‘Vote as often as possible’ email from college president causes stir

President Cheri Jimeno, NMSU Alamogordo
From New Mexico WatchDog.org - By Rob Nikolewski - A phrase the president of New Mexico State University-Alamogordo used in an email sent to the student body Friday raised some eyebrows, butPresident Cheri Jimeno said she did not intend to cause a stir leading up to Election Day.
      In the email, Jimeno wrote, “I would encourage you to vote as often as possible.”
      “Unfortunately, it seems some people misunderstood,” Jimeno told New Mexico Watchdog in a brief telephone interview Tuesday morning. “You can only vote once. That’s what it means. So, realistically, when you sit there and say, vote as often as possible, what does that mean? It means you can vote once. That’s what it means.”
      The email was picked up and distributed across the Internet by Gateway Pundit, a conservative political website based in St. Louis. Jimeno confirmed she wrote the email Friday morning. More