Why I Oppose Ryan's 10 Year Plan

Joseph Farah
From wnd.com -While many conservatives and Republicans are holding up Rep. Paul Ryan's 10-year plan as the model for deficit reduction and a return to constitutionally limited government, I see it as capitulation to Washington business as usual. First of all, America doesn't need another 10-year plan to restore economic prosperity and responsible government. Washington needs to put the brakes on all borrowing now and start living within its means today – not 10 years from now. The old Soviet Union, which America is more and more resembling, was famous for its five-year plans – which never quite lived up to their rosy projections for turning around the command-and-control economy of that model tyranny. A 10-year plan in America is meaningless because it gives the opportunity for five new congresses and three new presidents to renege, reverse course, change priorities.  More News New Mexico

Brigette Russell: Pass a DWI Bill Next Session and Save Some Lives

Brigette Russell
From New Mexico Watchdog -When Scott Owens was acquitted of vehicular homicide last week, emotions ran high in Santa Fe, the outrage in the community palpable. He was drunk – with a blood alcohol content double the legal limit four hours after the crash – and four kids were dead. They were dead and he was drunk, but walked away a free man. The headline stunned me, but after I read the details, it made sense. The mechanic’s testimony made it impossible for the jurors to convict Owens of vehicular homicide. Had they done so, they would have been acting out of emotion rather than following the law. Prosecutorial overconfidence left them no choice, since there were no lesser charges on which they could have convicted him.  More News New Mexico

Group Urges NM Support For Presidential Popular Vote Plan

Tom Golisano
From timesunion.com -A national group is pushing for an elections change in New Mexico and other states to ensure the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote nationwide will occupy the White House. A proposal by National Popular Vote calls for New Mexico to enter into a compact with other states to award their electoral votes to the presidential candidate who receives the most votes nationally.  The group wants the New Mexico Legislature to consider its proposal next year, but it faces a tough assignment because GOP Gov. Susana Martinez favors the current electoral system. The governor sets the legislative agenda during 30-day sessions and Martinez's support is needed for legislation to become law.  Most states, including New Mexico, have a winner-take-all rule in which electoral votes are awarded to the presidential candidate getting the most votes in their state.  More News New Mexico

Obama's Regulatory Tsunami Worse Than Tax Hikes

Lurita Doan
Townhall - As Obama travels about the country, speaking of the need for “shared sacrifice” and the need to increase taxes, he doesn’t say a word about the tsunami of new Obama regulations ranging from light bulbs to ozone pollution to painkillers to foreign travel to vending machines that is about to hit America. Their impact will be huge and do serious damage to our economy.
Obama's regulatory tsunami began during his first month in office and has continued relentlessly since. Each week, new, more intrusive rules are rolled out, some through Executive Order, but many issued from federal agencies, often without any fanfare or publicity. In every month since his inauguration, President Obama has heaped regulations on unsuspecting Americans, non-profit organizations, large and small businesses.
You can argue that some of these new regulations are not destructive to our economy, but just look at the number of regulations. Their range, their grasp and their intrusiveness into American life is staggering. And to think, several thousand new pages of new regulatory guidelines and added bureaucracy are still being drafted by the Obama Administration as required by healthcare, recovery act, financial reform, small business and TARP legislation. These new regulations will be piled atop the Mt. Everest pile of regulations Obama has already produced. Here's a sample:
January 2009-Housing Voucher regulations - February 2009-PLA (Project Labor Agreements) forcing government contractors to provide bids that show union labor as a component. - March 2009-Stem Cell regulations - April 2009-Hedge Fund regulations - May 2009-EPA issues new fuel standards - June 2009-Regulations issued to influence Venture Capital activity - July 2009-EPA Training requirements for workers on building renovation projects - August 2009-E-Rule (electronic rulemaking) regulation - September 2009-EPA issues ozone pollution regulations - October 2009-Greenhouse gas reporting requirements - November 2009-Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) regulations - December 2009-Natural Gas Pipeline safety regulations - January 2010-Visa regulations - February 2010-Organic Foods Program regulations - March 2010-Credit Card regulations - April 2010-Residential Water Heaters regulations - May 2010-Coal Ash regulations - June 2010-Truth in Lending regulations - July 2010-Revised ADA regulations - August 2010-Bedbugs and Pesticide regulations - September 2010-Portland Cement regulations - October 2010-Truck regulations - November 2010-Perfume / Fragrance regulations - December 2010-CAFE standards, MPG regulations - January 2011-New Cuba Travel regulations - February 2011-"Conscience protection" rules for health care providers - March 2011-Menu and Vending machine rules issued - April 2011-Tougher Painkiller regulations - Read full story here: News New Mexico


High Gas Prices Leave New Mexicans Stranded

From kob.com -in the first few months of 2011, Triple A has seen a 21 percent increase in the number of drivers requesting emergency gasoline assistance because their tanks went empty. Officials say that’s because many are choosing to drain their tanks all the way because of high gas prices instead of filling up just when it gets low.  Jenny Hartzog was stranded last month when she ran out of gas, because she could only afford to put five or ten dollars in her tank.  More News New Mexico