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It is Official, Janice Arnold-Jones is "IN"

Janice Arnold-Jones
After forming an exploratory committee several months ago, former News New Mexico co-host and state Representative Janice Arnold-Jones, told the Albuquerque Journal on Friday that she will seek the Republican nomination for Congress in the Albuquerque-based 1st Congressional District. Arnold-Jones served four terms in the New Mexico House of Representatives before making an unsuccessful run in the Republican Gubernatorial primary in 2010. Arnold-Jones will face Albuquerque City Councilor Dan Lewis in the Republican congressional primary. There have also been widespread, but thus far unconfirmed rumors that Jon Barela, who serves as State Economic Development Secretary for Governor Susana Martinez, will make a run for the GOP nod in the C.D# 1 primary. Janice Arnold-Jones has long been connected to New Mexico Congressional District #1 voters. She is a graduate of Albuquerque High School and earned at Bachelor's Degree at UNM in Speech Communication.
Arnold-Jones served as a legislative intern for the Republican members of the Senate in 1974. She was instrumental in the writing and the passage of New Mexico's Criminal Sexual Conduct legislation in 1975. She married John L. Jones, a Santa Fe High School and UNM graduate. Through her husband's career, Arnold-Jones became very familiar with military issues. John Jones served in the US Navy until his retirement a few years ago.

Janice Arnold-Jones in studio
  The Jones' have two children, Robert and Mary Ellen. In November of 2002 Janice was elected to the New Mexico House of Representatives, to serve District 24. She served in the legislature until January of 2011. Her knowledge of computer systems, programming, database structure, and applications was especially helpful during her service in the New Mexico Legislature. Throughout her adult life, Janice Arnold-Jones has researched legislation, written drafts of legislation, and exercised her knowledge of parliamentary procedure in a number of arenas. Arnold-Jones also served as President of the New Mexico Poison and Drug Information Advisory Board and is an Ex-Officio Member Bernalillo County Council of Health Councils. During her time as co-host on News New Mexico we learned that she is passionate about many pressing issues facing the State of New Mexico and the United States including: balancing the federal Budget, creating economic diversity, improving education, and engaging in intelligent management of our natural resources. Arnold-Jones is also a darn good soccer coach.