Tebow and Kaepernick

© 2016 Jim Spence - We have documented the delusions of Colin Kaepernick in recent columns. The only thing that might be added to the Kaepernick story is he was adopted by a white couple who raised him as one of their own. You have to figure that Kaepernick’s view of white America is very similar to Barack Obama’s view. Obama once said during a moment of candor when asked about his white grandmother……."she’s a typical white person."
Having run into all sorts of different white people myself, I am not sure what a typical white person is. But I am pretty sure that in Obama's paranoid world the term “typical white person” is not a positive connotation. One must wonder if Kaepernick's adoptive parents are also typical white people. Only in his own delusional mind does Colin really know.
The news stories after Kaepernick’s refusal to respect America during the national anthem are remarkable. Financially it is not at all bad for the hundred million dollar Kaepernick. Kaepernick jerseys started to fly off the shelves at licensed NFL shops as soon as he made an ass of himself. As of September 7th, get this.......Kaepernick has the top selling NFL jersey in America.
You want to know what sort of jerk buys those jerseys? In a nutshell…….. it is Democrats. Democrats love to find fault with America. They regale in what they consider their sophisticated criticisms of American shortcomings, while ignoring those of every other nation. Of course the real proof is in the real pudding, not in fantasy world. More non-Americans would like to move here to our country than any other nation on earth. Still, you get an idea of what the failed education system and Hollywood have done to our culture when you see Kaepernick rewarded for being a fool.
Ironically, perhaps the two highest profile quarterbacks in pro-football, in recent years, we are talking players who evoke the love or hatred of fans, are Colin Kaepernick and Tim Tebow. We have spent plenty of time providing numerous reasons why Kaepernick is a despicable low life. Let's look at Tebow.
The last season that Tim Tebow started a game at quarterback in the NFL was 2011, when he took over a 1-4 Denver Broncos team. Tebow led the Broncos from a horrible start with someone else at QB, to the playoffs where he threw a touchdown pass in overtime to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in an AFC playoff game. Still, despite very significant accomplishments as a player, Tebow has been singled out like no other quarterback in NFL history, for criticism by other players, normally a no-no in the NFL. New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford singled him out with this line, “I don’t want him taking snaps for my team.” Former NFL placekicker Jay Feely called Tebow, “The single-worst quarterback I ever saw in my career in the NFL.” Perhaps another Tebow critic, former NFL QB Jake Plummer hit the nail on the head when he said he would like Tebow more if he would “shut up” about his faith in Jesus Christ. There you go, an Evangelical Christian. Let’s explore why most Democrats have a bad opinion regarding someone as innocuous as Tim Tebow.

  • Tebow’s mother refused to abort him when doctors recommended she terminate his life in the womb. They predicted he would be still-born and/or never amount to anything. And you see........Democrats are so protective of the whole idea of aborting babies they can’t stand any story that might explain why there is actually a counter argument to killing babies.
  • Tebow was home-schooled. Democrats hate home schooling. Democrats have spent a century setting up a public education system and unions to milk it that is finally nothing but an indoctrination system to misinform young Americans. Home schoolers slip through the Democrats national brainwashing mechanism. They might not become Democrats as adults!
  • Tebow is openly Christian. While Democrats are very supportive of people who are openly: Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, or Buddhist, and they are especially accommodating to Atheists, they really can’t stand for Christians to be that way. Tebow gives all credit to God for his good fortunes. “First and foremost I gotta thank my Lord and savior Jesus Christ,” he likes to say. Democrats hate that while they conveniently forget that Muhammed Ali always first and foremost thanked Allah after every fight. Democrats never hated Ali........he wasn't Christian.

So in the end Tim Tebow is a clean cut, wholesome, well spoken, ambitious, hard working, Christian young man. That is certainly something to hate. It makes you wonder if Democrats would find him more endearing if he picked up a drug habit and sired a few illegitimate children. Democrats prefer those who flaunt their sex habits and their disdain for America.........not their faith in Jesus.

Swickard: The “I deliberately lied” society

© 2016 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.  “When in doubt tell the truth.” Mark Twain
             Mark Twain’s quote is from a long past society. In the 21st century people seem to view truth as to be avoided always. Our society which is connected by the media and internet absolutely worships at the altar of innuendo, myth, purposeful misdirection and downright lies.
            What are the three hardest words to say? Some think it is “I don’t know.” Many people say that. Others think it is “I was mistaken” which isn’t heard often. The three hardest words to say are “I deliberately lied.”
            Yet it happens all of the time. We’re inundated in this “I deliberately lied” society where making up stuff is valued more than telling the truth. Example: this presidential campaign.
            Today’s conventional wisdom is that everyone should lie “if we really care about our country.” They say, “I have to lie about this candidate I oppose because the opposition is lying about my candidate.”
            Candidates do not care if they have already been recorded saying the opposite of what they’re now saying. When questioned they proclaim, “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”
            Worse, with all of the data available to citizens today it is amazing that the truth suffers more in today’s world than in past societies. As a lifelong historian I have studied most of the history of our country but I do not recognize statements currently being made about the founding and development of America.
            Example: In February 2015, President Obama said, “Here in America Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.”
            That is certainly not true. A more truthful statement would be that people from many lands wove the fabric of our country during the last couple hundred years. No one nation or region, certainly no one religion has dominated the founding of our country. However, America has been served well by Protestant, Catholic and Jewish citizens.
            People today confuse opinion from theory from truth. In fact, it seems opinion is the new truth. If I say, “The Sun rises in the East.” I am told, “That is just your opinion since you belong to the other political party.”
            The great divider of our society are two dominant political organizations: Democrats and Republicans. Both groups view truth as only from their perspective. What one candidate is reported to have said is more an exercise in seeing the bias of reporters than seeing the truth.
            A real truth bomb is the recent “birther” controversy. It is contained in the question: was President Obama born in Hawaii? The media acts like it is a one-sided issue where Republicans are acting in very inappropriate ways.
            But the research is quick and easy. However, it doesn’t fit the political agenda so it is ignored. The birther question came into being not by Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton.
            Rather it started as a promotional booklet produced by then Literary Agency Acton & Dystel celebrating the authors they at that time were representing on the fifteenth anniversary of the founding of their company.
            On one of the thirty-six pages is this statement: Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. The son of an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister, he attended Columbia University and worked as a financial journalist and editor for Business International Corporation.
            The next page had a description of Ralph Nadar and the 1990s boy-band, New Kids On the Block.
            That’s where the “birther” story started. We know that some members of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign gave this information to the media. Mainstream Republicans repeated it then and in the eight years of Obama’s presidency.
            Did Donald Trump start this? No, but he could have researched it and then not repeated it. Truth has no place in the “birther” controversy since it serves the partisans on both sides. It is great for fundraising.
            An old joke is: how can you tell if a politician is lying? When their lips are moving. Today: how can you tell if the media is lying? Nowadays, they will always lie - so expect it and embrace truth.