WAC Reaches Agreement with Fresno State and Nevada

The Western Athletic Conference, Fresno State and Nevada have reached an agreement resolving their disputes regarding the departure of Nevada and Fresno State from the WAC.  Fresno State and Nevada will remain members of the WAC in all sports through June 30, 2012.
Fresno State and Nevada will each pay $900,000 to resolve all claims of the WAC regarding their departure.  Read more here.

Rich: Clear and Present Threat

Howard Rich
From Townhall.com - by Howard Rich - A new Gallup poll shows that forty-six percent of Americans believe the federal government “poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens.” The other fifty-four percent? Obviously they aren’t paying attention to what’s happening in their country. Read here:

Democrats’ Estate Tax Plan Trips Next Secretariat:

Amity Schlaes
From Bloomberg - The estate tax is one topic getting lost in the dust of the midterm races. That’s a pity. This tax, now quiescent, is set to roar back like a stallion in 2011 if lawmakers don’t rein it in with new legislation. The destruction caused by the estate tax can be hard to capture. This is partly because the family business dynamic, so affected by the tax, is also hard to describe. Nonetheless, if left unchecked, this levy can trip up not only the workings of a family enterprise but also the general economy. An entertaining reminder of this fact is a film in theaters this midterm autumn. Read here:


Einstein's Insanity Alive and Well at the Fed

Albert Einstein
From Bloomberg - by Mark Gilbert - Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different outcomes. The crazy gang at the Federal Reserve should heed those words when debating how much more market manipulation to inflict on the world of fixed income. The worrisome thing about so-called quantitative easing -- a concept still novel enough to mean whatever the Humpty-Dumptys in central banking want it to -- is that its consequences remain unquantifiable, and the perceived need for more central-bank purchases of securities should make investors uneasy. Read here:

President and Jon Stewart Yuk It Up

From Bloomberg - President Barack Obama sat down yesterday for an interview long on politics and policy, and short on laughs, as he sought to reach out to younger voters by appearing on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” less than a week before congressional elections. In a discussion that stuck closely to his campaign themes of voter “frustration” with the slow economic recovery, Obama and Stewart talked health-care policy and Senate procedure as the president told the supportive crowd that change “is not going to happen overnight.” Read here:


Thatcher Prophecies Have Arrived in France

Margaret Thatcher
"The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money." - Margaret Thatcher
From Bloomberg - Train services were disrupted and flights canceled after French unions called for a fifth, and some said final, strike today against President Nicolas Sarkozy’s pension bill, passed by parliament. Unions are divided about the course of action after the lower house of parliament yesterday cast its final vote, approving the bill that will raise the minimum retirement age to 62 from 60. The bill must now be vetted by the Constitutional Court before it is promulgated into law by Sarkozy. Read here:


Larry Elder: Don't Cry for Juan Williams

Larry Elder
From Townhall.com - NPR and PBS are supposedly nonprofit. But shows like "A Prairie Home Companion," through a complex weave of private holding companies and licensing deals, made a phenomenally rich man out of Garrison Keillor. NPR and PBS executives and on-air talent enjoy salaries and benefits higher than the private sector pays comparable positions. That NPR and PBS receive public money -- in a world of hundreds of competitive television and radio stations -- is outrageous. More galling, they push a leftist worldview while taking tax dollars from non-liberals for the privilege. Pull the plug on NPR and PBS. No, don't cry for Juan Williams. Cry for America. Read here:


Not Paying Attention? - You Wish

John Kerry
From Townhall.com by David Harsanyi - Who's going to argue with Sen. John Kerry's recent claim that the American electorate "doesn't always pay that much attention to what's going on, so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth or what's happening"? Hey, that's why John Kerry keeps his job. That's why a simple three-word slogan and a bunch of saccharine speeches can propel a fresh political face into a spectacularly failed presidency. And that's why the Party of Intellect, Decency and Selflessness has a hallowed duty to point out the hard facts and truths about its opponents, those Aqua Buddha-worshipping, witchcraft-loving, Talibanish, rape-approving, women-hating, foreign-influence-peddling brutes. Read here:

More Than One Thousand Rounds Fired at Police

From the NY Daily News - The entire police force in a small Mexican town abruptly resigned Tuesday after its new headquarters was viciously attacked by suspected drug cartel gunmen. All 14 police officers in Los Ramones, a rural town in northern Mexico, fled the force in terror after gunmen fired more than 1,000 bullets and flung six grenades at their headquarters on Monday night. Read here:

Off Duty Officers Murdered on Americas Bridge

From the El Paso Times - Mexican federal police officials confirmed Wednesday that the three men killed near the Bridge of the Americas were off-duty federal police. They were reportedly waiting for someone to arrive from El Paso. The men killed Tuesday at the foot of the bridge in Juárez were Inocencio Golpe Acusca, Marco Antonio Beli Mendez, and Gustavo Hidalgo San Juan. "It is part of the reactions we have seen from criminal groups because of arrests," said federal police spokesman José Ramon Salinas. "It is a way to counteract and intimidate our federal police corps." The three men were riding in a black 2000 Ford Taurus near the Mexican customs building. The shooting prompted U.S. and Mexican authorities to stop cross-border traffic on the bridge for 20 minutes. At least 115 police officers or investigators have been killed in Juárez this year -- including 32 federal police -- according to The Associated Press. Read here:

Secretary of State's Servers in Disarray

From the New Mexico Independent - New Mexico county clerks said Wednesday it was taking them hours to print out voter sign-in rosters because of slow computers at the Secretary of State’s office. The Secretary of State’s office says the problem is being resolved, but nervous clerks are working out a Plan B. “How ridiculous is this? I can’t believe this is happening now. …The only response I got [from the SOS office] is ‘something happened to the servers’ and they don’t know what is happening or how soon they will be up,” San Miguel County Clerk Melanie Rivera told The Independent. Other clerks said it was taking them hours to print simple voter statistic reports. In fact, several clerks told the New Mexico Independent that if the problem isn’t fixed quickly it could become “a nightmare” for them this weekend when they need to print two copies of the sign-in rosters. Read here:


Harbison: 100 Years of Democrat Leadership

Jim Harbison
The elections are only days away and the public has the opportunity to change 100 years of Democrat Party rule that has kept New Mexico at the bottom of nearly every measurable category. About the only category they could not depress is the number of sunny days per year. Their policies have inhibited the economic, social and educational development of this State and have prevented New Mexicans from experiencing many of the socio-economic opportunities that residents of other States enjoy. Their policies have impoverished our citizens and made them dependent upon the State and local governments for their basic needs. Residents have been relegated to a status similar to serfs of the State of New Mexico and the Federal government.
The Democrat Party which controls the State government continues to develop more social programs that have the unintended (or intended) consequence of discouraging efforts of hard working New Mexicans to break out of this cycle of poverty and inhibits their opportunities for economic advancement. Democrats have been ineffective in creating job opportunities and their restrictive and self-serving policies have either discouraged business development or driven existing businesses from the State.
For the last eight years we have had a governor who was more concerned about his own higher political ambitions than the needs of the people of New Mexico. His role appeared to be an absentee landowner and as long as the “rent was paid” he had no real concerns about the issues that permeated the State. Corruption in New Mexico government is legendary as evidenced by the number of former State officials convicted of corruption. Ethical reform has been consistently defeated by Democrat Party leadership.
Our society has become so polarized that our elected officials, because of party affiliation, refuse to work together. They have forgotten the art of negotiation and how to work together and compromise to reach a solution that, while it may not be perfect, produces the best possible outcome for the CITIZENS rather than the party operatives. Bi-partisanship is not “I won the election so do it my way” but rather open discussion of differing opinions to reach an acceptable solution. The loser in our current political environment is not the opposing political party but the citizens of New Mexico. As citizens we all lose while they struggle to keep and maintain their control over the opposition party, enhance their bloated egos, and by default or design fail to acknowledge their role of representing the needs of the people. The old saying that “when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging” is appropriate for our current political situation. Whatever the Democrats have been doing for more than 100 years is NOT working and is NOT helping New Mexico and New Mexicans achieve their social, economic and educational potentials. Single party rule has not worked and voting more of the same will not change the results.
Perhaps it’s time to look to an alternative option and provide a different strategy to lead New Mexico out of its lowly national rankings. The Republican Party has been given little opportunity to change the policies of this State government. Obviously, the Republicans don’t have all the answers and electing them to office won’t immediately fix the many issues and problems that confront this State. However, the policies of the past 100 years of Democrat leadership have not either.
Let’s use this election to create new opportunities for this and future generations of New Mexicans. Let’s try something different and vote Republican to bring new ideas and options to achieve a more balanced approach to improving our State and improving the opportunities for our citizens.