A mental block

© 2016 Jim Spence - If you want to know how far out the Democrats have moved on something as basic as border security, you must take a look at this short video from the C-Span archives. It is a clip from a State of the Union speech by President Clinton in 1995. He made this speech after Democrats were trounced in the off year elections.
Are we in a time warp? It as if the Clinton speech writers went to work for Trump last year and all other Democrats migrated to a state of mind where they are willing to adopt many indefensible positions.
This week members of the Democratic Party have made it clear they will be defying the election results and pretending that what President Clinton said twenty-two years ago never happened. Why would they do this after the beatings they have taken?
Democrats must think because they continue to control the propaganda ministry (every news outlet except Fox) they can disrupt the transition of power in the wake of the 2016 election. 
The Democrat's associates in the media are certainly doing their part to disrupt by distorting the truth like never before. Accordingly, efforts to tighten national security measures by Trump, which simply mirror the promises he made to the American people before the election, are being resisted in departments of the government like Department of Justice. Just last night Trump was forced to fire an insubordinate Obama holdover who seemed so clueless that…..um……forgive me for recycling this phrase………”elections have consequences,” she decided to write her own memo as if she were president.
Many observers wonder when Democrats are going to change tactics since their current tactics are not working.
Based on what I have seen, I am not convinced that Democrats know how to do anything else. It appears that they actually think what gets reported by every outlet except Fox will be regarded as the truth. It is as if they still refuse to accept the idea that voters do not trust the propaganda ministers at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post and newspapers all over the country. This seems to be a serious mental block.
While Democrats believe that all the networks that carry their water reflect America, in the heartland, virtually every news item originating with these sources or being re-broadcast or re-printed by these sources is treated with great suspicion. The American people recognize that more than ever before journalists and their political agendas go hand in hand. Accordingly, most reports involving "polls" are absolutely meaningless. Most news stories are meaningless. Even most human interest features are so fraught with half-truths and innuendos that fewer and fewer people associate any credibility with them.
After ten days what you see is what you get. Democrats are flirting with civil war. It would seem in their minds that elections only matter when they win.

Swickard: The right to have rights

© 2017 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.  “… that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Thomas Jefferson
             We have a national conversation going about our “rights” in society. In 1776, the three were life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness which in earlier drafts read the pursuit of property. During the time of President Franklin Roosevelt there was a push to increase the rights.
            In 1941 Roosevelt spoke about the four freedoms considered four rights that should be available to all Americans. They are: the freedom of speech, freedom to worship God, the freedom from want and the freedom from fear. The controversy was freedom from want and fear. Is it even possible to be free of wants and fears?
            Later Roosevelt proposed eight additional rights: the right to a useful and remunerative job. The right to earn enough money. The right of farmers to have a decent living.
            Also, the right of businessmen to have freedom from unfair competition. The right of every family to a decent home. The right to adequate medical care along with the right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident and unemployment.
            Finally, there is the right to a good education. Not any education, a good education.
            So, do you have a right to clean water and air? Do you have a right to transportation? Do you have a right to retire when you wish? Do you have a right to entertainment?
            The problem is that some rights come with a price tag. Someone must pay, whom will that be? If each of us has the right to a good education, do we have to pay for it? Is it a right and other Americans must provide this or medical care regardless of if we pay because it’s a right?
            That is a slippery slope when we start taking the productive ability of Americans and without compensation giving their productiveness to other Americans. It is like the notion of a one hundred percent tax on some people. Sounds like government would get lots of money but that is not true because if we were taxed at one hundred percent, taxed such that we received nothing for working, it is likely we would quit.
            It’s a convenient talking point that all Americans have a right to adequate medical care. Do they have that right without compensation to the people providing the care? Do care professionals have a right to be compensated? Where is the line?
            Usually at a traffic accident, each of us is obligated to help, but is it a right for injured people? By getting into an accident do they have the right to compel us to act? Perhaps, or is that an ordinance rather than a right? Different things when we call that a right.
            Years ago, I was working as a school photographer and that day set up at an elementary school in Tucumcari, New Mexico. During the morning, a rough looking hombre walked up to the seat and before sitting down said to me, “I’ve got a Constitutional Right not to smile.”
            I said, “You’ve got it Bud.” He was happy and looked happy as I took the picture. I understood that he didn’t want one of those cheesy pictures. He wanted dignity. I was glad to give it to him but I didn’t think it a Constitutional Right. It was professional.
How do we deal when two people with rights are in conflict? It is like the question: if one endangered species is eating another endangered species what should we do? It is tough to decide since if you do not let the first species eat that species will die. And if you do then the other species becomes more endangered. It is fundamentally the same issue with rights.
            The Income Tax which came about in 1913 takes part of your productivity. It is considered the right of society to take your productivity. How much of a right is there? Can you take most of someone’s wages because of the supposed right of redistribution? Very slippery slope. Maybe we should go back to only three rights.


Reduced attendance for the Death to America parades?

© 2016 Jim Spence - When Iran released fifty-two American embassy hostages on January 20, 1981, the Americans were led through a gauntlet of Iranian students who formed parallel lines and shouted "Death to America," as the hostages walked toward the airplane that would fly them out of Tehran. It would seem that Donald Trump is holding a grudge against Iran and others in the Middle East for the shabby treatment of Americans. Trump issued executive orders late last week to reign in travel and increase vetting from countries known to harbor, fund, and encourage violent terrorism of which Iran is the most flagrant perpetrator.
Did Trump go too far? Or should the change in policy have been extended to many other countries besides Iran, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen that also encourage hatred of America.
The Trump order certainly added a level of uncertainty and inconvenience for people attempting to enter the U.S. from those countries. This is true whether they had or did not have visas or green cards. It seems that a Federal judge has decided it was too much inconvenience, but it is a temporary order.
There is a dilemma here. On the one hand, you have people who made travel plans based on the Obama rules, which were to simply let people pass through U.S. Customs pretty much as they pleased. And on the other hand, the list all of terrorists who traveled out of the U.S. to these nations and others and then came back, before committing mass murders here is getting longer every year.
The question seems to be how does Trump change border security policies that are way too loose and implement policies that involve much stricter vetting of those coming and going from dangerous places, when people are in transit twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year?
The simple answer is you cannot change policies without disrupting the lives of those people in transit.
Another question that never quite gets asked by the propaganda ministries in the U.S. mainstream media, entities that support loose border policies is this: Why are people traveling to Iran from the U.S. or from Iran to the U.S.? Certainly there are a few people with families in both places. Perhaps a little review of U.S. history and view of current events can clarify reality. The reality is there is a cesspool of hatred out there that U.S. Homeland Security officials are dealing with.
Throughout the existence of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the slogan, “Death to America” is described by most observers as a pillar of Iranian values. “Death to America” is regularly chanted each week in Iran at Friday prayers as well as at other public events. This chant is often accompanied by a burning of the American flag. Every November 4th, which is the anniversary of the U.S. embassy seizure, the Iranians celebrate a national holiday, called "Death to America Day." There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of state-sponsored murals all over Iran featuring the slogan, "Death to America."
The bottom line is there is a very deadly problem in nearly every Muslim nation in the Middle East. In most if not all of these countries teachers encourage hatred of the U.S. as part of the general education curriculum. And this brainwashing of children is much more widespread than just the countries of Iran, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen. The list of nations where children are taught from birth to hate America goes on and on.

Most people realize in the wake of the attacks on 9-11, the Boston Marathon, San Bernardino, Orlando, Paris, Nice, Brussels, etc. there is a need to change from haphazard border control systems, to an extreme vetting system where safety comes first. This is not as easy said as done……but it would appear that the changes planned by Trump are going to make it more difficult for those who wish to be on site when the Death to America parades and other such “celebrations” begin in Tehran next November.


It was just a "mistake"

© 2016 Jim Spence - You have to give credit to a brave man like Bernard Goldberg. The former seven-time Emmy winning CBS News correspondent saw it, he finally rejected it when he was not able to take it any longer, and then he wrote a book about it. It was sixteen years ago that Goldberg’s expose on the mainstream media was published. The book I am referring to is, Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distorts the News.
In this groundbreaking piece, Goldberg doesn’t just explain how the media intentionally damages Republicans and props up Democrats, he tells us who does it.
Goldberg’s background is extraordinary. As late as 1996, Goldberg had never voted for a Republican for president in his entire life. Still it is his book that has become famous for providing deep and embarrassing details on the arrogance, the coloring of stories, the elitism, the hypocrisy, the cowardice, and the astonishing double standards that are employed by the broadcast networks.
Goldberg was somewhat charitable in his description of journalists at the networks. He said reporters, anchors, and producers don’t actually engage in, planning strategies on how they are going to slant the news in favor of Democrats. Instead, he suggested that the slanting is something that comes naturally because of, "how they see the world." Goldberg says the networks simply don't feel that big government socialist viewpoints are partisan. Instead they see them as “reasonable views,” that are shared by all the reasonable people all of the media elites mingle with every day. It is a monolithic culture.
Republicans have complained about media bias for decades and gradually with the development of the internet and the emergence of Fox News there has been an effective counter attack. Still, people like George H.W. Bush in 1992, Bob Dole in 1996, John McCain in 2008, and Mitt Romney in 2012 just sort of took what was being dished out by the media like a beating that was due from a neighborhood bully. Nothing can be done. Just try to stay on their good side was the response.
Um.......In case you haven’t noticed, Donald Trump is not taking his scheduled beatings like all the others. Instead, Trump has called the very same biased media that Goldberg exposed in his book, “the opposition party,” which is of course exactly what it is.
Is this just Trump exaggerating again? Consider what happened the day of the Trump inauguration. A Time magazine reporter, Zeke Miller, a man who is right out of the same mold that mixes arrogance, elitism, hypocrisy, and cowardice in the mainstream media, falsely reported that the famous bust of Martin Luther King Jr. had been promptly removed from the Oval Office as soon as Trump took the oath of office.
Here is the mindset. Trump is a racist who hates Dr. King. This has been the unmistakable inference made daily by the mainstream media. No wonder the media outlets immediately trumpeted the Miller story to support their narrative. The story was quickly out there for all Americans to read.
It was not long before Time realized that the story was completely bogus. It was a “mistake,” Time said as the magazine issued an “apology” to the White House. You see, explained Miller, “The bust was obscured by an agent and a door.”
Oh really? It was obscured. It was just an innocent mistake huh?
Time also had this to add to the sordid fake news report, “No news organization ever wants to make an error, but we all have procedures for handling them when we do,” referring to their apology.
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer accused Miller of “deliberately false reporting” about Trump’s first day as president. And since then Trump has pounded away even harder at how dishonest the media is in general and Time in particular. Trump is simply echoing the sentiments of Bernard Goldberg, who told us all what was going on sixteen years ago.
If you have not read Goldberg’s book you should read it. If you already have read it, an understanding of how the mind of a partisan Democrat journalist mind works is already at hand. This mindset begins with a deeply held false notion that Trump is a racist. Influenced completely by this false notion, there is a suspicion that as soon as Trump takes office, he will take all sorts of actions that are reflective of his racism. What Time attempts to describe as an innocent mistake, actually fits perfectly with the indisputable fact that the mainstream media (except for Fox) acts as a propaganda ministry for the Democratic Party. 
Predictably, Time magazine has become indignant as the withering attacks on its dishonesty just keep coming. Time thinks because this was simply a mistake for which it has already apologized, this story should go away.
Sorry, not good enough. It was not a mistake. Pre-disposed to cast Trump as a racist is the narrative Miller and most of his mainstream colleagues embrace every day. Miller was looking for something newsworthy to fit his preconceived notions. He found a story despite the fact that there was actually merely a “door and an agent” covering up the MLK bust that he quickly became sure had disappeared ........due to Trump’s racist philosophy.

It is actually quite enjoyable to watch Trump brand this herd of cattle-like reporters as if they were recently castrated steers that belong to the Bias Ranch. As of now, the biased journalist pool might not be minus their proverbial testicles. However, as time passes and Trump hits back repeatedly, it might just take a change of culture in journalism or a good running iron to alter what is becoming the media "brand" that is clear for all with open eyes to see.


No evidence of voter fraud

© 2016 Jim Spence - We rented a hotel room recently while travelling to Phoenix. When we showed up, the hotel clerk asked for my I.D. I bought some fishing supplies last month. The store clerk asked for my I.D. I flew to Portland for Christmas. The person who checked my bags asked for my I.D. There can be only one explanation for why each of these businesses wanted to make sure of my identity. The people managing the hotel chain, the sporting goods store chain, and the airlines are a bunch of no good stinking racists.
It gets worse. I ate at a restaurant the other day. When I paid with a credit card they asked for my I.D. Damn racists. There is racism everywhere. I rented a car in Baltimore last year. There were racists running the car rental company there too.
OK enough with the sarcasm. It does sound plain stupid to make these racist charges. However this is the absurd argument that Democrats make to fight the passage of voter I.D. laws. While Democrats have the gall to claim requiring an I.D. to vote is racist, there are no monumental battles by Democrats to end all I.D. requirements, which are a part of our everyday lives. Apparently it is only the racism associated with voter I.D.’s that is worthy of a fight. And in their next breath, Democrats will look us right in the eye and insist there is “no evidence” of voter fraud.
Sorry folks, there is evidence of voter fraud everywhere. Two books are recommended reading on the subject: Who's Counting: How fraudsters and bureaucrats put your vote at risk, and Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy.
If you don’t have the time to read these books and delve deeply into all of the ways Democrats cheat on elections, consider watching a series of videos that show how easy it is to commit voter fraud and how comfortable some Democrats are with cheating.
How easy is it to cheat? Watch a one minute and eighteen second video HERE of a man obtaining former Attorney General Eric Holder’s ballot. The investigative reporter asked the election official, “Do you have an Eric Holder?” Not only did the Attorney General’s ballot get offered to the undercover journalist, he was told emphatically by the election worker that his ID was not necessary in order to vote the U.S. Attorney General’s ballot.
While this short clip is amusing, it does not show how widespread fraud can occur. For the evidence of how cheating is widespread, stay on the same website, and watch Democrats getting caught red handed conspiring to commit widespread voter fraud. This cheater is Pat Moran. Moran is the son of Democrat Virginia Congressman James Moran. He worked in his father’s campaign. In the video, Moran provides details on how to circumvent voter ID laws. When the undercover reporter told the Democrat he wanted to fraudulently vote for approximately 100 strangers, Moran suggested the reporter create forged utility bills in the names of the registered voters. Outrageously, Moran assured the reporter that Democratic Party lawyers would defend him if he were caught.
The evidence of voter fraud goes on and on. Reporters were able to obtain absentee ballots on behalf of fictional people in Minnesota. The names used to obtain the ballots were those of famous NFL quarterbacks. Undercover reporters obtained ballots for dead people without having to show ID’s in New Hampshire.
When Democratic Governor John Lynch of New Hampshire was confronted with the evidence of voter fraud in his state, he decided to attack the undercover reporters instead of the criminals. Lynch called for them to be prosecuted and attempted to issue a criminal subpoena. Democrats like Lynch and many, many, others know exactly what they are doing and they better hope there is no concerted effort to reveal the truth. 
Let’s get real here. When you look at Democratic Party margins of victory and turnout statistics in the inner cities, you know where the cheating is going on. In New Mexico it also goes on in the Democrat's rural strongholds. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that candidates who get almost 100% of the votes in precincts with virtually 100% turnout or more, are the places where massive fraud is taking place.
The plain truth is simple. Democrats have a vested interest in keeping our electoral system free of voter I.D. requirements so that they can continue to benefit from massive voter fraud. The holes in the integrity of our election system are large enough to drive bulldozers through and Democrats are driving bulldozers through them. Amazingly they are losing in most places anyway.

Anybody can claim there is no evidence. Trial lawyers convinced twelve Democrats on the O.J. Simpson jury to acquit him. They convinced the jurors that there was not enough "evidence." Unfortunately O.J. is still a killer and Democrats are still keeping it easy to commit voter fraud.


Want some pre-natal care? Read here

© 2016 Jim Spence - One of the things one can learn about Democrats pretty early on is they don’t like to admit they act in their own self interests. They "accuse" others of doing so, which is silly, but they deny it when others suggest they do the same. Denial.
Engaging the progressive Democrats on the history of the country can be enlightening. When they are asked if John D. Rockefeller served his own interests or the public’s interest while building his Standard Oil empire, the answer is always the same. Democrats will say he acted in his own selfish interests. No doubt Rockefeller was motivated by his own interests. However, Rockefeller gifted the vast majority of his enormous estate to charities and actually worked tirelessly to make sure his gifting methods were effective. History records that mankind has benefited enormously from the foundation that still bears his name. In serving his customers well, Rockefeller was acting in his own interests. And since society received the vast majority of his wealth, he was acting in the public’s interest by acting in his own interests. This happens repeatedly but it is a tough concept to get through the thick skulls of most anti-business types (Democrats) who insist on holding deeply prejudiced preconceived notions of what selfishness is all about…….. notions that are dead wrong. We all suffer because of  this mental block by most Democrats.
Another thing I have learned is that progressives believe they are morally superior. And they will do and say things to prove it including lying shamelessly. Planned Parenthood is the best example. This organization slurps at the public trough to the tune of around $500 million per year. Many members in the GOP have targeted Planned Parenthood to be denied access to public funds because they provide abortions.
Let me just say that I am not personally willing to march in the Pro Life protests. It is understandable how reasonable people could disagree anytime anyone makes a blanket statement regarding abortion
This being said, Planned Parenthood is run by a pack of remorseless liars. If you listen to Cecile Richards, who runs PP, when she makes her case for taxpayer dollars going to Planned Parenthood, she will make all sorts of false claims about providing pregnancy care for women and their babies. It isn’t all about abortion according to Richards. Planned Parenthood provides pre-natal care and all sorts of services for women who are pregnant, she says. These claims are horrific lies. In a massive investigation of Planned Parenthood facilities representatives of Live Action contacted ninety-seven Planned Parenthood clinics. Ninety two admitted that prenatal care and other services were services they did NOT offer. Read that last sentence again.
The bottom line on Planned Parenthood is that Cecile Richards does not want taxpayers to know that if women call or visit PP and want to keep their babies, Planned Parenthood has no interest in serving those women whatsoever. However, if these same women want to kill their unborn children, Planned Parenthood will help them kill them.
Planned Parenthood knows exactly what it is doing. PP is in the baby killing business. But being in the baby killing business simply won’t sell. To tap into the easy money in Washington courtesy of Democrats, Ms. Richards has to cast herself as the protector of the unborn in need of pre-natal care. She knows she has to pretend she and her supporters are morally superior and that those who might de-fund Planned Parenthood are trying to DENY pre-natal care to women who need it.
Not only does PP NOT provide pre-natal care to the needy, they don’t provide it period.....in 92 of 97 clinics that were called on. That looks like a pattern. In fact, of the five clinics that said they would provide pre-natal assistance, two merely offered a referral to someplace else to provide the pre-natal care. So three of ninety-seven PP clinics sampled offered pre-natal care. The rest? Nope.
This is classic progressive Democrat strategy to an extreme. What Democrats normally do is hide behind some sort of moral posture, while supporting policies that don’t work. This is much different. With Planned Parenthood they lie about providing pre-natal care to disguise the fact that they are in the baby killing and baby body parts business.
Here's an update that is not reported by the propaganda ministries run by Democrats (the mainstream media). Those investigators who were sued for exposing how Planned Parenthood sells dead baby organs for profits, saw those lawsuits dropped by the baby killers. Apparently it was clear the evidence that would come out in court would disgrace them.
Nice. Real nice. Want to fund PP? If you do please don't lecture me about Nazi Germany.


The dictatorship precedent

© 2016 Jim Spence - How do you know if you are merely being governed, which is essential to a civilized society, or living under a dictatorship? This can be a tricky question sometimes. Of course it is easy to differentiate if the example is Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, or North Korea. There are no checks and balances in these countries.
It wouldn’t be easy to tell if if the U.S. lives under a dictatorship if you watched MSNBC last week during the inaugural. It seems that at least two references to Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler came from the likes of Rachel Maddow and Chris Mathews during the coverage. In the case of Matthews, who once said the election of Barack Obama gave him a thrill up his leg, it is probably safe to assume that the Hitler reference regarding Trump means Mathews does not like Trump as much as he liked Obama. Of course all Hitler references are an insult to Jewish people everywhere. It is more than a quantum leap to go from, “I am a Democrat so I really don’t like Trump,” to Auschwitz, Krakow, and the Final Solution. Still MSNBC, a division of the NBC News propaganda ministry, aired comments like this during the peaceful transfer of power on the steps of the U.S. Capitol less than a week ago.
Perhaps the easiest way to actually tell if you are observing a dictator in action is to take a look at how government makes changes that directly affect your life. Dictators issue “decrees.” They sign documents that they authored with input from no elected officials, simply so their bureaucrats have specifics on how their orders are to be executed and enforced.
On the other hand, leaders who actually govern, make changes by working to get laws passed by legislators. The law passing process can be tedious because it not only involves winning elections, it also involves helping others who agree with you win elections.
Constitutions are supposed to be the people's rule book. In the case of the U.S. our constitution spells out how laws are to be passed. It also forbids the passage of laws that usurp basic constitutional rights. Dictators find constitutions to be particularly tedious.
In Washington this week Donald Trump is signing executive orders left and right (no pun intended). In doing so, Trump is making changes that directly affect our lives. Trade agreements are being terminated. A moratorium on new rules and regulations has been put in place. Even the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, has had some of the teeth removed from it by Trump’s executive orders.
How can Trump possibly start dictating like this Democrats ask in bewildered tones. The answer is pretty simple. He is following the startling precedent set by one, Barack Obama. Consider the last eight years of Obama governing by decree.
When some of the most fatal flaws of Obamacare became obvious, even to oblivious Democrats, Obama did not go back to Congress for corrective legislation. He simply changed the law by executive decree. Then he bragged about it. Obama made a unilateral decision that the mandates in the law, wouldn’t be enforced after the law became effective. Companies would call on the White House and walk away with waivers that like magic, exempted them from the law. The same was true for unions. When the law itself was challenged in the courts, penalties were re-characterized by Obama lawyers as "taxes" so the Supreme Court could find a way to rule the penalties as being constitutional. White House confidant Jonathan Gruber said it had to be done this way because of the stupidity of the American people.
Obama once declared defiantly that he had a phone and a pen. This meant there was no need for Congress or law passing. Whatever Obama wanted he simply decreed. Border laws would not be enforced according to his decrees. Entities not sympathetic to Democrats were intimidated via decrees made by the EPA. The IRS became a tool of the DNC to block Obama’s opposition from gaining 501-c-3 status, while the IRS fast tracked Obama support groups when they applied for the same status.
Eventually the forces of dictatorship via the use of executive orders collided with the judicial branch of our government. The list of Obama’s executive orders that were struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court is astonishing and unprecedented, though rarely reported on by the propaganda ministries.
According to Ilya Shapiro of the Federalist, the Obama administration’s lawyers went to the Supreme Court 175 times in eight years. Their win-loss record was a dismal 79-96. This is the kind of record that gets you fired if you are a head coach. By comparison, the Bush administration went 89-59, Bill Clinton went 148-87, and Ronald Reagan went 260-89.
Of course there is some gray area on the win-loss record. Some cases were draws. However, it is noteworthy that even the Obama appointees on the Supreme Court (Kagan and Sotomayor) were ruling against the Obama efforts to dictate regularly. In the most recently completed Supreme Court term, there were ten cases where Obama’s lawyers could not get one affirmative vote for their arguments. Again, we heard very little from the propaganda ministers on these repudiations of Obama's efforts to dictate.
The cases where Obama was humiliated at the Supreme Court ran across the entire constitutional spectrum. Obama lost on attempts to limit religious freedom. He lost on several cases where he supported unlawful searches and seizures. He lost his effort to destroy property rights via the EPA. He lost an attempt to compel state entities to not enforce immigration laws. He lost on a case where he wanted the Department of Agriculture to be allowed to confiscate crops without recourse.  He even lost on a case where he claimed he could make a recess appointment, even though the Senate had not declared a recess. Obama attempted to violate the constitution constantly and when the cases made their way to the Supreme Court, the justices bitch slapped him repeatedly.
You know you are living under a dictatorship, or living under a regime that would like to operate the government like a dictatorship, when the successor can make changes with the stroke of a pen and a phone and reverse course by 180 degrees on many policies without Congress.
No, Obama was not really a true dictator. He wasn’t a dictator because the system would not allow him to be one. And he left office peacefully. This being said, Obama did force his subjects, through his dictatorial efforts, to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on attorneys. You see, the U.S. courts don’t "automatically" defend citizens from despots. Lawyers must be hired to draw the judicial system’s attention to lawless decrees. When it is extremely expensive to beat back lawless oppression, this is a pseudo-dictatorship. This is the Obama precedent. Democrats are now going to find out what it is like to be on the receiving end of a pseudo-dictatorship.
Trump is now trying to undo tens of thousands of lawless decrees that were never been challenged in the courts.
Wanting to dictate is a slippery slope and makes elections matter even more.

Swickard: Automatic voter registration for everyone

© 2017 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.  One thing that drives some people in our country crazy is that about half of our citizens either do not vote in our elections or worse, are not by choice even registered. A new plan has emerged in several states to have everyone eighteen and older automatically registered to vote.
            Here is the reasoning: the states have computers that can hold lots of data so automatically registering anyone in the state would be easy to do. But would it be wise? I have been on record as saying that voter registration drives do not impress me since just being registered does not guarantee that people will vote.
            And if they do not care to vote I really would rather they not. Just pulling the lever so we could say more people voted does not help our country in any way.
            Perhaps what we need to do is show what happens when people do not vote. Certainly, some would point at President Trump. Relax, I voted for him or more truthfully, I voted against someone else.
            But people are moaning that they cannot understand how a man such as him could be elected president. Truthfully, he was elected by a weak candidate and the millions of people who stayed home or did not even register to vote.
            So, some people would like to make voter registration automatic. Every person of adult age would always be able to vote. The rub is that most who didn’t vote this time would not vote next time.
            Maybe there needs to be compulsory voting. You must vote in every election. It would be like having to serve in the jury pool. You know, I just thought of a great plan: why don’t we take all those people who don’t vote and vote for them.
            Everyone registered as a Democrat or Republican would be an automatic straight vote for that ticket if they, themselves, do not vote. It would be one hundred percent participation or look like it.
            An extension of that concept would be the concept of proxy. If registration is compulsory, then we citizens should be free to give a proxy for our vote to someone we trusted. They would listen to the debates and research the candidates carefully while we get to spend our time on our Fantasy Football League.
            Or, since the vote is our own, we could sell our vote. Someone who cares and gave us a hundred dollars would be welcome to our vote. Why not? Is it our vote or not? About half of our adult population has already announced by not registering to vote that they don’t give a John Wayne Mickey Mouse Darn about the elections. Let us citizens sell our vote to someone who does care and will pay for it.
            OK, so I am mostly kidding here but the notion of having automatic registration is for real. Let me mention some issues: the sticking point is not registration, rather it appears to be the notion that the will of each and every voter might be corrupted by voter fraud.
            Example: a television station in El Paso had a story about an effort to help residents in a senior care center vote in an election. The seniors were happy that this very nice woman came by their center and handled all of the paperwork.
            The camera recorded one old geezer who said he hadn't voted since that time he voted for Ike. The interviewer then asked him, “So if you do not mind telling us, who did you vote for today?”
            The man looked blank. “Gosh, I don’t know. The wonderful lady took care of that.”
            To me it seems likely the very nice lady was able to vote a couple hundred times for her own candidates because everyone was so focused on these geezers and geezerettes voting and they were not thinking about voting being an expression of choice.
            Quite a can of worms if we mandate registration and voting for all citizens. What is wrong with citizens having the freedom to not do it? Or not even being registered to vote? It is not a problem with me since to vote is to care.


The wrong "tone" huh?

© 2016 Jim Spence - My column the day before the inauguration made a simple statement. The time for talk is over and the time for action has come. It is show me time.
When I got home Friday, Kristi asked me if I had watched the inauguration at the office. “No, I had a lot of work to do," I replied. “Besides,” I added, “I have heard enough talk.”
We have seen all of this before folks. George W. Bush delivered a warm inaugural speech speech twice. The tone was very good, according to all of the pundits......even those who hated Bush.
Bush was among other things, going to shrink the size of government, and return more freedom to individual choice. Eight years later the government had ballooned in both size and scope. The old Community Reinvestment Act finally led to a major mortgage meltdown. And on the way out the door, the Bush solution to the financial crisis, to the delight of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, was to try some new government solution to a problem that was created by......... an old government solution.
Mr. Obama campaigned hard against the Bush years. He repeatedly called the national debt run up under Bush, behavior that was get this......"immoral." Obama struck lots of "great tones" over eight years. It would seem that great tones are very expensive.
Once in power, Obama's floating morality standards on debt creation shifted. He ran up more debt than all of his predecessors combined with no apologies or explanations. The Democrat’s propaganda ministers in the main stream media, the same people who railed at the rising debt under Bush, were mum as the national debt skyrocketed under Obama. The press never even mentioned the additional ten trillion dollars he borrowed as Obama headed to Palm Springs to continue a life of privilege that is paid for by others.
Don’t kid yourself. If someone hangs their hat near the Capitol Building, they will find a way to get comfortable with an ever more powerful and intrusive federal government. It is a contagious disease caught by more than 99% of everyone who gets elected and sent to Washington, not just all Democrats. Trump was surrounded by hundreds of these types in both parties as he took the oath of office yesterday.
The transcript of the Trump speech was an interesting read. Trump spared nobody in his short, sharp, inaugural address. The speech was merciful only in that it was brief. There was no compromise in the speech. While some may want to pretend inner cities are not cesspools, most of us know they are. There were no olive branches offered. It would have been hard for Trump to give olive branches to both Democrats and Republicans at the same time. The speech was directed at those waiting for the same sort of soft platitudes that have been heard from that same podium by all of his predecessors. It didn't happen. Nothing has changed with Trump. What you see is what you get.
It was heartening that Trump put both the GOP and the Democrats on notice that the same old crap isn’t going to cut it on his watch. My feeling of being heartened was also confirmed when the wordsmiths on the left, who have loved being lied to by Obama for the last eight years, claimed they heard echoes of Hitler yesterday from Trump. According to Democrats, all socialism haters are kind of like Hitler. Ironically, Hitler was a socialist too. But I digress.
It was exceedingly comical to hear the Nazi charges levied against Trump while his Jewish daughter and her Jewish husband were standing with him on his big day. I think the Jewish grandchildren were being cared for by babysitters. I am not sure if the baby sitters were Jewish or not. They were just caring for Hitler's Jewish grand kids.....the children he adores. It's as if the left thinks the Hitler accusation can go right along with, "I didn't vote for you even if I have friends and family members who did."
I was also glad to read where many "conservative" pundits hated the Trump speech. No doubt they felt some of the searing heat directed towards their own tendencies to always apologize for abject failures if those failures are GOP. It seems that wordsmiths like Bill Kristol wanted a different “tone.”
Sorry Billy, I for one, have heard all of the "right tones" I can stand. Tone is cheap. Tone is irrelevant. Well over 70% of the nation thinks this nation has been going in the wrong direction for quite some time.....with all the right tones being struck at inaugural addresses. Obama did not change the negative trends, he exacerbated them with really pleasant tones.
We are told that Washington is designed to go slowly. We are told that a change of course in Washington is like getting an ocean liner to change course. It takes a lot of time. Sorry folks. Time is up. This is probably our last shot at fixing this country. It looks like we are going to have to fix it with a different and much less pleasant "tone."
Does anyone think Trump didn’t have better things to do with the balance of his life then move at a snail's pace in Washington because of tradition and tone? Think again. He has been sent to Washington by an overwhelmingly large majority of the states in our nation to bitch slap some common sense into both Republicans and Democrats. If the GOP knows what it is good for them they will move fast. But don't bet your life on that.
So what about next week? Trump is president now. Each day we can expect the same old power structures to try to play the same old games. The Democrats will continue to lash out because the U.S. march towards lower living standards and bigger government is pausing. Many of the GOP members of Congress are quietly thinking about reneging on their campaign pledges......because they think being timid might be the safest thing they can do as incumbents. Talking big and doing very little has always worked before. How will the GOP Congress renege? Suddenly what was simple in their campaigns will be characterized as "complicated."
No wonder nobody likes Trump. He is not awestruck to be in Washington.
There’s a funny thing about the fact that nobody likes Trump. People who have been paying the bills in the country realize if we keep sending people to Washington simply because we like them, anarchy is right around the corner.
Give me the wrong tone. I'll take the chance.

It is show me time

© 2016 Jim Spence - It’s worse now. Yes, we have always had a partisan and biased media during my lifetime, but in 2017 the hatred for the Trumps and their cabinet nominees is off the charts. It only takes a glance to see the stark difference in the way the Obamas have been treated versus the incoming first family. The contrast is truly like night and day. Anyone who thinks any dress designer could have gotten away with telling Michelle Obama he or she was not going to provide dress design services for her would have been nailed to a cross and burned by sundown. Apparently the mandatory providing of services argument only applies to cake bakers and gay weddings, not new first ladies. Yes we have always had dissent, but it has always come from shameless slugs like Elizabeth Warren, not news anchors and fashion designers.

It has been amazing to watch the Democrats rake Trump’s new education secretary nominee Betsy De Vos over the coals this week. Obviously Democrats will fight against the idea of offering parents “choice” on schools to the death. It seems that the only choice that Democrats will fight for is the choice to terminate a life. Having a choice on how to educate a life seems completely unreasonable to them.

I have spoken several times in this space about a law on the books in Democrat-run Illinois. This law, 40 ILCS 5/1-109(4) in the Illinois pension code, bars my firm from managing public funds for the state because I am white, male, and not handicapped. I have been asked many times why I don’t fight the law in court, since it is clear that the law is unconstitutional. Let’s call it the Jim Crow Spence law for fun since it discriminates specifically on race and gender. The reason why I don’t fight the law in court is because I don’t have the time or the desire to make lawyers rich and me poor. It is a good guess that if I wasn't barred from doing business with the state of Illinois by statute, the decision makers there could find another reason.

The essence of what the Democrats have been doing to all business people in America for decades now is to pass laws, or as Obama has done since he can’t get the votes to pass laws, write executive orders that require colossal wastes of resources by businesses. Fighting these laws, rules, and regulations takes time and money, which brings me to the point of this column. There are millions of small business people watching and hoping that Trump will do everything in his power to take the steps necessary to reduce the amount time and money we waste doing a bunch of stupid things that have been mandated by Democrats. I’ll be candid. There are real limits on our hopes.

Unlike the millions of left wing stooges who spend their seemingly worthless time marching and protesting everything they don’t like, small business people have to grind it out every day. It takes time to provide services and comply with all the rules and regulations that only apply to business owners. Accordingly, we are simply not going to have the time to help Trump much. Instead, we just have to hope he will get things done. This is daunting.

Having watched both Democrats and Republicans operate in Congress for decades, I can tell you that guts are in short supply in the GOP too. Knowing that a big key to Trump’s ability to make America more productive again lies with the talents and willingness of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, I’d be lying if I said I was confident that these two men can corral and lead all of the bloated egos. Ryan and McConnell are dealing with hundreds of people, themselves included, who have been plagued with an excessive sense of self-importance for too long.

The bottom line is we business people, who have been under assault by the Democrats for a long time, while getting little help from the GOP, are going to have to simply see what happens starting tomorrow. If it does not go very well, don’t expect us to drop what we are doing and head off to Washington to march. There are just too many important things for us to do each day………things that put bread on the table for both Democrats and Republicans.

It is time to forget all of the little battles and the wars of words between Trump and everyone who hates him, it is show me time for Trump.


Some hero

© 2016 Jim Spence - Watching more than a few naive Americans rush to the defense of U.S. Rep. John Lewis, (D-Ga.), after he said he didn’t see Donald Trump as a “legitimate president,” is pretty amusing.

I've followed Lewis for many years. Lewis has spent most of his adult life hiding behind the fact that a higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats supported the landmark legislation he fought for when he was young……the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Lewis has been working a fifty year plus con. He would have us believe the GOP had nothing to do with passing Civil Rights legislation when they had in fact, everything to do with it getting passed.

In the world of John Lewis, everyone who realizes socialism does not work is a racist. So low and behold, last week Lewis announced that he is boycotting Donald Trump’s inaugural. What a shock! Unless you recall that Lewis also boycotted George W. Bush’s inaugural.

A look at the Lewis career suggests he is more flexible with the re-writing of American history than an Olympic gymnast is on the floor exercise. When Barack Obama authorized the National Security Agency to conduct wiretaps without a warrant a few years ago, Lewis was silent. However, a few years before that, when Bush did the same, Lewis considered it an impeachable offense. No sign of a hero here.....just the unmistakable signs of a hypocrite.

In the 2008 presidential election, Lewis accused Republican John McCain of being the reincarnation of George Wallace. In 2012, Lewis also called Mitt Romney, "a racist who would return America to segregation." Forget the absurd charge of racism against Romney, since Lewis makes those charges with almost every breath he draws.  Lewis conveniently forgets, because he wants his constituents to also forget, that George Wallace was a member of the Democratic Party, not a Republican.

Consider the whopper of a lie Lewis told a few years ago as he approached the Capitol to vote for the passage of Obamacare. Lewis actually claimed that a bunch of racist demonstrators shouted the “N-word” at him repeatedly. Unfortunately for Lewis, there were hundreds of cell phones and video cameras running at the time of his approach. No such shouts were recorded. It was simply Lewis using the Lewis tool of choice. In the Lewis world of self-delusion, he is a pillar of virtue, and everyone who knows socialism won't work are racists who go around shouting racial slurs at him, even if they aren't and don't.

The truth is Lewis has been milking his connection to Martin Luther King for most of his adult life. Like so many others in the Congressional Black Caucus, Lewis always ignores the glaring facts that plague the people in his own district. Here are a few basic facts on crime that won't be solved by the Lewis boycotts of all GOP inaugurations:
The FBI reported that the total number of U.S. homicides in 2015 was 15,696. It is stunning that blacks were about 52 percent of all homicide victims, since blacks make up just 12% of the total U.S. population. In more than 90% of these killings, the perpetrator was another black person. Simply put, four times as many black people are killing other black people in the U.S. when allowing mathematically, for the size of the black population in the U.S. versus all other ethnic groups.

Lewis would also have us all believe that black deaths at the hands of police, is the problem. The numbers say he is lying. In 2015, police across the nation did shoot and kill 986 people. Of those cop shootings, 495 bullet recipients were white (50%), 258 were black (26 percent), and 172 were Hispanic (17 percent). But Lewis never refers to the basic science behind U.S. crime data. In a study of 2,699 fatal police killings between 2013 and 2015, conducted by John R. Lott Jr. and Carlisle E. Moody of the Crime Prevention Research Center, the inescapable conclusion was that the odds of a black suspect's being killed by a black police officer were consistently greater than a black suspect's getting killed by a white officer. In short, there is no correlation between the color of the cop's skin and blacks being shot by cops. Lewis prefers to parrot the narrative that the problem is white racist cops shooting innocent black victims, rather than admitting the truth about the crime culture that is destroying inner cities in general, and black communities in particular.

Sadly, not only are blacks committing a disproportionate number of crimes, blacks are disproportionately represented as victims of crime. This travesty is true in virtually every category of violent crime including rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.
Walter Williams
According to professors Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell, black communities were not crime infested until after the Civil Rights battles were won. In the 1930's, '40's and '50's, crime was not a major problem in black communities. Instead, the crime rates mirrored those in all other communities. The great irony of the plight of the black communities is that the race baiting rhetoric of people like John Lewis, in the post 1964 era, have destroyed basic safety in the black communities.

After the Civil Rights movement won the fight in 1964, people like John Lewis needed a new fight. They decided to blame poverty on racial discrimination. They did so despite the fact that millions of people of all races toiled in poverty. Sadly, with the help of academic liberals, Lewis and his ilk have preached the black victim dogma to this very day. This poorly thought out decision became a turning point for the worse for many living in black communities.

Instead of doing real problem solving, Lewis has used racism as his ruse. As such, violent crime rates have skyrocketed in his own Congressional district.

It is a great irony that there was far less crime in black neighborhoods at a time when there actually was far greater poverty and overt discrimination against black people. The data is very clear on this point. There are no links between white racism and crime in black communities.......none whatsoever. It is the kind of race baiting that Lewis engages in regularly, along with the corrosive big government socialism policies he reveres, that are areas where the links to crime are.

If Lewis truly cared about the poor people in his Congressional district, he would realize that his constituents are very dependent on law and order not harmed by it. High crime and social disorder rates are what is plaguing the Lewis district, not racism.

One of my heroes, Walter Williams, knows what a total phony and a fake John Lewis has become. Williams said this in a recent column: “Ultimately, the solution to high crime rests with black people. Given the current political environment, it doesn't pay a black or white politician to take those steps necessary to crack down on lawlessness in black communities.”

In other words, allowing crime to fester pays if you are a Democrat. How sad.

Consider how the propaganda ministries (mainstream media) allows John Lewis to continue to con the American public. Instead of reporting his failures since the mid-1960's, the press announces that it is somehow newsworthy that Lewis has decided that Trump's win was not legitimate. When Trump fires back at Lewis about crime, stooges from every propaganda ministry in the nation rush to the Lewis defense.

Here is the sad fact on John Lewis. Lewis was definitely a hero many decades ago. But he sold his soul to the devil of socialism.

Since that legislative victory in 1964, when the GOP broke a Democrat filibuster in the Senate, the Lewis career has been a travesty built on lies. Accordingly, Lewis is no longer a national hero. He has morphed into just another shameless political hack who has fostered in an era of crime infestation in his own district, while playing the race card to get re-elected.

Thank God for real heroes like Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell. You know Williams and Sowell are real heroes because they get ignored by the propaganda ministers in the mainstream media who prefer to fawn all over a con artist like John Lewis.

Swickard: Saving the poo-poo head generation

© 2017 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.  “Drive carefully! Remember, it’s not only a car that can be recalled by its maker.” Anonymous
            We need self-driving cars and we need them now. A generation of our kids are set to die and they may take a bunch of us geezers and geezerettes with them. I am not kidding. We need self-driving cars.
            Why? A whole generation of our kids are driving and texting constantly. Yes, I know it is against the law and so do they. But they are addicted to texting and cannot stop.
            Example: If you are at a stop light, several cars do not move when the light turns green. The drivers are engrossed in their online texting conversations: “You a poo-poo head. No, you a poo-poo head. He’s a poo-poo head. She’s a poo-poo head. I hate you poo-poo heads.
            On and on it goes with them happily flaming each other and then being enraged by the flame backs. Meanwhile, I am listening to a nice song on the radio and waiting for them to come back to driving which may take a light or two depending on how many people they are calling poo-poo heads.
            Gee Michael, why don’t you engage your horn? I was born in New Mexico and have spent much of my time in a ranching environment. We blow our horns to warn of danger and not otherwise. I don’t blow my horn to wave, chide someone or to announce I am in the driveway waiting. I just do not do it.
            So I sit peacefully until they come back to consciousness in their car. Often, they look up and see that the light has turned green so they drive through the yellow light or even the red. After getting through the intersection they glance down to see someone has called them a poo-poo head so they text while driving.
            By golly, that behavior is dangerous. And if you want to write the word “Stupid” on your forehead you can spend some time telling them that they should not text and drive. They will do until death, which is closer to them than if they are in a war zone.
            This is why I want self-driving cars and I want them now. It is the only thing that will save our youth. They could spend the whole trip like they spend the rest of their time: you a poo-poo head. No, you a poo-poo head. All these current people know how to do is to flame. You cannot have a conversation with them because all they know is to flame people.
            I am not kidding. Every day there are more tragic deaths because texting and smart phones are an addiction. It’s amazing to watch a young person if my smart phone rings and I don’t answer it. First they start sweating. Then they get restless leg syndrome. They can’t stand that I am ignoring a call or text. When I get where I’m going I’ll check it but not before.
            If we put the vast resources of our great country into having self-driving cars it will take a bit of trust that the technology really works. But I see problems for the youngsters. First, it will be programmed to go the speed limit and no more. Many youngsters have never gone the speed limit. It will be a shock to them.
            Next, it will be hard to do scummy stuff like road rage. The self-driving cars will ignore the command to cut someone off or menace a car. The rage-addicted drivers will need sedation because the programming will not allow those behaviors.
            But now we can go down the road eating nachos and drinking an adult beverage if we so desire. I don’t know anyone who can drive and eat corn-on-the-cob. It takes two hands and then some. The programming could even enforce seatbelt laws. Wow, think of how safe we will all be.
            Me, I would prefer to drive myself since I have driven for fifty years without an accident or ticket. Partially, it is because I am a calm driver and part just luck. But my luck would increase if we put those texters into self-driving cars.


Forty years of NMSU athletics in review

© 2016 Jim Spence - My guess is the population in Dona Ana County has tripled since Kristi and I arrived here forty years ago. We attended nearly every Aggie basketball game for many years. The Aggies played top 25 teams in the Pan Am Center quite often. When ranked teams like Wichita State, Indiana State, UNLV, or our rivals UNM or UTEP came to Las Cruces, there were almost always 12,000 or more in the seats for those games. Considering how much smaller Las Cruces was 30 or 40 years ago, it seemed like everyone went to the games. Even when lesser teams came to town there would still be 8,000-9,000 in attendance.
Sometime around the late 1980’s the leadership culture at NMSU began to deteriorate. Several woefully unmotivated people secured positions of authority at NMSU. Anytime this happens, the problem lies at the top of an organization. By the mid to late 1980's the NMSU Board of Regents fell under the control of people who were less interested in excellence than in other more poorly disguised agendas. Institutionally speaking, NMSU lost sight of the fact that the Aggie basketball program must compete continuously for entertainment dollars and the customers cannot be taken for granted. 
With a weak Board of Regents prevailing, we began to see rapid turnover of NMSU presidents. Fans also witnessed the hiring and retention of a terribly weak athletic director in Al Gonzalez. You could see the beginning of a train wreck as Gonzalez began to blame everyone else for failures that were obviously his. Occasionally, observant people in the community warned through letters to the editor etc. of the obvious damage being done to NMSU athletics by poor leadership. The warnings fell on deaf ears. 
A reputation for bad service is hard to erase. Sadly, the NMSU bureaucracy gradually shirked more and more its basic customer service and satisfaction responsibilities. As laziness and sloth set in, the results were predictable. Customers defected. The number of fans who refused to hand over their hard-earned money to an institution that was no longer committed to the overall quality of the customer’s experience gradually grew.
Image result for pan american center
The Pan American Center
Of course there were some successes along the way. Coaches like Neil McCarthy and Lou Henson were able to overcome poor institutional leadership and win anyway. However in the end, the heavy weight of incompetence of presidents like Michael Orenduff and Barbara Couture, in conjunction with unmotivated athletic directors like Al Gonzalez and McKinley Boston were just too much for our teams to overcome. Financial strife becoming a way of life in the Fulton Center, is the unmistakable symptom of decades of failed leadership at the top.
We were not very deep into the disastrous McKinley Boston era at NMSU, before the most ominous challenges yet confronted NMSU athletics. The well-managed athletic departments in the WAC Conference began to seek and find stronger conference affiliations, while NMSU’s competitive position continued to deteriorate even more rapidly. While Dr. Boston went through the proverbial motions, NMSU athletics burned.
By the time Garrey Carruthers took command as president of NMSU in 2013, he inherited an athletics department disaster. Despite on court successes under Marvin Menzies, NMSU basketball attendance had slowed to a trickle where it remains to this day.
Eventually, the hapless McKinley Boston was finally vanquished by Garrey Carruthers, but the damage had already been done. Current athletic director Mario Moccia was brought in to try to clean up the decades old mess and establish improvement momentum. Moccia is most certainly a talented and high energy individual. However, there are simply too many other departments at NMSU being run by unmotivated career bureaucrats, that have controlled and continue to control the destiny of NMSU athletics. These archaic bureaucratic structures continuously disrupt Moccia’s efforts to compete in a customer service and customer satisfaction-driven endeavor. As a result, the progress Moccia can reasonably be expected to achieve should be measured in inches instead of miles. The examples of all the absurd handcuffs on Moccia’s authority to be responsive to his customer's basic needs are simply too numerous to mention here.
There have been recent bright spots at NMSU. The Aggies beat a strong Lobo team in football this fall and the hiring of basketball coach Paul Weir in the off season was a bold stroke. Weir’s Aggie basketball team has now reeled off fourteen consecutive victories and the program is attracting national attention for the first time in many years. Sadly, the attendance at NMSU basketball games does not reflect the tremendous success the NMSU basketball team has had this season.
Clearly there is much more to being able to run a financially viable athletic department than simply winning. Only a true revolution in thinking regarding the chain of command can reverse the trends at NMSU. A decisive commitment to radically streamline the structure of responsibilities for customer service is in order. NMSU must put authority for decisions affecting athletics into the hands of people who will pay a steep personal price for providing poor service. There is no other way out and time is short.


Finally, some social justice

© 2016 Jim Spence - A couple of days after the election I wrote a column about the outcome. In it I asserted the claim that Trump made what should have been an easy win look difficult. There is an exhaustive study of the 2016 election results published on National Review this week that you can read here. The data confirms the assertions I made in November. Hillary was a terrible candidate and Trump actually under-performed thanks to his own inherent weaknesses.

Let's set aside the fact that Americans wanted CHANGE. It is now clear that Trump represents multiple revolutions within American society. Accordingly, the post-election media coverage of Trump has not been negative, it has been hysterical. The hysterics continue daily and it is obvious that prominent Democrats are continuing to collaborate behind the scenes with virtually every major news outlet except Fox. Their collaborative goal is to shape a well-coordinated assault on Trump. It is happening every day, hour by hour.

The media’s approach to “reporting” on Donald Trump has been absurd for 20 months. One had to wonder why he garnered so much attention from the moment he announced his candidacy. After years of watching the news media operate, one begins to understand that we Americans are exposed to political propaganda every day.....non-stop. We are being manipulated. It was pretty obvious that the incumbent Democrats and their nominee Hillary Clinton wanted to run against Trump all along. And with the help of the media they control, Democrats got what they wished for. Now Democrats are clearly wishing they hadn’t wished for a chance to run against Trump.

In a sense Trump is a creation of the media. However, because Trump understands the media and the American public, he uses the Democrat-controlled media's own tactics against them. Trump’s press conference on Wednesday provides a case study in how different Trump is when compared to the typical Republican. Trump’s push back at the press conference was startling. And the enormous shove he gave was directed at CNN. CNN reporter Jim Acosta was bitch slapped by Trump. Ironically, it was CNN that provided perhaps the most free publicity to candidate Trump in helping defeat his GOP rivals.

A closer look at how we have been manipulated......lately.......seems in order.

In the immediate aftermath of the election, the Democrats trotted out a series of lame excuses for their losses. None of the excuses involved even a hint of introspection. And not one of the excuses stuck despite all of the blow horns in the Democrat camp working at major media outlets. Still the coordination, with the media doing the dirty work for Democrats, continues to be relentless. Let's look at the last two months.

First, Democrats blamed racists for their losses, with the media producing dubious snippets to support the bogus claim. Next, Democrats blamed sexists, with the media employing the same tactics. Then it was on to a claim that anti-immigrants and Islamophobes tipped the results for Trump. The Democrats even tried to blame anti-Semitic sentiments for a day or so, until they discovered Trump's daughter Ivanka and her children are Jewish, and Trump approves of their Jewishness. Next the Electoral College became to boogieman. The Democrat media fired off blame charges at every group except their candidate and her hapless campaign, but nothing worked. Absurdly, the Democrats even organized the Green Party vote recounts, only to see those vote recounts begin to reveal disturbing patterns of voter fraud in inner cities like Detroit. Of course these voter fraud stories were buried by the media.

Eventually, a few weeks ago there seems to have been a collective decision by Democrats to blame the Russians and computer hackers for their losses. The Democrats and the Democrat-controlled media is sticking with this outrageous narrative. The Russians “hacked” our election, is now the catch phrase that is repeated hundreds of times each day. And in what is perhaps the most asinine display of distortion and outright lies in American history, Democrats have decided to designate Vladimir Putin as the boogieman who destroyed Hillary and made Donald Trump his puppet.

Democrats have been accomplished liars for many decades. Of course Republicans lie too....and yes, they lie often. But the GOP is simply not as well-armed nor as skillful when it comes to coordinated lying. Democrats seem to have a sixth sense about effective lying and of course they do have the support of their propaganda ministry. Democrats know that an effective lie that is distributed by the media must contain at least a grain or two of truth to seem plausible. And the Russian narrative Democrats are sticking with does contain some truth. The Russians are well-known for hacking and.....Hillary sure as hell did lose the election. Other than that, this latest charade is an exercise in deceit that is so absurd it leaves reasonable people shaking their heads.

To execute this Russian lie, Democrats have had to morph. Suddenly the intelligence community, a community Democrats have never hesitated to trash (can you say fake intelligence on WMD’s that tricked all the Democrats on Iraq), has suddenly become a pillar of truth to be defended by the Dems against scurrilous assaults by anti-intelligence agency Republicans.

Here is the truth. Democrats are not defending the CIA. What they are actually defending are unattributed leaks that are being choreographed by........Democrats. What you see playing out are Joseph McCarthy-like tactics. This stuff is circa 1950's.

There is nothing dirtier than politics. And there is nothing filthier than complicit propaganda ministries in dictatorships that are disguised as news media outlets. That the American news media supports the pack of lies related to the Russian hacking helps explain Donald Trump’s confrontation with CNN at the press conference this week. It was another remarkably aggressive repudiation of a stealth propaganda ministry in America. Unlike all of his GOP predecessors, Trump does not fear the media. He wades into gatherings of propaganda ministers with his rhetorical weapons drawn. Make no mistake, propaganda ministers are taken aback. They are not used to being confronted about their corruption. It is actually a riot to watch these Trump and news media gatherings play out. Trump is cuffing these clowns around.

The truth about what actually happened to the Democrats via "hacking" is comically simple. They got snagged by the crudest form of cyber chicanery. John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign manager, is a hapless fool. He is so stupid he clicked on a phishing email in 2016. Anyone with an email account for the last twenty years has received dozens of phishing emails. The dangers associated with clicking on suspicious emails has been known since shortly after the PC age began. Only an idiot like Podesta would click on a phishing email in this day and age. What happened to Podesta was predictable. His emails were made public, including those where he was collaborating with John Harwood, a propaganda minister at NBC News. Emails of other Democrats collaborating with the CNN were also made public. This is the so-called "Russian hack" Democrats are peddling for public consumption these days. Wikileak's chief leaker Julian Assange, a former Democrat darling, is now a pariah because he has said his source for the Podesta emails was NOT Russia.

Amazingly, Democrats seem to think these emails were even more damaging than they actually were. The email revelations should have been devastating, but they weren't, simply because the propaganda ministers at various news outlets, outlets caught in clandestine collaborations with Democrats, were not very inclined to report on their own stinking corruption. Of course Fox New reported on how the propaganda ministers at NBC and CNN were cheating. And predictably, all of the propaganda ministers dismissed those fact-based reports because......they were Fox News reports.

Another great irony of this stinking episode is the phishing operation revealed how the Clintons were cheating the holy hell out of Bernie Sanders. That all of this has now been blamed on the "Russians" is an example of just how powerful the propaganda ministry has become, even in covering its own criminal tracks.

Still, Democrats find themselves in an amazing position. They quietly collaborate with the media. They use the media to cheat. And in the aftermath of a historical six year period where Democrats have taken their worst political beatings since their pro-slavery positions were repudiated by America one hundred-forty years ago, they now find themselves blaming the Russians for consequences they brought on themselves.

Finally we have a little "social justice."

Confirmation "smearings" are underway

© 2016 Jim Spence - In the course of my adult life I have been registered as a Republican and a Democrat. Years ago I changed my voter registration to “decline to state.” Being a partisan requires too much suspension of common sense.

Speaking of suspending common sense, perhaps the saddest aspect of what is going on in America today is that tens of millions of people find it so easy to stand aside and watch character assassinations take place, while they continue to remain loyal to the Democrat Party. America will only deserve better government when this sort of thing is not tolerated......by anyone.

Democrats have made a collective 2017 political decision that became painfully obvious this week. Make no mistake, Democrats actually WANT racial tensions. This is why race relations have deteriorated. Democrats have believed for years that prodding for racial tensions helps them hold on to minority votes. So they gin up racial suspicion like bartenders stirring martinis. The media and the party faithful, who are one and the same, slurp it up.

As new cabinet appointees are brought in front of the Senate for confirmation hearings in 2017, it is now clear these proceedings are going to morph into confirmation SMEARINGS. What Americans are beginning to witness is abhorrent, simply because Democrats are settling into a vicious new way of life in the post-Obama era. Engaging in the character assassination of as many white nominees as possible, will be their plan. This is a slimy choice. And it has been made by reprehensible people like Chuck Schumer.

It should be embarrassing to every single person in America who identifies as a Democrat to watch this play out. But it won’t be. Unfortunately, within the Democrat Party, the idea of shame died quite awhile back. And with the help of public education, the film industry (i.e. Meryl Streep etc.) and their accessories to crime in the news media, these shams will continue.

Consider Senator Jeff Sessions. Sessions is a man who prosecuted the Ku Klux Klan in Alabama early in his legal career. Sessions successfully argued for the death penalty for one Klan member who he convicted of murder. Yesterday Jeff Sessions was falsely accused of being a bigot by a slew of Democrats. They did this simply because he will be Attorney General of the U.S.  Democrats have the opportunity to smear him so they are going to do it. Today New Jersey Senator Corey Booker will take the stand and push the Sessions smear campaign one step further. Booker wants to be the next "Obama." Of course there are black pastors in Washington this week, men from Alabama who know Sessions well, who will defend him. They know that the Democrat's smearing of Sessions is a cheap shot so they are trying to help out. But these pastors, like the rest of us, will also realize that the truth simply does not matter in this exercise. Unprincipled DEMOCRATS are like the despicable football player who takes shots at his opponent's knees after the game has been decided. They are dirty players. Though they are trash, it is hard to administer justice to them because they are supported and defended by trash.

Sadly both of the reprobates that New Mexico voters have sent to the U.S. Senate are going to engage in spreading the big lies right along with their colleagues. Yes, Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich will be part of the effort to smear the reputations of decent human beings to further the um........Udall and Heinrich “causes.” Apparently these causes center around trying to convince us that anyone who is not a Democrat is a racist.

The lies being told by Democrats continue to receive broad support everywhere in the news media except for Fox News. This explains why Fox News is now the most viewed network in cable. Fox has eclipsed ESPN viewership because millions of Americans are sick of the liars and their enablers. Americans are starving for anything that resembles objectivity in news reporting.

So on we go in 2017. Democrats still can’t explain the reasons why there are so many unsolved problems under their rule. One of the best examples of this situation is the thousands of innocent black people who are being butchered or maimed in Chicago every year. It is clear that all of the murders in the black communities, in all inner cities, are problems that Democrat's plans won't solve. This is true despite the fact that Democrats govern virtually all large cities in America. What we get from Democrats instead reforms and creative solutions that actually work, is a shameful display where good people like Jeff Sessions must endure intentional “smearing.”

This despicable display is sure to continue. It is actually the legacy of Barack Obama. That Democrats are behaving so shamefully in his final full week in office speaks volumes about who he is. Eight years ago the GOP confirmed many Obama appointees quickly and without smears. Don't expect basic decency this time around......it just isn't within those who should be decent.