Haussamen Weighs in on Speaker Contest

Heath Haussamen - The battle over who is going to be speaker of the New Mexico House of Representatives could have a significant impact on the redrawing of the state’s congressional districts later this year. The process of reworking the state’s political boundaries begins once new Census numbers are released on April 1. If Ben Luján, D-Nambé, remains speaker of the House, there’s reason to expect him to push for changing the boundaries to protect his son, the congressman from Northern New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District. That would likely involve shifting some Republican voters into Southern New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District. Read full column here:


Fed's Beige Book Sees Continued Expansion in N.M.

From -The economy in northern New Mexico and six neighboring states “continued to expand in late November and December, despite slower construction activity,” the U.S. Federal Reserve reported Wednesday in its latest “Beige Book” survey of the region’s business executives. In particular, Fed officials noted “strong consumer spending over the holidays” that “lifted retail sales and expectations for future spending.”  The report covers the Fed’s 10th District, which includes northern New Mexico and some or all of six neighboring states. The nation is divided into 12 Fed districts.  More here

Alvin Dominguez New Secretary Of Transportation

Alvin Dominguez
From the -Governor Susana Martinez has announced that she has nominated Alvin C. Dominguez as secretary of the Department of Transportation. Dominguez is a veteran of NMDOT, having served there in various roles since 1995. Upon making the announcement, Governor Martinez said, “New Mexico’s growing population requires that we strike the right balance between our transportation needs and the responsible use of taxpayer dollars. As an experienced engineer and public servant, Alvin has the background required to help me create forward-thinking transportation policy with prudence and accountability.” Dominguez graduated from New Mexico State University in 1983 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering.  More here

Gunmen In Mexico Shoot Across Border, Again

From -EL PASO, Texas -- Hudspeth County, Texas Sheriff Arvin West confirmed a Hudspeth County road crew came under fire Thursday morning from gunmen in Mexico. Sheriff West told ABC-7 that around 10:30 a.m, Thursday a road crew was repairing a part of Indian Hot Springs road, just east of Neely's crossing in Hudspeth County along the US-Mexico border when they came under gunfire from the Mexican side. The crew was able to escape unharmed and managed to call for help. Units from the Texas Department of Public Safety, Border Patrol and Hudspeth County sheriff's deputies responded within minutes. They were able to determine the shots came from the Mexican side of the Rio Grande but were unable to spot the actual gunmen.  More here

Chafee Puts Ban on Talk Radio Interviews

Lincoln Chafee
The Examiner - Radio silence in Rhode Island where newly-elected Gov Lincoln Chafee issued a directive banning state workers --including himself-- from giving interviews on talk radio while on the clock. Chafee, an independent, says his decision has nothing to do with the politics of the shows (which have been mostly critical of him) but that they are "ratings-driven, for profit" enterprises. The governor doesn't think it appropriate to use taxpayer resources --the state employee-- to support such programming. Chafee added that another reason for the ban is that talk radio programming is more interested in entertainment than news. For what it's worth, talk show hosts often say this themselves --that what they do isn't news; it's "just a show." The ban applies only to long-form interviews on talk shows. The governor will still talk to news reporters for local radio stations. Read full story here:

Supreme Court Will Hear EIB Lawsuit

New Mexico Supreme Court Building
Capitol Report New Mexico - That didn’t take long. According to a news release I received from the New Mexico Environmental Law Center (NMELC), the state Supreme Court will hear the lawsuit filed by NMELC against the Martinez administration Wednesday, Jan. 26 at 9 a.m. The suit, which was filed earlier this week, charges that Gov. Martinez’ 90-day suspension on all pending regulations does not apply to the cap and trade measures the Environmental Improvement Board passed this past November and December. Read full story here: