Albuquerque Public Schools at or above capacity

From - ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —Albuquerque Public Schools remain crowded this year, so much so that some facilities and classrooms are at or above capacity. Among the crowded facilities are Painted Sky and Rudolfo Anaya Elementary schools and Truman Middle School. The district told Action 7 News that in the last six months, it built portable classrooms to accommodate everyone.
        In 2013, there were problems at North Star and Double Eagle Elementary schools. To solve those problems, the district reorganized attendance boundaries and started requiring proof of residency to crack down on who could attend which school.
        APS said it continue to see increasing enrollment in areas where there are still housing opportunities like the southwest. Officials believe their new kindergarten through 8th grade school, near Atrisco Heritage Academy High School, will help alleviate overcrowding in that area. Some students attending Barcelona, Navajo or Rudolfo Anaya or Harrison and Truman Middle Schools will end up going to the new facility when it opens in 2015.
        The district is also shopping for real estate. APS is looking for land to build more schools in the next six to 10 years. He said the district has to jump on vacant lots early Read more