Will This Create a Consensus on Border Security?

    So far over 1300 murders in Juarez in 2010, stray bullets from Juarez rattling off of the El Paso City Hall building, a Middle East style bombing resulting in three deaths, and the shooting of a rancher and law enforcement officers in Arizona has not prompted elected officials in the U.S. to reach a consensus and implement a major initiative for air tight border security. Perhaps this story (below) will really stir the emotions of those who remain unconvinced of the need.
    ALBUQUERQUE - Federal authorities confirmed Friday they are investigating the death of another endangered Mexican gray wolf that was found shot along the New Mexico-Arizona border. The male wolf is the third to be found dead within the past month. It was a member of the Hawks Nest Pack. Read more here:

Where Are They Now?

    Columnist Ken Blackwell recalls the process that secured one of the "swing" votes that enabled a federal government takeover of healthcare.  Here is his "Where are the now? Update.".........Last spring, President Obama managed to corral the votes of a half dozen formerly pro-life Democrats in the House of Representatives for his takeover of health care. Congressman Bart Stupak (photo right - D-Mich.) had been a staunch supporter of pro-life initiatives for nearly twenty years in Congress. Tragically for him, and even more tragically for the country, Stupak fell in line behind the White House. For months he had held out, bravely. Then, at the eleventh hour, he caved in. He and his cohorts switched from being pro-lifers to being “faux lifers.” Read more here: