Christmas wishes to all who celebrate Christmas

© 2013 Michael Swickard, Ph.D. To all who celebrate their connection to a religion now or at any other time of the year, I bid you good cheer. It does not matter which religion, I am happy for you. Within my circle I say Merry Christmas. It is not said to be aggressive toward other religions, I am simply celebrating Christmas.
We who celebrate Christmas must defend Christmas because some in our country would remove it. Example: A few years ago I wrote my annual Christmas column and was surprised when a local legislator publically called me an anti-Semite because I wrote favorably about Christmas.
I do not step back from my Christian beliefs despite name calling. That column brought up an interesting question: Congress declared the Christmas Holiday more than a hundred years ago. They specifically used the word Christmas. It seems Congress indicated this country is a Christian nation by such a designation.
People of other faiths can protest that our country has no business celebrating Christmas. Perhaps we should put it to a vote. Once and for all let Congress vote Christmas or not. Then no one could destroy Christmas if Congress affirms.
Yes, I know that our political leaders will not put it to a vote because they have no guts. While I am not trying to force this view upon anyone, I am just stating the obvious. This is a Christian nation that is very tolerant of all religions.
In other countries there is not much religious tolerance. In the Middle East you would get your head cut off for our Christian beliefs. My issue is to tolerate other beliefs but not let those beliefs take over my country. I do not want to force my religion on anyone any more that I want to be forced into another religion. Read full column