Lawyer wants ex-UNM president cleared

F. Chris Garcia
From - ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - The lawyer for former University of New Mexico president F. Chris Garcia says it's time for prosecutors to clear his client in a sensational prostitution case that made headlines nearly a year ago. Charges of promoting prosecution were dropped following the Albuquerque police arrest of Garcia and Fairleigh Dickinson University professor David Flory last June and the men still haven't been indicted. Garcia's lawyer, Robert Gorence, suggests politics is playing a role in the delay and that District Attorney Kari Brandenburg is waiting until after her primary election to drop the case. He said she should own up to making a mistake and make a statement clearing Garcia. Prosecutors, however, say the case is document intensive, because it involves an entire website and will soon be ready for review by a grand jury. "This matter is far too serious to argue its merits in the media," Brandenburg told the Albuquerque Journal on Friday. "The case will move forward, and all those accused will have their day in court." read more