Unemployment Claims Persist as 1st Quarter GDP Estimate Revised Lower

The Commerce Department reported today that first quarter gross domestic product grew slower than previously estimated. In conjunction with a report from the Department of Labor of stubbornly high unemployment claims, this latest GDP report demonstrates just how tepid the pace of economic activity has been so far in 2010. Read more:

President Obama Denies Improper Offer to Sestak

At his first press conference in more than 300 days, President Obama offered assurances that nothing improper occurred during meetings between White House officials and Congressman Joe Sestak. He said an "official" statement on the matter would be forthcoming very soon.

Rep. Sestak has made allegations that a felony was committed by unnamed White House officials when they offered him a job to drop out of his primary race with Senator Arlen Specter. Read more:


Senator Durbin Calls on Sestak to Come Clean

Senator Dick Durbin (left) calls on Rep. Joe Sestak (above) to "make it clear what happened" in his encounters with White House officials.
Sestak has clammed up about charges that the Obama administration made job offers to him as an inducement to get out of the Senate primary race with Arlen Specter. Sestak defeated Specter in last week's primary.

Since White House lawyers have cleared "unnamed" White House officials of any wrong doing and Sestak's claim allege a felony, somebody, either Sestak or the White House lawyers is not telling the truth. Read more:


America Speaking Out?

Columnist Kathryn Lopez discusses a new website that Republican hope will help them demonstrate somebody in Washington is listening. Read more:

Don't Blame Obama!

As the oil washes ashore on the gulf coast and political pressure mounts, the Obama administration is taking a considerable amount of heat. We are reminded of Hurricane Katrina, another disaster affecting the same region and how President Bush took the blame for government demonstrating an inability to respond.

Why would we blame the president for an oil rig disaster? Simple, we have been programmed to play the blame game. Is it fair or reasonable to blame anyone except British Petroleum for this incident? Not really. Is anyone noticing that government cannot do anything quickly.....well.

Opportunists on both sides of the so-called political spectrum are doing what they always do instead of problem solving. They are pointing fingers and in this situation as is the case with many situations, the president is the easiest target.
History teaches that since 1973 the U.S. has known it had an energy problem. And since 1973 not a single long range plan has been put in place to reduce our reliance on oil. Hell, even the French, hardly know for long range planning, took immediate steps to dramatically reduce their dependence on oil within fifteen years of having their economy held hostage by OPEC.
Missing in the dialogue of this envirnomental disaster is relevant discussion on what America can do to permanently solve this problem. Ironically T. Boone Pickens has an energy plan that makes sense. Will our adversarial, blame-shifting political system implement it? Take a guess.


The Points Rand Paul Was Trying to Make

Columnist Larry Elder has an interesting take on the trials and tribulations of Rand Paul in the wake of his amazing Tea Party backed primary victory in Kentucky. Read more:

China's Anouncement Bolsters the Euro

With Euope in a complete tailspin a simple pronouncement from China acted as a bit of a life boat in the financial markets over night. How important has the China's well managed national balance sheet become? Read more: