Failed coup d'etat instigator Andrew McCabe should be in jail awaiting trial

© 2019 Jim Spence -  America has at least one more criminal on the loose and it is not the TV star who staged a political stunt and then lied to Chicago police.
Like Jussie Smollett, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is not in jail......yet. Instead, McCabe is out free, and spending his time on a media tour hoping to get chances to answer softball questions from hopelessly pro-Democrat television personalities masquerading as journalists.
The point of the tour is simple. McCabe is a serial liar and manipulator and desperately wants to avoid prosecution.
It is important to tie a few seemingly unrelated actions together. In previous columns we have chronicled nullification efforts by California and other states that are reminiscent of South Carolina’s actions after the election of Abraham Lincoln. Many states in 21st Century America have established themselves as sanctuaries for millions of immigration law breakers. Besides introducing 3rd World diseases like tuberculosis and typhus to their constituents, Democrat-dominated states continue to make a mockery of anyone who actually plays by the rules and obeys our immigration laws. New Mexico has joined this nullification circus. These seemingly unrelated actions, though stupid, are child's play compared to the attempted bloodless coup made by James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and their colleagues at the FBI.
So deceitful was Comey’s own behavior, he has managed at one time or another to be hated by virtually all elected Democrats and Republicans. Now it seems to be Andrew McCabe’s turn to repeat bald-faced lies.
The Threat Andrew McCabe is out on the media circuit trying to get in front of what should be criminal charges filed against him very soon. McCabe appeared yesterday on NPR’s “Morning Edition” and much to his chagrin, the softball questions stopped being lobbed up for him.
Make no mistake, McCabe’s actions were part of an orchestrated effort at the FBI to inflict mortal political damage on Donald Trump’s presidency from the outset.
Let’s give credit when it is due. NPR’s Steve Inskeep, who is no friend of the Trump camp, persisted with questions that are still not being answered by McCabe. During the interview yesterday, Inskeep asked McCabe several times about the Inspector General investigation that revealed the fact that McCabe had lied under oath. Of course, McCabe ignored Inskeep's questions each time they were asked citing, “ongoing legal issues.” The ongoing legal issues is why McCabe was there. But his plan was not to answer tough questions, but to do P.R. to assist his defense of ongoing legal issues, which is of course, code for the possibility of criminal charges.
For those paying attention, Inskeep cited what can only be characterized as an astonishing Inspector General’s report. During this line of questioning McCabe showed how contradictory and implausible his claims actually are. Desperate to deflect the overwhelming evidence of his guilt, McCabe went so far as to actually blame Inspector General Michael Horowitz, a man appointed by Barack Obama back in 2012, for being biased in favor of Donald Trump. Now that is an amazing stretch. Horowitz may be many things, but he is no Trump stooge. Horowitz is an Obama devotee.
Here is the partial transcript of the NPR interview:
MCCABE: I have many things that I would like to say about the conclusions and the recommendations of the IG report, and I can’t go through each one of those points with you today because of the current ongoing legal issues and the civil lawsuit that I will be bringing against the Department of Justice. But I will say this. I, at no time, ever intentionally misled the FBI Inspection Division, the Office of Inspector General or, ever, any director of the FBI – not ever. This is not an investigative report like any I have ever seen. An investigative report is a clear and unbiased presentation of all the evidence, and this is none of that.
INSKEEP: You think it was biased?
MCCABE: I do. I do.
INSKEEP: Why would it be biased against you?
MCCABE: I do. Well, I think that’s pretty clear, Steve. I think the president has a long and well-established history of attacking the people who say things he doesn’t like.
INSKEEP: But this was an independent inspector general, right? 
MCCABE: It’s supposed to be. It’s supposed to be. I don’t believe they were independent or fair in the process of this investigation or in its result.
So, there you have it. All of the shameless criminal activities of one Andrew McCabe, including conspiring with disgraced FBI lawyer Lisa Page and disgraced agent Peter Strzok, which includes their initiations of bogus investigations of Trump and despicable leaks of falsehoods to the press, all in an effort to undo the outcome of the 2016 election, are simply reckless allegations made by an Obama appointee who somehow switched sides and is now in the tank for Trump.
It is hard to believe McCabe is trying to sell this crap while throwing an honest Democrat under the bus. He should be in jail awaiting trial. Why is he walking free?

Staging Hate Crimes, the national pastime for Democrats

© 2019 Jim Spence -  There are two important lessons associated with human nature that should be understood by all intelligent adults.
First, people will believe what they believe it is in their best interests to believe. This is why it is devastating that our education system morphed into a propaganda ministry several decades ago.
Second, gullible people don’t really know they are gullible. Accordingly, it is very easy to manipulate gullible people.
America had 99% of its racial problems solved by the mid-1970’s. This explains why Garrett Morris did a one-man comedy skit on Saturday Night Live in which he offered the “White Guilt Relief Fund” as a way for those not aware that the problems had been solved, to give their money away to past victims. We all laughed at that skit forty years ago. These days the show has regressed into a pathetic remnant of itself. None of the Democrats on Saturday Night Live would dare to do a skit like that more than forty years later.
To be sure, not all of America's “social” problems have been solved. Social problems transcend race. Accordingly, social problems cannot be solved with anti-discrimination laws. Social problems change with the times. In 21st Century America, there are major problems with opiate and amphetamine addiction in places like Appalachia. It is not just the poor communities in America’s inner cities that suffer from self-inflicted wounds. Despite what you hear and read, millions of poor whites suffer from the same maladies as poor blacks and Hispanics. This reality is no less tragic. It just doesn't have anything to do with race.
Sadly, Democrats have developed 21st Century methods for perpetuating their favorite political narratives. Since racists are the most contemptible of all human beings, news media Democrats with the help of the education and entertainment communities, spend an inordinate amount of time branding Republicans as racists.
The problem with successful branding is Democrats need “incidents” to prove their narrative. And unfortunately for Democrats, they simply can’t count on a handful of skinheads to protest every weekend to prove the notion that racism is still widespread. Starving for proving incidents, Democrats have gone about the business of “staging” them.
There is nothing more sympathetic than a black/gay actor. Jussie Smollet fits that bill. It seems that Smollett is the most recent in a long line of Democrats who has been caught staging a hate crime. Last summer a former Petersburg City Attorney used a prepaid cell phone to call himself and make violent racist threats at the black mayor of the town. America’s colleges and universities are particularly likely places for fake hate crimes to be staged. A couple of black students were actually charged with engaging in pro-KKK vandalism at the University of Miami recently. At Concordia University, the media blamed right-wing Muslim haters for making terrorist threats. Later it was discovered with very little investigation, that the perpetrator was a Lebanese-Canadian man named Hisham Saadi. When anti-Arab graffiti was found on the home of an Arab family in Ohio, an investigation discovered it was put there by a man named Osama Nazzal. As recently as December in New York, a Muslim teenager, Yasmin Seweid told authorities that she was harassed on the subway by men who yelled "Donald Trump" at her while trying to tear off her hijab. Just two weeks later, Seweid admitted she was lying to try to cover up the fact she broke her parent's curfew. Back in 2016, a white board in a classroom at Elon Univeristy in North Carolina had the phrase, "Bye Bye Latinos Hasta La Vista," scrawled on it. After howls of racism circulated the media, it was discovered that a Latino student at the school, actually wrote the words.
The most recent staged racist hoax, involved a Catholic student from Covington, Kentucky. The student became the latest victim when the national news media and Democratic presidential hopefuls assassinated the young man, who was accused of being a racist. The Democrats never bothered to investigate the "incident" before once again, RUSHING TO JUDGMENT. A quick investigation turned up a more lengthy video of the incident. It turns out according to the visual evidence that it was confrontational Democrats who were misbehaving. The student the media had already crucified, did nothing but suppress a smile.
Within this context, consider the Mueller investigation for what it is. It is merely another series of false charges levied by Democrats to cover their own misdeeds. Despite the fact the politically charged accusations associated with Mueller are wild, the real investigation is showing that entrenched Democrats in Washington D.C.'s deep state are the perpetrators of the Russia collusion crimes.
Do any of these facts actually get through to the American people?  Not really.
Remember the basics. 1) People believe what they believe it is in their interests to believe and sadly, public education has produced two generations of Democrat-leaning zombies ready to believe anything they are spoon-fed by their masters in the Democrat-dominated media. 2) Gullible people don’t really know they are gullible. Accordingly, it is very easy to manipulate gullible people.
ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and most of the rest of the news media organizations understand these two basics better than anyone realizes. It should come as no surprise that these propaganda outlets are dominated by Democrats, who are desperate to perpetuate the narrative that anyone who doesn’t vote Democrat is a hate criminal or a hate criminal sympathizer. Expecting the staging of hate crimes to continue.

Swickard: President’s Day Best and Worst

Michael Swickard

© 2019 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.  February is President’s Month. Recently I noticed on Social Media quite a few posts about current and former United States Presidents. Over two-hundred thirty years there are only forty-four men in that exclusive club.
            One post proclaimed Barack Obama worst president ever. There was as usual a vigorous battle of emotions. I believe it takes at least thirty years to get a real historical feel for the value of a President. The jury is still out for me on Bush 41 to Trump.  
        My response to that post: Lyndon Johnson was the worst president ever. There were some good results during his presidency. However, his legacy is the damage to Social Security for political purposes, micromanaging the Vietnam War including not understanding our military technically won the war in 1968.
            Additionally, Johnson pushed a welfare system that incentivized single parents. Over his political life he was very corrupt. Yes, many U. S. Presidents were corrupt in one way or many. In my opinion, LBJ was worst. My post on LBJ was divided by partisans so LBJ either sat on the right hand of God or of Satan.
            If you study U. S. Presidents, you find they are all flawed human beings. Some Presidents control their flaws better. Question: what is the lasting good and lasting harm of each of them?
            Most harmful: Polk, Bucannon, Wilson, both Roosevelts, LBJ and Carter. You might have a different list. I can talk hours why those seven Presidents left our nation much worse off.
            Best Presidents: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Coolidge, Truman, Eisenhower and Reagan. Each, despite flaws, left our nation better for their time as president.
            All must grow into the job. Even George Washington had growing pains throughout his presidency since he had to take each crisis as a new learning activity.
            George Washington previously served as General of the Army. Being President is vastly different. He learned and left our nation better. The same can be said of Eisenhower. However, President Grant did not leave a lasting good though he was very popular in his lifetime.
            Take Abraham Lincoln, an awful President his first year but grew into the Presidency and left our nation better off. Maybe one of Lincoln’s contemporaries would have grown into the presidency like Lincoln but we will never know.
            Both Calvin Coolidge and Harry Truman were trust into the Presidency and left the nation better off. Both did not want the office but took it when the then President died in office.
            We can use the same logic for Governors and Mayors but again about thirty years or so must go by before any real historical decisions are appropriate.
            At New Mexico State University in 1970 I drew the ire of then President Roger Corbett while I was in the Student Senate. At the time I thought him an awful president.
            After years of reflection I believe the top five NMSU President were Hadley, Foster, Kent, Thomas and yes, Roger Corbett. The academic world of NMSU is ever so much better for each of them being the President.
            I cannot make a judgement on my fellow Class of 1968 Alamogordo High School graduate Danny Arvizu, who now leads NMSU. I liked him in high school, but I do not know if he will lead NMSU in turbulent times to a better place than he finds it.
            When government leaders are elected, and leaders of academic institutions are appointed it will be decades before we really know the total results of that decision. However, we can learn much by those who came before, if we want to learn. 


The peaceful transfer of power

© 2018 Jim Spence -  Throughout history, the cancer of totalitarianism has metastasized in nations when dictators emerged and seized power in societies after successfully blurring the lines that define the concept of fundamental fairness.
America, we have a problem. The problem is not temporary, it is chronic. And it could be fatal. There are several ways to identify and illuminate America’s life-threatening problem.
Let’s begin with the bedrock of our republic. This bedrock is the peaceful transfer of power. Peaceful transfers of power have been the hallmark of the United States of America since the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. We are not talking about the incoming and outgoing presidents shaking hands on inauguration day. That didn't always happen. We are talking about all the players in and around government respecting the outcome of elections because our rules reflect respect for the wishes of others we disagree with.
The last time an organized resistance to the peaceful transfer of power in America occurred, was back in 1860. Ironically, it was also the Democrats in 1860, who objected to their loss of a presidential election.
Let’s be clear here. Vocal political opposition is normal in all republics where free speech is a cornerstone of the governing framework. However, naked attempts at the nullification of an election or the nullification of existing laws is a cancer on civilized societies. Since the libraries are filled with books on the American Civil War, a history lesson on election and law nullification will be spared here.
What we are seeing from Democrats since 2016 is far more dangerous than anything we have seen since nullification and secession by Democrat-dominated states one hundred and fifty-nine years ago.
Some groundwork is in order. U.S. Democrats wanted slavery in 1860 and they want socialism (a form of slavery) now. Understanding what adherents of socialism have done globally to prevail is useful. Socialism is an economic model that does not work. It has never worked. In most places where socialism actually prevails politically, power is held by single party rule and unconstrained dictators who re-write provisions of their nation’s constitutions to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power.
Make no mistake, as the title of this piece indicates, the peaceful transition of power is the key to this discussion. The legacies of socialists: Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Kim, Putin, Xi, and Maduro (in today's starving Venezuela), have a common thread. Each dictator harnessed the power of a “deep state” government structure to destroy all chances that any opposition could ever achieve a peaceful transfer into power.
Consider the evolution of the deep state in America. We have come much more than full circle since the days when Richard Nixon was forced to resign after his cronies tried to hijack the machinery of the federal government (the deep state) to support his re-election. What has evolved within the deep state in recent years is both dangerous and insidious. The chicanery of the deep state should be stopped by all freedom loving Americans.
The evidence of 21st Century corruption in the deep state that governs America is extraordinary. There are seemingly isolated incidents, like Lois Lerner’s efforts at the IRS to destroy GOP-sympathetic fundraising efforts, by stalling the approvals of 501-c-3 applications. Though seemingly an isolated incident, so criminal was her behavior, Lerner was forced to exercise her 5th Amendment rights against self-incrimination when she was questioned under a subpoena. Tragically but predictably, the deep state never prosecuted Lois Lerner for her crimes. This abuse of fundamental fairness is a now a problematic pattern, not an isolated incident. Allowing cheating hurts all of us.
Other crimes, which are closely related to Lerner’s crimes, are simply not being prosecuted either. The Inspector General Report on the actions of the FBI last summer left zero doubt that the deep state is not just an ultra-powerful political force in America, it is a political force willing to illegally use the vast resources of the federal treasury to help the party of the deep state…….the Democratic Party……win what should be free and fair elections. Their goal is to thwart all opponents not just Trump.
Americans should wake up soon and make a vow to avail themselves of facts on these patterns of disintegrating freedom before it is too late. Instead of being spoon fed shameful propaganda by the collaborative efforts of the national media, public education system, entertainment industry, and deep state, Americans need to read relevant documents that are a matter of public record, and exercise fundamental judgment about the deep state.
The patterns of fundamental corruption go far beyond the deep state’s unwillingness to prosecute one of their own like the IRS’s Lois Lerner. They involve thousands of illegal actions by employees in the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and NSA. Lies under oath by former leaders of these departments prove that the deep state has now crossed all ethical lines.
What are these people collaborating to do?  In 2016, they collaborated to try to swing the presidential election in favor of Hillary Clinton. And once that election was lost, they have taken numerous actions to disrupt the peaceful transition of power in the post-Obama era. They have declared war on the election winner in ways that should alarm all but those ignorant of the tyranny of totalitarianism.
It is no accident that James Comey, during sworn testimony before Congress, said he either did not know the answers to basic questions, or could not remember the details of events. He did so an astonishing 245 times. The corruption problem went far beyond Comey. The astounding actions of deep state conspirators like Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew Weismann, John Brennan, and James Clapper, are all a matter of public record. All of these people and many more are part of a very widespread criminal movement. Hundreds if not thousands of members of the deep state are still actively trying impose the political whims of high-placed government employees on the electorate. What makes them so powerful, is the willingness of our pro-deep state media to trumpet false narratives every single day, leaked to them in the form of lies by government employees.
Perhaps the saddest aspect of this reality is that their current primary target is a man who evokes very little sympathy. Donald Trump is simply not likable, even to those who voted for him.
America, we have a problem. This problem is bigger than what your views on Trump are. No American should be willing to suspend the peaceful transfer of power from Democrats to Republicans or vice versa, because many people in the deep state are now willing to commit crimes to accomplish this insidious goal. The problem of course is the deep state watchdogs are now looking the other way while this happens.
It would be the height of ignorance for Americans to think that those who are complicit in this life-threatening problem, (the news media, public education, the entertainment industry, and the deep state) are going to make us aware of this mortal danger. Unfortunately, ignorance should be on the table of elements. It is the most common element around us these days. Ignorance begets tyranny and totalitarianism.