, journalists emerging from colleges and universities where they have been indoctrinated to be hardcore activist Democrats, slant headlines and shape basic coverage of most news and fake news to suit their political viewpoints.
Of course, we knew from the way the propaganda ministry fawned all over Barack and Michelle Obama that there was an unmistakable bias, but now that America’s heartland voted the Democrats out of power, we feel not just the propaganda ministry bias, but its fury. Instead of dealing in misrepresentations and distortions to make Obama's failed policies seem palatable, they are engaging in slander and libel to hurt Trump’s corrective agenda. This naked fury is actually perfectly tolerable, but only if you accept the following view points:

1) If you are a business person, you must admit you really do not add value to society or to your customers. Instead, you are part of the class of people in America that merely exploits others for your own benefit. You are to be taxed and regulated to protect the innocent from your excesses.

2) If you are a turf-protecting bureaucrat that does every task at one quarter speed, you should never have your work ethic or your motives questioned simply because you live a life that is purely selfless.

3) If you nodded your head during Bill Clinton’s lamenting of illegal immigration, which can be seen/heard here, or Barack Obama’s lamentations which can be seen /heard here, you must be able to do a one hundred-eighty degree about face when you hear or see Trump’s exact same views expressed on illegal aliens.

4) If you are concerned about women’s rights you must be willing to look the other way on all of the tenets of Islam that subjugate women to a category that is one step above property or livestock. You must also pretend that as more and more Muslim men who live by these tenets are accepted into U.S. society, these Stone Age views won’t begin to affect women’s rights.

5) If you are a woman you must pretend that anyone who suggests that everyone pay for their own birth control costs is conducting a war on women, even if you pay for your birth control.

6) Your reaction to overwhelming evidence of the deliberate suppression of scientific dissent on earth temperatures, along with the outright falsification of most climate data hasn’t happened, despite the fact that highly placed whistle blowers within the scientific community have been insisting that it is ongoing.

7) You should pretend that Hillary Clinton’s acceptance of millions of dollars from Wall Street investment banks for 35 minute speeches, and her husband’s appointment of a Goldman Sachs banker as Treasury Secretary was OK, but Trump’s Treasury Secretary Nominee is evil because he worked on Wall Street.

8) You must pretend that defaulted on solar energy loans made to Obama fundraising bundlers by Obama’s Energy Secretary were all unfortunate but legitimate, but the appointment of Texas Governor Rick Perry from an energy rich state, is suspect.

9) You must pretend that not much of anything including making America’s tax structure more competitive can prevent union jobs from leaving the country, but if Boeing wants to build a second plant in a right to work state like South Carolina, it is an ”unfair labor practice.”

10) You must accept being lied to about keeping your doctor and your health insurance if you liked it, because it was Obama who lied to you.

11) You must insist that mothers have ZERO choices on educating those they give birth to, but government should give pregnant women the right and the money if they “choose” to kill their unborn babies.

12) You must pretend that people making death threats and hurling racial insults against Tim Scott are OK because though he is black, because he is also a Republican. You have to hold the conviction that only black Democrats can be real targets of racists.

13) If President Obama or his press secretary chooses a reporter that is not an open opponent of his policies during a press conference it is just fine but if Trump or his press secretary does so it is because he only wants a soft ball question.

What we are witnessing is the acceptance by Democrats that there are not any laws or rules. They are using rogue courts to pretend they can overrule constitutional decisions on national security. The propaganda ministry is engaging in libel and slander every day. Colleges and Universities are suspending the 1st Amendment. The state of California is nullifying federal laws and is planning a referendum on secession just as South Carolina did in 1960.
What we are seeing is an all out war being waged on a duly elected government. This war is becoming more and more organized by the Democrats who are acting in concert with Democrats in academia, the Democrat run teacher unions, the Democrat dominated entertainment industry, and most important of all, the Democrats who control the U.S. propaganda ministry, which is also known as most news outlets. What was once described as a cultural war is morphing before our very eyes into a second U.S. Civil War. The first U.S. Civil War was initiated by Democrats. I t looks like they want to do it again.
Mr. Obama once infamously said, "elections have consequences.” Mr. Obama was so right about that. If elections don’t have consequences then civil war or anarchy are sure to follow. We move perilously closer to one or the other every day.
9th Circuit vs Travel Ban

Swickard: From video games to real revolution

© 2017 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.   It seems we, as a nation, are becoming more violent and aggressive. Several of us were talking after the Super Bowl that many of the commercials were very violent. People killing people seemed to be most shown. And it seems to reflect the way people are acting in our society.
            Perhaps we are just oldsters who pine for the good old days of a different century. But today many people are beyond aggressive as seen on Facebook and on our highways. When I was younger this behavior would get you a punch in the nose at the very least.
            It could be something else. I remember writing a column in 1993 that included:
            He was six years old with an innocent angelic face. As I was talking to his mother I noticed him looking at a sales catalog so I asked, “Did you see something you want for your birthday?”
            He said, “I want this video game.”
            The game seemed extremely violent. I asked, “Why this game?”
            He said, “It’s got the very best fatalities.”
            “Excuse me?” I must have heard wrong.
            “It has the very best fatalities,” he repeated. I asked, “What makes for the very best fatalities?”
            He grinned. “When blood spurts out, their bones show and their skin burns off while they die.”
            I was very shocked by this small child wanting the very best fatalities. His mother told me most young kids feel the same way about those games which is why there are so many violent games on the market.
            There has been concern about what appears to be increasing violence in our society. I believe the reason we have so much violence in America is that many Americans simply like violence. The enjoyment of violence is a many year product of the entertainment industry.
            There are gentle people and violent people here in America. It is hard to spot any difference in their general appearance. The lambs and lions lay down together but only one gets up. The lions enjoy violence while the lambs do not.
            There are times when violence is the only option. Still, even after thousands of years, the same blood lust central to the society which enjoyed going to the Roman Coliseum to watch gladiators kill each other, is alive in our own society.
            In a few years, the young boy who likes fatalities may move to real death on the streets. At the murder trial a lawyer may call his mother to the stand. She will admit she allowed her son to enjoy violence. Society must decide what to do with him once it has been established how much he enjoys the very best fatalities.
            That’s what I wrote in 1993. Over the years, I have seen many young people who are far more aggressive than people in past years. There is also the anonymous ability of some people to be jerks without getting the punch in the snout they deserve.
            Which takes us to the violent protestors that have sprung up in the last year in response to police actions and Donald Trump being elected President of the United States. The police are the police and as to the election, like it or not there is no way to go back. Donald Trump is now the president of our country.
            But we are seeing people block highways, set fires and generally throw a tantrum over the election results. They are blocking ambulances and damaging property. People are randomly being assaulted as our society is moving toward ever more violence.
            There is a concern that another Civil War is breaking out with those people unable to accept the results of the November 2016 election. They are acting out against the society. One state, California, is talking about leaving the United States but it isn’t that easy since the people of the state are citizens of the entire country.
            Could it be that so many of these protesters are acting out roles that they have experienced in video games and so are divorced from reality. That easily could be. I don’t know why they seem to enjoy the chaos they cause. But this won’t end well for any of us.

Travel Ban 9th Circuit

A Second Civil War?

© 2016 Jim Spence - The state of South Carolina had a history of ignoring federal laws long before it became the first state to vote for secession in 1860. The nullification crisis of the 1830’s came about in South Carolina as a direct result of the pro-slavery Democrats rejecting federal authority on taxes and tariffs. Right up until the outbreak of the Civil War, the Democrats in South Carolina fought in the courts for the preservation of slavery. Addicted to cheap labor, South Carolina believed it needed to preserve the wretched institution.
In 1860 South Carolina voted for Democrat Stephen Douglas in the presidential election. When Douglas lost to Republican Abraham Lincoln, the state wasted no time voting to secede from the union. And when demands on Lincoln to remove the U.S. military garrison at Fort Sumter were ignored in 1861, the confederate army fired on the facility starting the first American Civil War.
Ironically, the Democrats in the state of California have, like South Carolina, been ignoring federal laws for decades. Under Democrat Barack Obama, California has been allowed to nullify federal laws on illegal immigration by serving as a sanctuary for those crossing the southern border. Of course there are economic reasons for this, just as there were with South Carolina's efforts at nullification. Illegal aliens, like slaves, are a source of cheap labor. Hillary Clinton supported the idea of keeping our borders open and cheap labor pouring in. And over sixty percent of California voters supported Clinton in the 2016 election.
Since Clinton's defeat, the heavily Democrat state has already begun to entertain a ballot measure that calls for California's secession from the United States. There is also discussion and threats being made by elected officials in California to not remit the state’s legally obligated tax dollars to the federal government. In Sacramento there are ongoing discussions underway to turn the entire state into a sanctuary for illegal aliens.
Ironically, Abe Lincoln did not receive 50 percent of the popular vote in 1860, nor did Donald Trump in 2016. The parallels and the vitriolic hatred of both Lincoln and Trump are simply amazing. Wealthy plantation owners in South Carolina exploited slave labor in 1860, while the wealthy residents in California take continuous advantage of cheap illegal immigrant labor there today.
The transformation of California has been astonishing. One fourth of all illegal aliens in the U.S. live in California. And not surprisingly, California is home to one third of all U.S. welfare recipients. California’s working poor faces oppressively regressive sales taxes on food and gasoline etc. California has roughly 150 serfs for every master.
Silicon Valley is the home of 21st Century California plantations. The super wealthy there support the status quo in the failing public school systems, while recruiting heavily and lobbying even heavier for more foreign students, who are much more likely to graduate from U.S. universities with the skills they need to work in the higher levels at Silicon Valley.
California is so dysfunctional that millions of lower level workers in Silicon Valley cannot afford to own homes there. The super wealthy own the properties and they rent them to the laborers. Naturally, the middle class is disappearing fast in California and living standards are plunging for most.
Is America headed for a second Civil War? It is possible. Consider the additional nullification efforts by Democrat strongholds on the West Coast this month. Democrats filed lawsuits to nullify the lawful actions of the federal government in Democrat friendly Seattle and San Francisco courts. Behaving as if they have access to classified daily intelligence briefings that spell out terrorist threats, or at least superior judgment on such possibilities, appointed Democrat judges in Seattle and San Francisco have effectively staged a mini coup de etat. Stripping the White House of its constitutional authority to make policy on immigration is an astounding development. This is the judicial equivalent of the Dred Scott ruling. These Democrat judges have pretended as they did in Dred Scott, that the U.S. Constitution does not provide for borders.
Many questions arise. What if California secedes? Will other Marxist leaning states join in as was the case with Democrat South Carolina one hundred and fifty-seven years ago?
Will President Trump send troops to California to preserve the union as Lincoln did?
If military force is needed, how widespread will the violence be?
What if California secedes successfully? What will U.S. Democrats do to replace the virtually automatic 55 electoral votes they have received every four years from California?
How will Democrats replace all of the House members as well as the two Senators? Republicans didn’t even bother to field a candidate in the Senate race there last year.
How will California pay for the support of 1/3 of all of America’s welfare recipients with tens of millions more sure to come through its southern border? 
How will California provide Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid funding when counties and cities have already allowed the government unions to bankrupt the pension system?
Frankly, I am not all that afraid of a Civil War breaking out. The millions of California residents who are opposed to secession live in rural areas of the state. They are well armed and will support federal troops that go in to preserve the union. While it is true that the inner city gangs are armed too, the gangs are much more intent on robbing people and killing each other in turf wars rather than engaging in para-military actions. They will use any conflict as an opportunity to loot.
Sadly, many of the middle class people that have ditched California because there are no real opportunities there have moved to New Mexico where they cast votes that are likely to turn New Mexico into a cesspool with even fewer opportunities. They know California stinks, they just don't know why.


Super Bowl Analysis

© 2016 Jim Spence - We have never been New England fans. Any area that could ignore Chappaquiddick and keep re-electing people like Ted Kennedy and Elizabeth Warren is not my kind of place. Accordingly, the Patriots are not our team. We had very little interest in the Super Bowl and did not pay much attention to the typical media hype that leads up to the game.
It turns out that the Patriots are Donald Trump’s team, which would NOT change our minds about rooting for them. Our little labradoodle was named Trump by the breeder when we got him five years ago. We promptly changed his name to Apollo…..because we didn’t like Trump. We still don’t like Trump much even though we voted for him. We actually voted for Neil Gorsuch though we didn’t know it at the time. But I digress.
This may come as a shock, but it would now seem that the Democrats can’t leave politics out of anything including a lousy NFL football game. It was a foregone conclusion that Trump was rooting for the Patriots, because he is close friends with Patriots' owner, Robert Kraft, as well as Coach Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady.
"Apollo" the dog formerly known as "Trump"
Of course in the Democrat controlled media, better known as the propaganda ministry, the “reporters” were fully aware that Trump was a New England fan, just as they knew Obama was a Chicago White Sox fan. Well apparently several reporters tried to ask Brady and Belichick about their support of Trump. They did so more than a dozen times during the player and coach interviews on Super Bowl media day.
The story gets pretty juicy. It seems that Kraft, Belichick, and Brady received great volumes of hate mail from Patriots fans and others for openly supporting Trump prior to the election. The straw that broke the donkey’s back seems to have been Brady daring to have a “Make America Great Again” cap in his locker for all the Democrats to see, just like the guy I walk my dog with does.
It gets even juicier. Hollywood hate monger Bill Maher used his alleged comedy show on HBO to go on a tirade against the New England Patriots. Maher did not merely announce he was rooting for the Atlanta Falcons because New England is Trump’s team, Maher actually screamed “F Trump, F Brady, and F the Patriots” on his show.
I actually watched the second half of the Super Bowl game on DVR Monday morning. I cannot stand the way the NFL overloads all football games with commercials. I must say that I made some astounding discoveries by playing some of the sideline shots in slow motion over and over. It might have looked like Atlanta made a bunch of critical mistakes that led to their crushing defeat. It might have also seemed like the Patriots raised the level of their play by leaps and bounds in the third and fourth quarters to get a win. But that is not what caused New England to pull off their astonishing victory. Nope. And follow me closely here. You had to look very close to what was going on. You had to be able to read lips and also draw some rather subjective conclusions. Fortunately, I have been able to do so.
Based on what I saw, a sure victory slip right through the Falcons fingers....was the result of the Russians hacking the game. Sure there were interceptions, but not the kind you might think of. Putin’s agents were intercepting both the offense and defensive signals of the Falcons. Russian hacks were leaking those signals to the fans, who in turn cheered even harder for the Patriots. These cheers, not to be confused with votes, resulted in the Patriots becoming really very inspired. This is what caused the stunning victory, not a better performance by the Patriots.

No doubt former Civil Rights marcher and Congressman John Lewis of Georgia saw everything the same way as I did and will call for a Congressional investigation and sanctions. It was obvious that the Patriots win was not legitimate due to Russian hacking that surely stole a victory from his team.

My guess is John Lewis and many other Democrats will now boycott the ceremony at the White House when Trump greets the Super Bowl champions.

And well they should!

UC Berkeley Riot

The Devos battle encapsulates all that is wrong

© 2016 Jim Spence - Did you ever watch Jay Walking on the Tonight Show? How about Watter’s World on Fox? If not perhaps you have read a few articles exposing all of the most elementary facts that the average high school graduates in America are oblivious to? It is actually embarrassing to realize how clueless American adults are becoming these days thanks to a public education system that disgracefully betrays our students with low expectations and anti-business Marxist political indoctrination.

Consider that our universities and colleges pile on and make the problem much worse. All over the nation higher ed facilities have gone so far as to create rules that actually ban free speech on campuses. These days most college students don’t have to hear ideas that they disagree with.......unless of course they are young Republicans. At many universities invitations to non-Democrat speakers are greeted by violent protests and/or riots. It happened at Berkeley just last week. It has also happened at UCLA and many other places too. It is startling that Democrats don't condemn attacks on the 1st Amendment. Are these really liberal thinkers?

One has to wonder when the courts deciding weighty matters are going to be violently protested or subjected to riots. Is the day coming when lawyers arguing for plaintiffs or defendants that disagree with Democrats are going to be blocked from entry into court houses? This is of course where the end of free speech winds up. Read Animal Farm if you aren't sure.

Sadly, a warped notion of reality and incredibly na├»ve parenting techniques are contributing to a cultural crisis. Parents are creating make-believe structures that pretend that there is no such thing as a “score” at the end of the sports games that kids are playing. Children that merely sign up to play sports are given “participation trophies.” Instead of teaching kids how to compete, including how to win and lose, parents prefer to provide the appearance of protecting those with less talent and skill building ambition. For several generations America has discouraged the pursuit of excellence. In doing so they have attempted to discourage those willing to work hard to build their skills. 

In a nutshell, this is what is going wrong in America. Skill building was once revered. Now it is often condemned as being excessively competitive. Democrats constantly argue that we need more "equality," not greater efforts to build skills. No wonder Silicon Valley wants more immigrant visas for workers. They can't find very many Americans with skills.

How did we lose it? The answer is simple. Democrats gained control public education in every state in the country decades ago. Since then they have defended the failing status quo with every ounce of energy they have. Make no mistake the status quo is now the public education monopoly that is sinking the nation. Schools are at their very worst in places where Democrats have been in charge for the longest lengths of time. The vast majority of inner city schools, which are run by Democrats and Democrats alone, are nothing more than violence infested day care centers. Teachers don't teach much in these places. They simply capitulate to gangs for the sake of safety. There are very few exceptions. Inner city schools are infected not just by intellectual corruption, they suffer from outright theft on an ongoing basis. School boards, superintendents, and principals in the inner cities often steal using nepotism, cronyism, and other softer forms of corruption to consume taxpayer resources.

Rather than clean up the mess, in places like Washington D.C. Senators and House members send their children to private schools. Attending the toxic public schools there would be absurd. Ditto for the Obama girls. Amazingly, taxpayers shell out $15,000 - $20,000 per year per student in D.C. and get next to nothing. It is the greatest scandal of our lifetimes. Ask Dr. Ben Carson.

The Betsy DeVos battle on Capitol Hill is emblematic of the how important maintaining a death grip on education is to Democrats. Supposedly there are some Democrats who are “moderate,” but none is moderate enough to vote for a true school choice reformer like Betsy DeVos to run the Department of Education. Instead, Democrats engage in shameless character assassination of DeVos. Democrats behavior on the DeVos nomination should be a scandal for the ages. But it isn’t. The news media merely suggests to us that there is another "fight" taking place, without explaining what the fight is about. It is about power, the power of Democrats to feed at the public education trough.

Two GOP Senators have been identified as being willing to cash in on the NEA’s campaign cash contribution windfalls that are part of the protection racket. Both Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Susan Collins (Maine) have decided that they cannot find a way to support real reform efforts for our floundering public education system. Both have announced they will join Democrats in the battle against choices for parents. The voters in Maine and Alaska should remove these Senators. But they probably won’t. Not enough people have been educated well enough to know what is happening. The whole problem is circular now.

As for New Mexico’s contribution to the ongoing corruption of public education, we need to look no farther than Martin Heinrich and Tom Udall. With New Mexico stuck in 49th place in educational achievement for decades under the death grip of Democrats, both New Mexico Senators will fight for more of the same. The idea of creating competition and choices for students in our state is the farthest thing from the minds of Senators Heinrich and Udall. These are the worst sorts of Senators imaginable. It is an embarrassment that we have two of them, though it does explain why New Mexico has not been competitive for sixty years.

On a single confirmation battle for Education Secretary, we can now encapsulate most of what is ailing America and New Mexico. Astonishingly, Senators Udall and Heinrich are pleased with idea that America and New Mexico is now typified by the people captured on exposes like Watter’s World. Like Murkowski and Collins, the last thing Senators Udall and Heinrich want is for people to be well-informed. If the electorate were more informed in New Mexico, it would put these two Senators back in the private sector to toil along with the rest of us minions.


Swickard: It's raining hard so use the $15B

© 2017 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.  I was wrong recently when I wrote about not using any of the New Mexico Permanent Fund. It’s a resource for when New Mexico runs out of money from the extractive industries. New Mexico has saved a portion from every oil and gas dollar made in a rainy-day fund.
            Proponents of raiding the Permanent Fund are looking for a small percentage to politically increase the number of people working for New Mexico in Pre-school education and family support. They say the $15 billion is just waiting for a worthy project.
            Let’s take it all right now. New Mexico is dead last in almost every category. We as a state are on our backs in a pond with a rock on our chest looking up at the sky with lifeless eyes.
            New Mexico cannot compete against other states because of our problems in education, transportation, job creation, fighting crime, poverty and other measures. Businesses are moving from the Snow Belt to the Sun Belt but not to New Mexico.
            We have billions of dollars for a rainy day. If this isn’t a rainy day I don’t know rainy days. The leaders of New Mexico need to take most of that $15 billion fund and use it wisely.
            Don’t use it as a political bonus for those politicos who won elections such that the winning party members all get thousands of dollars. That would not change anything in New Mexico except for a few people who would now have new boats.
            The Permanent Fund was created by extraction of energy in our state. Oil and gas built the fund over the years. As a nation, our energy industry allows us to have the society we have. Without abundant and inexpensive energy, our nation and New Mexico would not be doing well, even as well as last place New Mexico.
            There are three problems that need to be addressed with the $15B or a large percentage of that money. They are: energy availability at a good price, water availability at a good price. Finally, New Mexico needs a sustainable economy.
            First, let’s consider energy. There are huge changes in the nuclear power generation industry such that the horror of Chernobyl or Fukushima nuclear problems are not appropriate to consider. Why? Because those were first and second generation nuclear systems that failed.
            We are considering fifth generation systems that are very economical and safe. By economical the price of a small modular unit is about $3B to generate 550 MW of power. New Mexico needs three units so they can take one offline for maintenance without disrupting the state.
            Here is what will change New Mexico. Nuclear plants run best at 100 percent so there would be lots of extra power available at times. What to do with it? The first task of excess power is the desalinization of brackish water which New Mexico has lots of to turn into good water.
            New Mexico could have abundant good water for Agriculture at essentially very little cost. Lots of jobs and businesses would follow inexpensive power and plenty of good water. What else to do with the extra power from the three units?
            New Mexico could make hydrogen fuel for the coming generation of clean hydrogen vehicles. The money from electric, water and hydrogen would go to the budget with some rebuilding the Permanent Fund.
            The fund could jump start the state’s ability to attract good companies who would provide good jobs for New Mexicans. To have plenty of good water is essential along with plenty of money for transportation infrastructure. Finally, all the improvements must be sustainable. That’s the tough part.
            Regardless of which political party holds the reins of power, the structure of improvements must be impervious to political design. Not sure we can do it, but we can try. Currently, New Mexico has all that money sitting doing nothing but functioning as a rainy-day fund and giving some money to the budget.
            It is time to make a radical change in the structure of New Mexico’s future. It will take both political parties and the citizens voting to make this happen. If not, New Mexico will continue to be last in everything.


Democrats for Gorsuch, an impressive list

© 2016 Jim Spence - A few years ago when we were doing our radio show we used to talk to cartoonist Tony Branco each week. He is a marvelous artist and we miss the interaction. Here is his latest creation:
Washington D.C. would a great sitcom comedy title, except it is actually a very bad reality show. The people who live and work there are wasting millions in taxpayer dollars.

The past few days have been instructive. Trump is working hard all day and half of the night. He is going faster than anyone who has ever tried to clean up that town. The GOP Senate and House cannot keep up. They are not used to producing only posturing.

On the other hand, over the past few days the Democrat Senators have been truant. They have simply no-showed committee meetings involving votes on Trump’s cabinet nominees. Their attitudes stand in stark contrast to those of Republicans when Barack Obama sent his nominees to Capitol Hill eight years ago. Some of the GOP senators voted against the Obama nominees, while others voted to confirm them. However at least the Republicans showed up to vote.

In 2017 the Democrats are acting like every day is senior ditch day in high school. Their orchestrated absences have finally forced those GOP Senators who showed up for the second day in a row to change the rules that requires at least one member of the opposition party to show up before business was conducted.

There are many ways to characterize what the Democrats have been doing now that they have discovered that they won't control any of the three branches of government. Some people say they are just mean-spirited. Others say they are childish. Still others call them obstructionists. Perhaps the best description is the Democrats have a constituency that is very far removed from reality. Denial seems to be their only friend. Hey! That sounds like a country music hit title.

Once again America can blame public education for the fact that Democrat voters don’t seem to realize that neither the Democrats nor Republicans remain in power for more than about two presidential terms. The longest run for the GOP since World War II was three terms, two by Reagan followed by one by George H.W. Bush. The Democrats have not held the White House for more than two consecutive terms since Harry Truman won in 1948. Since then, eight years has been the maximum number of years the Democrats have held on to the White House. 

Given the history of power rotation in America, one has to wonder why Democrats were so surprised when they lost the White House after losing everything else during the Obama presidency. But then again, who teaches U.S. history accurately in the public schools anymore? These poor snowflakes just weren't warned.

If you think the full scale assault on the Trump administration has been horrific lately, just keep watching. The turbo chargers are about to kick in by the Democrat’s propaganda ministry (that would be every major television network except Fox News).

The cartoon above says it all. Everyone knew what was at stake in the 2016 election. Anyone paying half attention knows the reason why Trump won is because even Republicans who don’t like him still wanted him and not Hillary to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court. Last night, Trump made his choice with Judge Neil Gorsuch. Gorsuch has impeccable credentials. How impeccable are they you ask?

Here is a list of Democrats who supported the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch eleven years ago when he was nominated to federal bench by George W. Bush. See if you recognize any of these vaguely familiar names: Senator Barack Obama, Senator Joe Biden, Senator Harry Reid, Senator Chuck Schumer, Senator Dick Durbin, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Maria Cantwell, Senator Tom Carper, Senator Patrick Leahy, Senator Robert Menendez, Senator Patty Murray, Senator Bill Nelson, Senator Jack Reed, Senator Debbie Stabenow, Senator Ron Wyden.

I think I have heard of some of these people. Expect most if not all of these hypocrites to pretend they never cast yes votes for Gorsuch. But they did vote for Gorsuch......all of them. And they did so when their party had control of the Senate. They could have rejected him with a flick of finger, but he was eminently qualified so they didn't.

What figures to come in the next few weeks will be character assassination that would make Joe McCarthy proud. But take heart. Gorsuch will be our next Supreme Court justice no matter how spectacular the intellectual gymnastics are from the side of the aisle that is now home for nearly every hypocritical lunatic in the nation.