Photos show challenges battling Assayii Lake Fire

From - By: Elizabeth Reed, - A new look at the Assayii Lake Fire shows what firefighters see and experience up close to the flames. Neil Damon, a crew boss with the Navajo Scouts, said they have been fighting the fire for more than a week. Damon took several pictures near the fire lines.
     At one point, he said the flames were so bad his crew had to back away. "When a fire blows up that basically just means that the fire takes off to a bigger extent, and our rule of fire: If the fire is more than four feet, higher than four feet, we can't fight it. It has to be four feet or less. If it's more than that, they just pull everyone off the line. These flames were from four feet to thirty feet," he said.
     Federal officials and a minority-owned medics group have also released photos from behind the fire line. Christina Nicole with Wilderness Medics captured a photo of firefighters hosing down fire fuels. She also shot a photo of a helicopter making water drops.
     Brandon Oberhardt with the U.S. Forest Service also snapped up-close photos of areas where the fire was low intensity. See more and the photos