Swickard: When budget cutting must be done

© 2016 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.  There is a huge push in our country to talk about the office of the United State President without any data. Example: there is a notion that the protests about the election of Donald Trump are unprecedented. When Lincoln was declared the winner in 1860, nine states seceded from the Union. Our nation fought the Civil War.
            So far, our nation has not had any states quit but there is still time before Trump takes office. California is one state with citizens wanting to secede. They can’t because they have spent themselves into the poor house and only federal money can keep them going.
            California has overspent its budget 127 billion dollars. In round numbers that’s $3,500 per every person, dog, cat and hamster in the state. So, California is not going anywhere other than the poor house.
            New Mexico is over spending this year’s budget by about 500 million dollars. That’s about $250 for every person, dog, cat and coyote. Our representatives in Santa Fe need to stop spending everything in the coffers they can find and a little more each year. Restraint is needed.
            There is good news (hooray) and bad news (shuckins) as to the New Mexico budget. First the good news. It isn’t hopeless like what is happening in California. It can be fixed and New Mexico can live within its means with effective management from the representatives in Santa Fe.
            The bad news is that the solution will hurt. Some people will lose their jobs through no fault of their own. This cannot be helped. What has put New Mexico in dire straits (not the band) was the election of Bill Richardson in 2002. Previously Governor Gary Johnson had New Mexico as one of only five states with a rosy financial picture.
            But Bill Richardson came to New Mexico and the governorship with only one goal: to become the President of the United States. Every moment, action and tax dollar available was used to get Bill Richardson on the world’s stage as a top-tier presidential contender. This push to get Richardson the presidential nomination didn’t come cheap.
            Richardson worked to be declared the “Education Governor” of the United States. He won that moniker which came with a propensity to hire lots of people into the Public Schools. This was supposed to make New Mexico number one in education nationally. Sadly, spending lots of New Mexico tax dollars didn’t make Richardson president nor did it lift New Mexico education.
            Worse, once people are hired they expect to keep their jobs. With the downturn of oil and gas revenue the state of New Mexico has less money available and must do something. Most of the quick cures have already been done so this time it must be drastic. There are only two places to get this money.
            The first is to raise the gross receipts taxes substantially. In many places the gross receipts tax is above seven percent. Taking it to ten percent or more would cripple the economy. Don’t look to Corporate Taxes since they are only about ninety million dollars a year.
            The only place left to really make a cut is education. To balance the budget New Mexico needs to cut about ten percent from education. This is despite the education mantra that it doesn’t have enough money even now and need lots and lots more money.
            Most of the education budget is spent on people. That is why what must be cut are some of those people who were hired during the Richardson orgy of spending. There is one rule. NEVER fire or change the pay for teachers. The cuts must be with administration and everything else such as the legions of consultants in schools.
            Shrink the administrative overhead to balance the budget. It can be done without harm to the students. The representatives will need to cut other things but the main thing is to cut education. Politically that is almost impossible but the next election is as far away as possible so maybe it can be done.
            Finally, quit spending everything the state has and a little more than the state has each year. Don’t turn our state into a California.


Human dignity and freedom? Or socialized medicine?

© 2016 Jim Spence - Well what do you know? Fidel Castro is dead. His death at age 90 makes the phrase, "Only the good die young" seem prophetic.
When I read the news this morning I was reminded of a two things. First, that Democrats have done a 180 degree turn on what Castro represents since John F. Kennedy was killed by Castro sympathizer Lee Harvey Oswald. Second, I thought of a truly wonderful lady I have known for decades who still lives in Las Cruces. This woman and her physician husband escaped from Cuba nearly sixty years ago. The horror stories she has told me over the years stand as first hand testimony in the explaining of why Cuban Americans and other well informed Americans still hate the Castro brothers and everything they have stood for. This begs a question. Are all of these Cuban people who risked their lives to escape from Castro’s brutal oppression wrong?
If you listen to America’s Hollywood directors and mainstream media journalists, these misguided Cuban escapees simply overreacted to actions taken for the greater good by Castro. Hollywood elites like Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, Danny Glover, and Michael Moore would have us believe that Castro created utopia in Cuba after he confiscated everyone’s property.
Let’s explore this phenomenon in America, which has turned Democrats from JFK supporters into Castro apologists.
First, think of all of the human beings (including my friend) who risked their lives to get away from Castro. In recent decades the list includes hundreds of professional athletes seeking basic human freedoms, the ones Democrats have been trying to condition us to ignore. The harrowing escape stories go on and on. It is also noteworthy that Michael Moore has not moved to Castro’s Cuba to take advantage of the utopia-like health care and education systems there.
How can so many Americans insist on remaining uninformed regarding the fundamental truths about Castro? The answer is simple. Public education in America is a political machine. The public education machine’s primary goal is to encourage people to trade their freedoms in for a larger and more powerful government.....sort of like Castro’s government. In doing so, American public education is willing to mask all of the ills created by Marxist dictators like Fidel Castro.
Over the years many stories that would tell the truth about Cuba have been suppressed, particularly at "news" outlets like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and particularly at NPR.
How many people did Castro murder during his lifetime? Nobody knows for sure. However, below is a list of just a few examples of actions taken by Castro and his henchmen, the same man that high-profile American Democrats have chosen to lionize in recent years and praise today:
  • On May 27, 1966, 166 Cubans, both civilians and members of the military, were not only executed, they were killed via blood extraction (seven pints per person). Because of the failing socialist economy in Cuba, the victim’s blood was sold to Communist Vietnam for $50 per pint. Documentation of this incident comes courtesy of an Inter-American Human Rights Commission report published on April 7, 1967.
  • The Cuba Archive project (www.cubaarchive.org) has documented thousands of murders by Castro. The Cuba Archive researchers require verifiable confirmation of murders from at least two independent sources. The Cuba Archive has estimated that about 78,000 people were killed while trying to escape from the grasp of Castro.
  • Seventeen years ago the truth about Castro and other Marxist dictators was thoroughly reported in the “Black Book of Communism." This piece documented the astonishing costs of communism, finding that "Wherever the millenarian ideology of Communism was established it quickly led to crime, terror and repression."
  • The Cuba Archive believes more than 5,600 Cubans have died in front of firing squads and another 1,200 have been subjected to "extrajudicial assassinations." In fact, one of the American Democrat’s favorites, Che Guevara executed at least 151 Cubans via firing squad.
The Castro method has always been and continues to be to suppress by any means all opposition. Fidel Castro found that the best way to suppress dissent was to engage in summary executions. Early on Castro eliminated most resistance through executions and the fear of execution. When Castro did not kill his opponents he jailed them. Inhumane prison conditions in Cuba have included torture since Castro killed his way to power.
It is a national disgrace in America that the horrors of Castro have been largely untold by the Democrats in the American press corps and in classrooms all around the nation. Here are a few additional incidents that have never been told by our mainstream media:
  • Fifteen-year-old Owen Delgado Temprana was beaten to death in 1981 after Cuban security agents stormed the embassy of Ecuador.
  • In 1995, 17-year-old Junior Flores Diaz died after being locked in a punishment cell in a Havana province prison and denied medical attention. The Cuban project has documented these murders along with 2,197 other prison deaths, mostly political prisoners.
  • Women have been killed by Castro as well. In 1961, 25-year-old Lydia Perez who was eight months pregnant was killed when a Cuban prison guard kicked her in the stomach. She lost her baby and bled to death. 
  • Edmunda Serrat Barrios, a seventy year old Cuban woman was beaten to death in 1981 in a Cuban jail. 
  • The Cuba Archive has documented 219 female deaths including 11 firing squad executions and 20 extrajudicial assassinations.
  • Still, the largest death toll has been racked up by the Cuban navy. Three children drowned in 1971 when a Cuban navy vessel rammed their boat. Their mother, Mrs. Alberto Lazo Pastrana, was left to be eaten by sharks after the boat sunk. 
  • Twelve children drowned along with 33 others when a Cuban coast guard vessel sank their boat in 1994. 
  • In the Canimar River massacre in Cuba, 4 children along with 52 others died when the Cuban navy and a Cuban air force plane attacked an excursion boat headed for Florida in 1980.
There are hundreds of stories like these.
Astonishingly, over the years the list of people in the American media willing to fawn all over Fidel Castro reads like a who’s who of Democrat journalists. The list gets bigger every year. Dan Rather, Barbara Walters, Peter Jennings, Diane Sawyer, Andrea Mitchell, and Kate Snow are just a few of many at CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and NPR who have whitewashed the Castro atrocities. Often these reporters have had the gall to do their whitewashing on location in Havana while they were just a few miles away from Castro’s torture chambers. NBC's Andrea Mitchell coyly praised Castro's health and education policies this morning. Too bad she is here instead of in Cuba.
Why would American Democrat journalists, people who enjoy freedom of speech and the freedom to speak out about their political opponents look the other way? It is because looking the other way has become standard fare in the mainstream American media.
It seems that Democrats think you have to cut Castro some slack. Consider Mr. Obama’s recent efforts to normalize the Castro killing machine after ten predecessors condemned it. The shift actually makes ideological sense. After all, when the Castros aren’t killing and suppressing dissent, they are presiding over the Cuban equivalent of Obamacare.
What's more important? Should we support basic human dignity and freedom from political executions, or should we admire dictators who also crammed socialized medicine down the throats of the people? Democrats's actions where Castro is concerned speak quite loud.

So much to be THANKFUL about....Kaepernick's disease

© 2016 Jim Spence - It’s Thanksgiving 2016. The presidential election was over more than two weeks ago now. It is time to give thanks.......but much of America does not seem quite ready for that.

Over the years I have written hundreds of columns on this site. Many of these columns have addressed the hostile takeover of our public education system by people who have no use for the United States Constitution. In fact, increasingly, those who have engineered the hijacking of American public education have received the help of the entertainment industry and so-called journalists. Accordingly, pop culture has replaced a nationwide reverence for the Bill of Rights with a lamentable reverence for the destroying of the true meaning of words. For example, the word "sanctuary" when coupled with the word "city," actually means, a place where laws are ignored. That is not a sanctuary, it is the beginning of anarchy. And the terms "divisive" and "polarizing" only apply to Republicans winners when Democrats lose. The truth is "divisive and polarizing," is actually the result of Democrat's inability to convince people that terribly failed policies are not failing. 

Earlier this month I made a trip to the San Juan River in Northern New Mexico to fish for trout. I did so to get away from the drumbeat of politics in America. I did the same thing back in November of 2012 when I sensed that the Obama policy wave (and court rulings) that took away my health insurance, raised my taxes, made it very difficult for me to arrange a loan at the bank, and increased my electric bills etc., were sure to continue. 

It turned out this year that I, like many others, believed the bogus polls the media used to justify forecasting the 2016 election outcome for Clinton. As we all know by now, Hillary Clinton will not be appointing another Ruth Bader-Ginsburg clone to ignore the U.S. Constitution.

Let's be generous here. It's Thanksgiving. Let’s set aside all of the personal failings of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The election is over. So much has already been written about the election. However, not enough has been written about what has happened during every election in America over the last fifty years. The Democratic Party has literally spent untold billions of dollars over the last five decades trying to convince African American and Latino voters that America is inherently racist. Like the sun rising and setting, the Democrats did so again in 2016.

How badly do Democrats want to divide America along racial and ethnic lines? When Donald Trump flipped more than 200 counties this year, counties that voted for Obama in 2012, Hollywood and the news media immediately suggested it was because the voters were inherently racist. These voters must be like the shape-shifter Odo on the Star Trek Deep Space 9 series. Apparently, these voters in these counties that flipped again were racists when they voted for Bush, NOT racists when they voted for Obama, and then racists again when they voted for Trump.

Of course Democrats can’t seem to offer any plausible explanations for how or why this "racism on, racism off, racism back on again, actually occurs.......mainly because there are no plausible explanations to support their tired old worn out racist labeling. In America, only Hollywood and the biased news media can pony up dumb assertions without any facts to support their ridiculous claims.

Allow me a couple more paragraphs to help you get a better idea of just how whacked out pop culture has become in America. Consider actor Brandon Victor Dixon. Dixon is one of the actors in the Broadway play, "Hamilton." This man, complicit with the entire cast of the play, thought it was perfectly acceptable to stop in mid script last weekend to lecture Vice President-elect Mike Pence regarding "equality, sexism, and diversity. It seems that Pence was in the audience, having paid, along with everyone else, to see a play.

Let's pause for a moment. Can you imagine what the mainstream media's reaction would have been if a GOP actor (are there any?) did the same thing to Tim Kaine that the cast did to Pence if Hillary had won? Can you say crucify? You can bet the GOP would have joined the condemnations.

Comically, it turns out that poor Mr. Dixon should be heeding his own advice. Dixon is on the record for having used extremely derogatory terms toward women when tweeting his own thoughts back in 2013. Here is an example of the morally superior Dixon's thought processes when he exchanged tweets with a woman named Tamika Lawrence:

@TAMIKASLAWRENCE tweeted: “Remember when NFL players would just play the game, bang mad ho's, and collect their checks? Guess that's not enough anymore.”

To which the model of moral superiority Dixon responded: “The problem is ho's aren't what they used to be. If ho game would step up, cats wouldn't get distracted.” 9:06 AM - 27 Jun 2013

Pardon me here. The last time I checked, the term "ho," was patently misogynist and exceedingly offensive. How did the news media handle the revelation of these vulgar tweets by a guy with the balls to lecture someone else on morality? Well.....while Dixon’s lecture to Pence was covered reverently (he was congratulated by news outlets controlled by Democratic Party group think), Dixon has yet to be asked by those same news outlets to explain his own disgusting misogynist tweets. Apparently everyone in the media was too busy casting the first stone at Mike Pence for being a Republican to confront Dixon with his hypocrisy.

Laughably, it turns out that Mr. Dixon has Colin Kaepernick's disease. This is a disease that also afflicts so many of the Trump protesters around the country. It seems that the public education system has coddled and pampered Dixon, Kaepernick, and the rest of the progressive children in our country for so long, millions of them are actually too lazy to vote. And it is this "collective" laziness that makes me so thankful on Thanksgiving 2016.

You should be thankful for this too!


Swickard Column: Thankful for Thanksgiving

© 2016 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.  A caller to my radio talk show a few years ago said, “If you had not come to North America, the Native Americans would still be living free in a glorious land all by themselves. Shame on you for ruining it for them.”
            My first thought was: I’m old, but I am not that old. I replied, “If Europeans had not come, Russia or another organized culture would have conquered these tribes.”
            Those North America populations lacked a cohesive organization. Any time within a couple decades of Europeans landing the native populations could have suddenly and thoroughly wiped out all Europeans if they coordinated their efforts.
            That way of life was doomed by the tribes not being organized. But what was done is done. All we today can do four hundred years later is treat those indigenous descendants fairly and with cultural sensitivity.
            Our country has been uniformly unreliable in dealing with the indigenous populations. Most 19th Century agreements were broken. Americans did not care. However, many of us do care now but it is impossible to right those wrongs. I think of this each year especially on Thanksgiving.
            One thing totally American is the Thanksgiving holiday which developed long after the Pilgrims. Most of the heavy lifting to make this the holiday that it is goes to Abraham Lincoln. The final placement was tied to Franklin Roosevelt in World War Two.
            It’s a holiday I’ve celebrated all my life. I am thankful that my ancestors did come to these lands. Two branches of my family came about the same time and were in the Revolutionary War. They were on opposite sides. But during my lifetime the two branches enjoyed Thanksgiving… my mother and father.
            Our simplistic discussion of the “First Thanksgiving” has some aspects of truth but not a general truth. Regardless, that was then and this is now. Many of us, myself especially, have so much to be thankful for that a holiday focused on being thankful is perfect.
            We in the 21st Century are not the people of the past. In the last two hundred years, this nation has dealt with most of the human rights issues that were a blight upon our nation. As such we have a president with an African heritage and we almost elected a woman president. We are a nation trying to be a better people.
            We have stumbled a bit with the election since it seems to have brought out the worst in some people on both sides. I for one am very happy that it is over. Hopefully we can do some work before we must stop and have another election.
            This is the American way. In my life thankfulness is a way of life. Much of what we have with prosperity and freedom was paid for by other Americans. Often we never know their names but we see the effect of them in our better lives.
            One major task remains. In the coming years, we must heal the final American wound, that of the indigenous people. While none of those people treated so badly are still alive, the Native Americans, as a whole, continue to not enjoy a prosperity equal to other minorities in our nation.
            How to do so is something that I do not know. There is a need to have justice with the Native Americans in our country. We are troubled by the word sovereignty. Are they or not? I don’t know. We are wrong to think they should be thankful that our ancestors came and conquered their ancestors.
            But should Native Americans celebrate thankfulness at this holiday named Thanksgiving. Absolutely, if they so desire to focus on the individual act of thankfulness. They can ignore the “First Thanksgiving” that is mostly made up. And those moments that destroyed their ancestor’s world. But we are alive now.
            We all should celebrate thankfulness, not for history or politics but for the human emotion of hope and individual thankfulness.
            I’m personally thankful for my loving family and friends. Also for the many years I have been allowed to write a weekly newspaper column. To all of you reading this I am grateful and wish you peace and happiness.


Believing Your Own Lies

© 2016 Jim Spence - Things are a changing in America. The American voters seem to have realized there are so many problems to solve in America you can’t count them all. And solving problems is going to require CHANGE.
The vast majority of people say they do not trust the media. Should we believe the media now that the election is over? Just a day or so before the election, the internet news site Huffington Post told its readers that after conducting extensive analysis, it had concluded that Hillary Clinton had a 98% chance of winning. This astoundingly bad prediction by Huffpo made the New York Times election analysis, which set the odds at 85% for a Clinton victory, seem almost forgivable. Other news outlets were similarly way off the mark, with bogus exit polls distorting reality even after polls had closed. Perhaps it might be a good idea to go elsewhere for astute analysis from now on?
You can't give the media another chance based on what it is cooking up now that the Trump appointments are starting to roll in. Let’s start with Senator Jeff Sessions, the Trump nominee for Attorney General. Sessions is famous in Alabama for prosecuting the head of the KKK there. Sessions actually sought and secured the death penalty for the Klan chief after convicting him. It seems that Sessions also fought to desegregate Alabama schools. However, since Session is a white Republican one of his colleagues, a black Democrat told fellow Democrats in the Senate thirty years ago that Sessions made a joke about the KKK being "ok" until he discovered they smoked pot. Of course Sessions made this quip while he was prosecuting the Klan. It seems that if you could just allow your self the "flexibility" to take the Sessions joke out of the context of him prosecuting the Klan, you could then interpret what he said as being racist. So…….there you go. This is going to be all that the mainstream media needs to smear Sessions.
Let’s see, what else can we “learn” about Trump’s bigotry from the astute analysis of the Democrats in the mainstream media as the post election era begins. Apparently, Donald Trump is a raging anti-Semite. Democratic Party fanatic and Hollywood icon Rob Reiner said so on national TV earlier this week. Of course this charge comes as news to Trump’s son-in-law and confidant Jared Kushner, as well as to Trump’s daughter Ivanka. Not only did Trump give Ivanka away when she married Kushner, who is Jewish, Ivanka converted to Judaism prior to the vows. The couple was married in an Orthodox Jewish ceremony in 2009. These days Trump’s three grandchildren from the Kushner branch of the family are being raised in the Jewish faith. It is widely know that Donald Trump supported his daughter’s conversion to Judaism and supports his grandchildren being raised as Jews.
Still, you have to respect the mainstream media because Meat Head Rob Reiner charged Trump with being an anti-Semite. So there you go. What else do you need to have to run with this story of anti-Semitic bigotry by Trump?
Clearly one thing that is NOT changing is how our mainstream media covers what is going on now that Team Trump is gearing up to govern in the wake of the election results. It would seem, according to NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, CNN, the Huffington Post, the Washington Post, and the New York Times, that the same pack of racist, homophobic, women-haters, that were elected by deplorable people (American voters), are starting to appoint horrible human beings to key positions.
Does it really come as a big surprise that Democrats have not learned a thing about their terrible blinders in the wake of their stunning defeat?
It is very hard to learn lessons when you are inclined to believe your own lies.


Fake News.......a history

© 2016 Jim Spence - Google and Facebook are cracking down on “fake news.” It is an interesting concept. There is certainly plenty of fake everything on the internet…….including fake news. Of course the truth is the two tech companies are merely powerful internet portals; meaning that their users look through their sites to see things on other sites. Is it noble for these two tech giants to assume the role of being the internet information consumer’s protectors? Is it truly within their capability to make subjective judgments on all news sites? The pressure for these sites to institute these censor filters has come from Democrats still seething over their election loss last week. And both Google and Facebook’s leaders have shown themselves to be overwhelmingly sympathetic to Democrats.
Comedian Dennis Miller is a sometimes coarse and sometimes profound man of ideas who once said (paraphrased), “We Americans always want to help the helpless, but there is not much you can do about the clueless.” It would seem that Google and Facebook, now believe they can help the clueless by filtering out their access to fake news sites.
The idea of FAKE NEWS SITES stirred my memory. I thought back a dozen years to the Kerry versus Bush election of 2004. It was September 8, 2004 when a seemingly legitimate news outlet, CBS News, sent out anchor Dan Rather to stun the world by saying he had in his possession, a series of memos critical of President George W. Bush's Texas Air National Guard service record. Rather claimed these documents had been discovered in the personal files of Lt. Bush's former commanding officer, Lt. Col. Jerry B. Killian. Unfortunately for Mr. Rather, it was the forces of the internet that actually vetted his bogus story. Once copies of the documents were posted on the internet, their authenticity was quickly called into question by dozens of experts. It turns out that the documents were proportionally printed and displayed using modern typographic conventions that were unavailable on military typewriters of the 1970s. In fact, the font used on these otherwise politically charged documents was an identical match of the standard font features used on Microsoft Word which did not exist when the documents were created.
Quickly it became obvious that the memos CBS had trotted out to discredit George W. Bush just prior to an election were forgeries and not very good ones at all. Soon all media outlets, including other news outlets sympathetic to the Democrats including The Washington Post and The New York Times conceded that CBS had run with FAKE NEWS.
Though CBS initially defended the story and insisted that the documents had been authenticated by experts, soon CBS was being contradicted by the experts it had originally cited in defending its fake news. Eventually CBS admitted that its source for the documents – former Texas Army National Guard officer Lt. Col. Bill Burkett – had misled the network about how he had obtained them. Sixteen days later on September 20, 2004, just a few weeks before the election, CBS retracted the story as fake news. Rather issued the following admission, "If I knew then what I know now, I would not have gone ahead with the story as it was aired, and I certainly would not have used the documents in question." It wouldn’t have taken much for Rather to know……if he hadn’t believed what he wanted to believe about those fake documents.

My question is pretty simple. Will Google and Facebook BLOCK site user’s access to the CBS News site? Many observers tell me CBS is still running fake news. Since history suggests that CBS has a long track record of running fake stories to affect the outcome of presidential elections, I think they should be the first fake news site to be blocked by Google and Facebook.  The rest of the mainstream media deserves close scrutiny too......or maybe we should just let readers make the call on what is fake..........like they did with CBS a dozen years ago.


Swickard: New Mexico can’t afford politician promises

© 2016 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.  “The politicians say ‘we’ can’t afford a tax cut. Maybe we can’t afford the politicians.” Steve Forbes
             The election is over so we must stop talking election politics and have these who were elected start making the tough decisions. I don’t care who is running in 2018 or 2020, we must fix serious problems now.
            Running for office has little to do with fixing New Mexico’s financial problems. In fact, it may make our problems worse since running for office often entails making elaborate promises to spend more money. We don’t have more money, we have less. The problem is two-fold.
            First, in the last New Mexico Legislative session in January New Mexico legislators put in the budget a far rosier revenue projection than what has actually been collected this year. No amount of posturing by politicians can change this shortfall. Hard choices must be made since New Mexico is spending more money than available.
            New Mexico’s budget is unlike the federal government since New Mexico cannot spend more money than it has. The New Mexico Constitution is clear that New Mexico cannot deficit spend.
            The New Mexico 2016 budget is running in the red and it is likely the same problem will be for the 2017 budget when the Legislature meets next January. Some people running for office have not worried about this problem since they put their entire attention on winning their election. Now the price for victory will be paid.
            One of two things must be done. New Mexico must spend less or collect more. Perhaps they could do both. Raising taxes is problematic since it is dynamic. The higher the tax rate goes up, more New Mexicans will take legal actions to avoid those taxes. I didn’t say evade which is illegal, rather, they will avoid them.
            One dramatic way is to move to a state with no state income tax such as Texas. While a pain in the keister to move, it does happen and the New Mexico budget suffers. The legislators could retroactively tax which would make it hard to avoid paying the tax but that would also drive taxpayers out of the state.
            New Mexico has a great climate and yummy green chile but there are states near that have good climates and no state income tax. Yes, you would have to change the spelling to chili which doesn’t impress me. The state could tax businesses more but again it causes some businesses to leave and therefore less rather than more money to be collected.
            The sensible thing would be to cut the budget down significantly but the big spending party ran the political table in much of the recent election so I do not expect this to happen. Promises of more money for many things were made and were rewarded with election victories.
            What I am hearing is that these are extraordinary times so extraordinary actions are needed. New Mexico has lots and lots of money in Permanent Funds which are not supposed to be touched. But this is extraordinary.
            Some people wish to spend money from NM’s Permanent Funds. It won’t be easy but it can be done. Should it be done is a better question. In a word: no. Alaska is in a big political whirl because the residents are used to getting lots of money for being a resident and the decline of oil revenue is making this impossible.
            New Mexico’s troubles likewise go to oil and gas revenue which is not providing as much support as the legislators want to spend. The budget over just a few years has gone up fifty percent but going down ten percent for some legislators is out of the question.
            This January New Mexico has the best chance to solve their financial woes without an election immediately on the horizon. Regardless, some wish to confiscate NM’s Permeant Funds and go on a spree of spending the likes of which this state has never seen.
            One day the Permanent Funds will be gone. These politicians will sneak out of public service with their retirement. It will be our children’s problem. I refuse to betray them this way. I hope you will refuse also.


Pardon me Mr. Obama

© 2016 Jim Spence - Here’s another odd element of the post election dialogue.
It has been said that Donald Trump should pardon Hillary Clinton and abandon “his” investigations of her. This is comical. The last time anyone checked, it is Loretta Lynch, an Obama appointee who is running the U.S. Department of Justice. The DOJ has authority over the FBI and Mr. Obama is the chief executive officer of the United States. Accordingly, all investigations with authority to prosecute the Clintons were initiated under the Department of Justice that is 100% controlled by Obama and his Democratic Party appointees.
Mr. Obama has more than two months left in his term. He continues to be free to terminate the FBI investigations of the Clinton Foundation, and if he wishes pardon Hillary Clinton for any actions she may have taken that are prosecutable.
A logical question arises. When did it become Donald Trump’s responsibility to tell Mr. Obama what his Department of Justice should do, even for the final two months of his term?
Perhaps Trump should publically defer to the existing administration and its own decision to investigate the Clinton Foundation. If Mr. Obama wants to let Loretta Lynch know she should call off the FBI investigations of the Clintons and pardon the Clintons, my guess is Mr. Trump will not reverse that process when he is inaugurated.
So what will Mr. Obama do? It would be a good start to simply admit these investigations into the Clinton Crime Syndicate started within HIS Justice Department…….not the GOP’s. Of course don’t waste any energy expecting the media to point any of this out. The discredited media is already fast at work attempting to build on the negative and divisive narratives it promoted during the election.
Still the great irony of this investigation into all of the criminal behaviors of the Clintons, behaviors that Obama’s Justice Department was investigating, is that Mr. Obama and none of his surrogates ever took the opportunity to appoint a special prosecutor……nor did they simply put an end to the investigations. Instead of bringing the issue to a conclusion, the Obama administration has refused to end it. Obama has let this linger when he could have killed it.
Why should Trump do the dirty work for the Democrats? Let Obama clean the scum out of his own kitchen.

Kaepernick has company

© 2016 Jim Spence - Sometimes a guy like Colin Kaepernick can do rational Americans a huge favor. Since I have written extensively about what a stiff this backup quarterback with the $100 million contract and nothing good to say about America is, I’ll refrain from a thorough rehash. Suffice to say Kaepernick represents the essence of the Black Lives Matter movement…..a movement that endorses the killing of cops and is embraced by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and every other high-profile, race baiting, big government socialist that has infected the Democratic Party. 
Kaepernick’s woe is me because I am a person of color narrative, has actually been the stock and trade of the Democrats for decades. Nobody can exemplify this view better than a fabulously wealthy and over-paid half-black man, (not Obama, Colin Kaepernick). And just when you thought Kaepernick and all of his twisted thought processes had reached a crescendo a few weeks ago, he topped himself right after the election.
How could he top himself? He started with being clueless of the fact that in many countries if he sat during the national anthem, he’d be jailed instead of seeing a nice uptick in his licensed jersey sales. Second, his ignorance was compounded by the fact that unlike in the America he doesn’t respect, in many countries nobody gets to vote. When asked who he voted for, Kaepernick replied that he hadn’t bothered to vote. This was laughable to many of us and outrageous to others. Kaepernick's revelation even set off a few of his fellow race baiters. One such race-baiter, Stephen Smith of ESPN, was particularly indignant. He was furious that a person with such strong held political beliefs would not bother to make value judgments and press the buttons for the candidate who best represented his beliefs, or even alternatively at least take the time to vote against the candidates that least represented his beliefs. Nope, Kaepernick simply chose to express no value judgments on the great questions at hand. What a schmuck.
My main point here actually has NOTHING to do with Colin Kaepernick. We already knew what a schmuck he is. Kaepernick merely serves a great lead-in to a discussion about Mitt Romney, George H.W. Bush, Jeb Bush, George W. Bush, Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, John Kasich, and many other supposedly pro-constitution thinkers who have urged people to vote thousands of times.
I remember John Kasich’s television show on Fox. He educated viewers on the importance of voting to make sure the judicial system was not poisoned by jackass justices who would ignore the document (the U.S. Constitution) that should be their guiding principle. I also remember Mitt Romney’s days as governor of Massachusetts. During his tenure he said and did things that turned my stomach. Still, I held my nose and voted for Romney in 2012. After all he might have to appoint a Supreme Court justice. Sometimes you have to do chose the imperfect over disaster.
I remember that George H.W. Bush branded the policies of Ronald Reagan as “voodoo economics” a year before they began to produce the longest peacetime economic expansion in the history of America. Yep, I held my nose and voted for Bush in 1988. I remember the short comings of George W. Bush, including the utter lack of spending discipline during his first term. I held my nose and voted for him again in 2004 just in case a Supreme Court judge died or stepped down. I also remember on separate occasions hearing Barbara Bush and Laura Bush explain how important it was to make sure that their husbands were afforded the opportunity to appoint solid pro-constitution justices. Yes, I agreed with these first lady's logic too.
Think about the predictable conflicts those of us who understand the character flaws of Donald Trump faced this year. Sorry folks, all of the so-called Republicans that I just named in the above paragraphs (and many others), faced those same conflicts. We all knew what one more Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, or Elena Kagan would do to permanently damage our nation. What did we rational thinkers do about the conflicts? We held our noses, just as we always have, and we did our duty to head off a disaster in the judicial branch of our government.
What about the Bushes, the Romney’s, the Kasich’s and the dozens of other high profile Republicans who seemed almost eager to tell reporters they left the box for president on their ballots blank? In doing so, they made the decision that they were willing to let the Supreme Court of the United States fall into the hands of Marxists. Think about this. This is dereliction of duty.
These people should be politically castrated. If they shouldn't be castrated I want to hear them explain, given their own character flaws, what their “higher principle” was for deciding to go the way of Colin Kaepernick on the rest of us.
Schmucks. Total schmucks.

Ten great ideas plus the follow-up thought

© 2016 Jim Spence - Below is a list of ten great ideas the Democrats came up with over the last eight years.
1) Let’s gut the healthcare system in America. We’ll tell people we aren’t gutting the system by assuring them if they like their insurance they can keep it, knowing full well they are going to see their policies cancelled and only be offered policies that stink. We will also tell them their premiums are going down and their coverage is going to improve when we know their premiums are going to go up and their coverage is going to go down. Once we do this we will call this process our “signature achievement.”
2) Let’s demand that grown men be allowed to pee and crap in the ladies rooms anytime they want to, based on which sex they say they identify as. If anyone objects to this insanity, we will curl our lips and call them bigots and extremists.
3) After radical Muslim terrorists have shouted “Allah Akbar” and butchered hundreds of Americans in separate incidents around the nation, let’s say that their radical religious-based mass murders, that are tolerated in many mosques, have nothing to do with their religion.
4) Let’s pretend that streams of refugees from Muslim countries that indoctrinate all citizens to hate America as a matter of routine, pose no threat. In fact, let’s re-settle these people in America against the will of the people who already live here with no concern whatsoever for whether or not these people have already been radicalized or will become radicalized.
5) Let’s ignore the film of a 350 pound black man as he is robbing a convenience store. Let’s also ignore the evidence that this same criminal attacked a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri a few minutes later. Next let’s pretend the mountain of forensic evidence that confirms this criminal tried to take the officer’s weapon doesn’t exist. Finally, let’s ignore all of the evidence against this violent punk, and instead claim that he was a victim of racism. We can use the Justice Department to blame his death on the police there instead of his own criminal behavior.
6) Let’s look at cop killings by blacks all over America by Black Lives Matter sympathizers and infer that we should place the blame on white people and their “attitudes.”
7) Let’s ignore the epidemic of black-on-black murders in the inner cities because it serves no political purpose we are interested in to try to fix this problem.
8) Let’s jail a wide variety of people for minor mishandling of classified information but use our Attorney General to force the FBI to look the other way when a former Secretary of State destroys her official classified emails and then lies about it.
9) Let’s ignore all of the warning signs of a pending terrorist attack in Benghazi, order first responders to stand down, and then claim no responsibility for our actions when four Americans are murdered there. Then we can put together a lie about the causes and blame them on a video when we are questioned by the media.
10) Let’s embrace the 9 ideas above and then become collectively astonished when our candidate, who agreed with all of these ideas didn’t win the presidency.
Moving forward let's turn our attention to the millions of people who voted for Obama twice, before voting for Trump in 2016………let’s call them all racists and blame the entire election loss on racism.

Beating Hillary was easy, irony of the race card

© 2016 Jim Spence - It is time to make a couple of points that desperately need to be made lest we all be delusional about what we have all witnessed this week.
The “Trump Miracle” was, in reality, a rejection of the Obamas and the Clintons. It was a win that Trump, due to his glaring flaws, made look much harder than it had to be.
The truth is pretty simple. Defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016 was going to be very easy for anyone else. Sorry to break it to you, but millions of people voted for Trump in spite of him. They did so because they knew what the implications were for the third branch of government (the judiciary) if they did not. They also knew Obama’s policies have been a disaster.
Thanks to a completely discredited news media (except Fox), the Marxist freight train, one which our education system has failed to teach people about for decades, looked unstoppable just a few days ago. It wasn’t unstoppable. It stopped itself. The Democratic Party train wreck is historic. But again…….and make no mistake……..defeating Hillary Clinton was no tough feat. Marco Rubio could have done it easily and won by a much wider margin. Ted Cruz could have done it easily too. The same is true for more than a dozen of the GOP candidates who were running against Trump in the GOP primaries. To make Trump’s win some sort of Trump miracle is to do what America is prone to doing.......grossly exaggerate an interesting situation.
All of this being said, what Trump did in terms of giving the middle finger to every elite on both sides of the aisle was pretty extraordinary. In this sense he deserves unique credit. Because of the way GOP elites treated him he is beholden to practically nobody. This could be important.
The second point is the great irony of the Clinton’s getting beat in part because of their pathological insistence on playing the race card. 
Understand this about the Clintons, if you understand nothing else. They are cold calculating executioners who have cared nothing about anything except grabbing low hanging political fruit that kind that gives them more power. The most predictable thing the Clintons have done through most of their careers is to stoke the racial paranoia fears within the black community. The Clinton’s pandering to racial paranoia in the black community finally backfired in 2008. It was then that Barack Obama, deliciously turned the Clinton’s race card playing on its ear. Obama inferred to millions of endlessly gullible black voters that the Clinton’s were racists too. In doing so, he turned the Democratic primaries in his favor by snatching the black vote right out of the hands of the disgustingly patronizing Clintons and into his own disgusting hands.
The Clintons were furious in 2008 at being called racists by Obama. Imagine that. The Clintons have always believed that they should be able to betray anyone at any time, while also believing that nobody, including Obama, should ever be allowed to betray them, especially by using race baiting tactics.
Fast forward. Nearly eight years after the failed Obama policies have been laid bare for everyone to see, it was very clear that Obama had delivered NOTHING for anyone. Accordingly, the Clintons were faced with a dilemma regarding the truth. The Clintons could try to con people and pretend Obama’s policies were a success, or they could run the risk of losing the black vote by running AGAINST all of the obvious Obama failures including the spawning of Black Lives Matter, an organization defined by police officer murders all around the nation.
The Clintons believed that yet another lie was in order.......because they were ADDICTED to that 92% black vote. As such, the Clintons continued to pretend Obama’s polices have worked while the nation wanted change.
In the end, it was actually comical what happened to Hillary Clinton. The Clintons desperately needed a big turnout in the black community. They went so far as to repeatedly blame most of American ills including the murders of cops on white bigotry. They did this because they thought they needed to do it to get the black vote. In their overreach, Hillary Clinton mortally offended the majority of Americans, millions of non-racist whites in America.
What did Hillary get in return for inferring that almost all whites are racist? She got nothing. The black voters did exactly what they have been conditioned to do by Democrats. For at least six decades Democrats have done everything to convince blacks to see almost all white people with great suspicion. Sadly, Mr. Obama doubled down on this cynically divisive stand for the last eight years. The great paranoia stoking that stigmatizes all white people in the minds of millions of blacks is now complete. And thanks to a divisive message from Democrats, inner city black American voters are still the most monolithic voters in the history. Black voters saw Hillary as nothing more than a wrinkled, old, white woman. Unfortunately for Democrats this crass manipulation of black voters has limits. Blacks rarely turn out in large percentages for elections……..except in the case when a black person (i.e. Obama) is on the ticket.
What are Democrats going to do now? Will they require all of their future presidential candidates to be black or will they stop lying to blacks?
Stay tuned.


America wants change, Las Cruces and New Mexico want status quo

© 2016 Jim Spence - If you look at the national election there are a few inescapable conclusions. Around the nation voters wanted CHANGE. In New Mexico voters wanted status quo. New Mexico defied national trends. On the national stage in 2016, Democrats nominated one of the most reprehensible people to ever seek public office. Hillary Clinton is a terrible liar. She was a horrible candidate. Democrats paid the ultimate price for nominating Clinton. 
However, on the local, regional, and statewide level, the fact that New Mexico Democrats offer terrible candidates almost never seems to matter. One has to wonder when New Mexico's citizens will start to get it, if ever.
By and large national voters repudiated the progressive mindset that wants us to passively accept the corrosive economic stagnation that has set in under Mr. Obama. And Democrat’s attempts to con voters into thinking there has been a robust recovery since the last recession fell flat.
The health care that Mr. Obama was going to fix is getting worse, much worse. And everyone knows it. However, in New Mexico, and particularly in Las Cruces where we live, the voters seemed perfectly content with economic stagnation as well as the progressive con job on health care etc. 
Las Cruces in particular seems content with sending more idiots to Santa Fe. The evidence of the mindlessness is everywhere. Intelligent public servants like Andy Nunez, Dr. Terry McMillan, and Lee Cotter will be replaced in Santa Fe by people who can best be described as human parasites. The newest grafters to displace New Mexico’s efforts to break out of sixty years of Democrat domination in the state are Nathan Small and Joanne Ferrary. Additionally, Jeff Steinborn, who has never had a real job, will replace Lee Cotter. Steinborn will move his economic wrecking ball from the House to the Senate.
Anyone with a lick of sense has seen the progressive political influences within the Democratic Party erode the economic vitality of Las Cruces, Dona Ana County, and the state of New Mexico for decades. And progressives continue to offer one stupid proposal after another. Fortunately, the state has had Susanna Martinez to veto the Democrat stupid ideas in recent years. 
No doubt the disturbing pattern of economic destruction seems sure to get worse with the likes of Small and Ferrary headed to Santa Fe along with Steinborn going over from the House to the Senate. There Steinborn is sure to insert his inane ideas into legislation in the upper house.
In the end, while the nation went for change, New Mexico went for more of the same or worse. Small and Ferrary are certain to cast dumb votes instead of the smart ones Dr. McMillan and Andy Nunez did. Our Governor will have to make sure there is still plenty of ink in the veto pen.


Swickard column: The always watching society

© 2016 Michael Swickard, Ph.D.  “Whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world were watching.” Thomas Jefferson
            Thomas Jefferson was more right today in his quote from two hundred years ago than when he was alive. Back then only if people were watching could they see what happened. Yes, someone could tell them what happened but to see it for themselves they had to be there when it happened.
            With amazing changes in our technology, we are now a society that is always watching and recording whatever happens anywhere. When anything happens, out comes the cellphones and the product goes on the Internet almost instantly so that lots of people know within moments.
            When I was younger and would come upon a traffic accident people would pile out of their cars to see if they could help those involved. Today people pile out of their cars and most jerk out their cellphones to record and instantly post what is happening rather than provide any help either for those injured or to direct traffic so no one else gets hurt. They just stand being of no use in a crisis.
            This would predict a respectful and lawful society since whatever you do will probably be recorded in security tapes, personal cellphones or other recording devices. But it seems we have a society that knows it is being recorded and acts badly despite the fact there always is a record of their actions.
            Often when confronted with the evidence they have done something wrong their response is: are you going to believe me or believe your own eyes? And we seem to believe the liars because we have a need for what they are lying about and so will be hopeful rather than truthful.
            With an always watching and recording society it is prudent to assume anything you do outside of your own home is being recorded. Not necessarily watched every moment, there are not enough people on our planet to watch everything as it is being recorded. But anything you do can be seen if there is a reason to look.
            I am so surprised when I see people doing things in stores which uniformly have security cameras. There is little chance that someone can do something without it being available for people to see and judge. This is especially so at athletic events, even local sports events.
            Example: recently it appears to me that at a New Mexico high school football game the referees cheated one New Mexico high school out of a victory in the last minute of the game. Frankly, this has happened before but what is different is that the theft is being watched by thousands of people on the Internet.
            The people who were broadcasting the game selected the last minute of the game where the game officials cheated and posted it on the Internet which is where I saw it. To those interested, it was a New Mexico high school football game between Artesia and Goddard high schools.
            Artesia won the game several times but the referees cheated which is shown on the recording. Least you think I am an Artesia supporter, no, I went to Goddard High School in the Fall of 1966. I have no dog in this controversy other than it is obviously a theft that was recorded.
            If you want to see this use the search term, “The final 37 seconds of this high school football game took asurreal 17 minutes.” I have watched it a couple times and those seventeen minutes are beyond belief. Each time I watch this I cannot believe that there was no action taken by the controlling authorities.
            Previously when these kinds of things happen you had to be at the game to see it or perhaps you could get a look at what each school had recorded. And even with the evidence so easily seen, the authorities are ignoring the theft and the given game stands. Sad.
            What has left the always watching society is truth. We cannot get the truth back into our society because so much of our always watching society loves to cheat and lie. I’m so very sad and that’s the truth.


Do we really want more idiots to vote?

© 2016 Jim SpenceBe sure to remember to vote. How often do you hear that empty phrase? This is a thought worth exploring forty-eight hours before a major election. Should we encourage more people to vote?
Some people think so. Which ones? Apparently the far left cast on the show, Saturday Night Live, actually broke out of character last night. It seems that on this aging live television show, the cast stopped in midstream to remind their viewers, the ones they brainwash politically every week, to go out and "vote." No doubt these Hollywood elites are hoping their viewers will vote the way Hollywood does……in favor of the relentless march of big government socialism....to continue unchecked.
Perhaps one of the great mysteries of the day is why so many of the old pro-liberty liberals from the 1960’s and 1970’s morphed into Orwellian gov-bots? We will save exploration of that 180 degree flip flop for another day.
Still, the question should be addressed. Do we actually want everyone to vote? This would include people who don’t know what country America gained its independence from, let alone when. This would also include people who trade texts while driving their automobiles. This would also be people who watch Jerry Springer and read grocery store tabloids. These are people who know more about Pokemon than they do about Joe Biden. Essentially this would include every dumb buffoon you ever met.
When I think about voter turnout, I think about the case of the six innocent Baltimore police officers that were the victims of a malicious prosecution earlier this year. Their lawyers wisely surveyed the intellectual landscape in Baltimore. They considered that the voters there went overwhelmingly for Mr. Obama in the last two elections. These lawyers know that the city of Baltimore has an electorate that never votes for anyone except a Democrat. What did the police officer’s attorneys decide to do to insure an intelligent application of justice? What they didn’t do is put themselves at the mercy of the average Democrat voter who lives in the city of Baltimore. A pool of Democrats is a pool of fools. They knew all of these people have been brainwashed. Nope, instead they chose to be tried by a single judge not a bunch of "voters." These lawyers already knew the facts were in their favor. They knew that not only did the prosecutor have no case, but they knew that no reasonable judge would convict their clients. But they also knew idiot Democrats don't care about facts.
In the end, not only did that Baltimore judge acquit the police officers, he wrote a scathing opinion chastising the partisan Democrat prosecutor. All of this came down after the Democrats who run Baltimore, handed over $6 million of taxpayer dollars to settle a “wrongful death” lawsuit with Freddie Gray’s family.
The point here is simple. Not only is there a blanket of corruption covering virtually every major metro area in this country, this corruption is tolerated by a deeply ignorant Democrat voting population in those areas. These are Democratic Party strongholds. The would-be “voters” in these inner-cities have very few clues about anything except the welfare state. Baltimore is but a tip of the urban cesspool iceberg.
In Chicago, more than six hundred people have been murdered this year. Chicago is a Democratic Party stronghold with strict gun control laws. Detroit is another intellectual cesspool and also a Democrat stronghold. The list is endless.
This begs a question. Why would anyone with any sense think it would benefit America to get a huge voter turnout by people who are uninformed, uneducated, tolerant of violence, and willing to accept corruption? The answer is pretty easy. Democrats benefit when more of the nation’s most uniformed and uneducated people vote.
In the end there are also many educated people who vote Democrat. They do so because they live on government paychecks and want the absence of accountability that plagues all bureaucracies to continue unabated. These people can be relied on to turn out and vote Democrat simply because they long ago traded their liberties (and everyone else’s) for a job situation that makes it impossible for them to be fired for incompetence, lethargy, or sloth.
Forty-eight hours out, the last thing America needs is a big turnout within the pool of people that everybody knows is, in the aggregate, way too stupid to populate a decent jury.
You want an O.J.-like result in any election? The Clintons want that kind of result. This is why the Clinton’s are shameless in the way they are against voter ID laws. They want to make it easy for Democrats to engage in voter fraud.
Think about it. The Clintons desperately need a big turnout within the groups of people that would never to be allowed, by smart lawyers, to got a shot at judging the six innocent police officers charged by Democrats in Baltimore.
Why should anyone encourage more idiots to vote? The answer is easy. Those who do are Democrats.


Loretta Lynch, a very "special" prosecutor

Image result for nixon obama image© 2016 Jim Spence - Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton has been caught in an avalanche of lies. She has lied and lied and lied. Even when Democrats are polled exclusive of any Republicans, Hillary Clinton is branded as a pathological liar.

America goes unprotected these days. We once had a solid press that investigated Richard Nixon's criminal actions. Today the press, stacked with shameless Democratic loyalists, continues to pretend there is nothing beyond a few relatively harmless lies coming from the perpetually ethically-challenged Hillary Clinton.

The irony of these amazing breaches of national security are thick. The chief fact finder, Wikileaks, is actually a far left-leaning organization. It has been the Wikileaks hacking of websites that has produced emails that prove Barack Obama has been telling all of us as many lies as Hillary has. Barack Obama’s emails to Hillary, and his emails to others about Hillary, have completely contradicted his benign for "public consumption" statements regarding his communications with his Secretary of State.

Like Nixon, Obama has lied repeatedly to the American press and people. He has said he knew nothing about Hillary's transgressions when he actually knew everything. Astonishingly, Obama's own emails to Hillary Clinton were sent to her under a pseudonym. No U.S. president uses a pseudonym. It is absurd. And Obama's emails to others actually called for the "cleaning up" of Hillary's illegal server activities......the ones he has said he knew nothing of.

What is also profoundly corrupt about this situation is Nixon-like fashion in which Obama is using Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department (can you say John Mitchell) to obstruct justice. Lynch has clearly been pressuring the FBI to bury these crimes instead of prosecuting them. The trouble for Lynch is the corruption is simply too widespread. Accordingly, new and even more compelling evidence continues to pop up. This is happening as practically everyone around the Clinton Crime Syndicate falls under criminal investigation.

Consider that Hillary Clinton orchestrated the destruction of subpoenaed evidence. In classic criminal mode, Hillary thought ALL of the evidence she ordered destroyed, actually got destroyed. Ooops, Hillary forgot to order the destruction of Huma Abedin's laptop computer. Abedin's laptop also happened to be Anthony Wiener’s laptop computer. And because Wiener came under investigation for his own perverse transgressions, many emails Hillary thought were destroyed showed up on his computer when the FBI was taking a look at it. No doubt Ms. Lynch wanted the FBI to ignore this new cache of evidence. But the FBI didn't. 

Hillary has suddenly began condemning FBI Director James Comey for looking at evidence she thought had been destroyed. Comey you will recall, is the man that just three months ago the Clinton camp was thanking for letting her skate.

The problem for A.G. Lynch is the FBI has career law enforcement agents. Unlike Lynch, real law enforcement people take their oaths seriously. Career FBI agents realize they have prosecuted and jailed dozens of people who have done far less than Hillary Clinton. Unlike Lynch, who has no integrity, FBI agents can't make themselves continue to look the other way.

Of course the larger problem with pursuing charges against Clinton is the process is sure to ensnare Barack Obama. Once again as is always the case with corrupt politicians, the cover-up is a crime in itself. This cover-up  is going to be even more serious. Loretta Lynch needs all the help she can get on this one. Accordingly, former Obama A.G. Eric Holder, the only A.G. ever censured by Congress for lying under oath, pitched in to help Lynch this week. With the facts all pointing to widespread corruption, Holder found it necessary to run cover for Lynch by writing a preposterous op-ed piece for get this.......the Washington Post. The irony is almost too much. In this op-ed piece Holder defends all of the corrupt actions Lynch has taken simply by attacking Comey.

The truth is FBI Director James Comey never wanted to let Hillary Clinton skate the first time. He simply was relentlessly pressured by Loretta Lynch to not pursue his law enforcement duties with Clinton. Comey knew Lynch would not prosecute so instead of resigning he played ball.

Sadly the American press is the most astonishing entity involved (or not involved) in this massive corruption, The press which almost uniformly affirmed Comey earlier this year as he claimed he was not in favor of prosecuting Hillary, is now parroting the Democrat's condemnation of him. Comey should have done himself a favor and resigned when the overt corruption of one, Loretta Lynch forced him to not do his job the first time.

The difference between Obama and Nixon is easy to spell out. There will be no need for a Nixon-like Saturday night massacre in 2016, simply because no SPECIAL PROSECUTOR was ever appointed to clean up this mess. The absence of a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR has always been the key to obstructing justice. In short, Obama has refused to prosecute himself. 

The charade will continue. James Comey is going to seemingly be allowed to do his job, while Loretta Lynch continues to obstruct justice behind the scenes, Lynch will shield Hillary Clinton from any prosecution, because Lynch must, at all costs, avoid a legal discovery process that would bring to even more light, all the ways in which Barack Obama told the American people a pack of lies regarding his own handling of classified information.

You see, only the little people get prosecuted for breaking national security laws……little unimportant people, like soldiers and others who risk their lives to protect the Clintons the Obamas, and the rest of America. There is a reason why special prosecutors are needed for big shots and the Clintons and Obamas are way smarter than Nixon about these situations. They already have their own special prosecutor. Her name is Loretta Lynch.