Day after re-election, Gov. Martinez strikes down '16 Vice Presidential run

From - By: Stuart Dyson, KOB Eyewitness News 4 - Hoarse but happy. That was Gov. Susana Martinez on the day after winning a landslide re-election and learning that the state House of Representatives will be controlled by her fellow Republicans for the first time in 60 years. Her political hand is immensely stronger. There is nothing lame about this duck.
       "We have to work together," Martinez said during an interview at Albuquerque's Marriott Uptown hotel. "I think that's what New Mexicans expect. We have an opportunity right now that was given to us by the voters. We have to deliver now. I know we still have a Democratic Senate, so we are still going to work in a bipartisan way. That's not going to change, and we've done it for the past four years, and we've done some good things."
      Martinez is looking forward to a House of Representatives that won't stifle her legislation in committee after committee, like her pet education bill. Ditto for those driver's licenses for illegal immigrants.
       Look for more economic development initiatives when the legislature convenes in January, including right-to-work legislation. Now – how about that talk of running for Vice President in 2016?
     "No," Martinez laughed. "No. I am committed to making sure that New Mexico's tomorrow really is better than today, and that's going to take four years of the commitment that I've made to New Mexicans – and this is where I want to be!" More