Senator to save NMSU football by de-emphasizing

Will NMSU ever be playing in the New Mexico Bowl?
Commentary by Milan Simonich: They still play football at Cumberland University, a school that lost to Georgia Tech in 1916 by the record-breaking score of 222-0. Cumberland, with an enrollment of 1,400, has a schedule this fall that includes Faulkner University and Bluefield College. Playing mighty Georgia Tech is only a bad memory.
     Cumberland administrators learned long ago that their school in central Tennessee could not be a football powerhouse so they scaled back the program. New Mexico State Sen. Howie Morales envisions a similar change on the border.
     Morales, D-Silver City, says the New Mexico State Aggies can compete at the highest level in basketball but not in football. He says NMSU should maintain an intercollegiate football program, but scale it down to Division II or the Football Championship Subdivision.
     "The reality of it is that you've got to be competitive if you're going to keep playing football," said Morales, who received his Ph.D. from New Mexico State.
     His argument against NMSU remaining at the highest level in football will be clear to all by late summer. Read full column

Wherry Elem students dismissed due to power outage

NewsNM: Swickard - Wherry Elementary is my first public school almost 60 years ago. I smile as I go by it when I am in Albuquerque. 
From - By: Elizabeth Reed, - Due to a power outage, Wherry Elementary School is releasing students in its K-5 summer school early on Monday.
     According to Albuquerque Public Schools spokesman John Miller, a transformer failed and now PNM crews are waiting on a part to fix it.
     Miller said parents are encouraged to pick their children up, but if they cannot, the school will hold them until their regular dismissal time of 3 p.m.
     No word yet on whether or not school will be in session on Tuesday. More