Heinrich Capitulates - Plays the Demogogue Card

Martin Heinrich
After avidly supporting the outrageously wasteful $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill that died in Congress last week, New Mexico's Martin Heinrich has become an accomplished demagogue. Commenting on the recent compromise in Washington that left tax rates unchanged, Heinrich seems to think now that the government is not going to increase its confiscation of a job creators income, this constitutes redistribution to the "wealthy."
How does he justify this? He begins by falsely pre-supposing that the money he speaks of is already in the hands of government. He then builds one false assumption and conculsion on top of another. Heinrich uses language that would have us all believe that 98% of Americans are "underdogs." How could anyone be against the underdog? His faulty reasoning is based on economic suppositions steeped in three completely irrational concepts. First, the congressman relies on the vice of "envy" in the minds of constituents he tries to manipulate. He first hopes he can get the majority of Americans to aggressively covet the higher income levels of the minority. Second, those that hear his words are asked to take a leap of faith that government can better manage resources than the productive citizens who have their incomes confiscated. 
Third, he tries to peddle the ridiculous notion that IF somehow government does NOT confiscate what has been earned by productive individuals, that somehow an amount equal to what was NOT CONFISCATED must be borrowed by the government. Naturally, the idea of cutting expenses as an alternative to increasing the level of confiscation is blasphemy to Congressman Heinrich. Clearly change will not come from this congressman. Heinrich is quite content to try to pick the pockets of productive citizens for redistribution to any and all omnibus spending bills that come his way.