If it says New Mexico chile, it better be

From KOB-TV.com - Stuart Dyson, KOB Eyewitness News 4; Taryn Bianchin, KOB.com - A bill making its rounds through the Legislature protects the authenticity of New Mexican grown chiles. House Bill 485, the “New Mexico Chile Advertising Act,” would make it illegal for anyone selling chile to claim the peppers were grown in-state if they were actually imported from outside New Mexico. Violators would be charged with deceptive trade practices. The House Agriculture Committee recently approved the measure and now the bill moves to the Judiciary Committee. From there, it will move to the House for a vote. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Andy Nunez, is from Hatch Read more News New Mexico

Kober: Good Relationships - Bad Governments

From Philly.com - By Stanley Kober - The revolutionary movement sweeping the Middle East has raised the question of whether the United States has favored stability over democracy. It's an easy accusation in light of past U.S. support of presidents who stay in power for decades and kings who rule in perpetuity. But it's a little too easy. The United States recognizes other countries not as an act of approbation, but simply to maintain contact with their governments. To be sure, some governments are so odious that the United States doesn't maintain diplomatic relations with them - Iran and North Korea, for example. But that policy has its drawbacks. The absence of a U.S. embassy in those countries means we give up the insights that could be provided by diplomats who report on political, economic, and other events. Many of America's allies maintain diplomatic relations with Iran and North Korea for that reason. These allies are looking at diplomatic recognition not as a reward for those regimes, but simply an acknowledgment that they are in power. If a certain group of people controls a territory, then they are the people you have to deal with, even if you find them reprehensible. Read more News New Mexico

Two Revolutions

In a comical, almost simplistic way most domestic mainstream news services have attempted to link activities in the Muslim world with the events in Madison, Wisconsin. Let’s see if we can make a connection. The Muslim world is coming quickly to a crossroad with itself. The level of education and awareness when it comes to the concepts associated with liberty is sorely lacking all over the globe.
And in the Muslim world, citizens who are actually aware of what it means to form a Democratic Republic represent a tiny sliver of the population. Still, events are now rapidly propelling the Muslim world to a moment of truth. On one side of the spectrum is a small sliver of educated Muslim moderates who simply want to prosper and live in peace. On the other side of the spectrum are opportunist Muslim radicals who care little about peace. These types are anxious because they realize their opportunity to form Islamic Republics all over the Muslim world is finally at hand. In country after country in the Middle East these two separate and distinct factions are poised to face off against each other. Assuming dictatorships continue to fall from power in Muslim countries, one of these two factions will eventually gain the upper hand in the fight to fill the power vacuum. Stay tuned.
In Wisconsin, the public unions that lost so badly in the November 2010 elections are resorting to tactics more in tune with a desperate attempt to protect an extortion racket rather than an effort to preserve collective bargaining. History tells the story. Long ago confrontational labor unions bankrupted industry after industry in the U.S. by taking their employers and their customers hostages. And one by one entire industries that caved in to demands for idiotic work rules and unrealistic wage and benefit packages went bankrupt. The golden goose was killed in favor of an ever-escalating list of “demands.” Eventually ambitious labor bosses realized that the deepest pockets left in the American economic system were not businesses that had to compete for customers. Accordingly they targeted governments where elected officials could become their strategic partners in negotiations with taxpayers. Read rest of column here: News New Mexico