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Business bankruptcy filings down in NM

Business bankruptcies in New Mexico are down as the state continues to recover from the recession.

 A federal court report says there were 182 business-related petitions filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New Mexico in 2012. That's the lowest number of petitions filed in the state since 2007 and down from 203 in 2011. The recent high was 302 petitions filed in 2009. 
According to the Albuquerque Journal, many of the petitions cited in the report are filed by individuals who are small business owners.


Lawmakers introduce memorial to study marijuana revenue

A joint memorial resolution introduced in the state Senate on Thursday calls for a study that would look into the financial implications that would occur if the state started taxing and regulating marijuana like it does tobacco and alcohol. 
And at least one study by a Harvard professor estimates that the state could make up to $21 million a year in new revenue, while saving another $33 million on the enforcement side. 
Senate Joint Memorial 31, introduced by Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino would call for the state Economic and Development to form a workgroup to study how much revenue that taxing marijuana would generate as well as save. 
The study’s results would then be presented to the Legislature in 2014.


House approves spaceport legislation

The House has unanimously approved a proposal to help New Mexico develop a commercial space travel industry.  

The measure approved Thursday will limit the liability of spacecraft manufacturers and their suppliers. 
A separate but identical bill has passed the Senate, and Republican Gov. Susana Martinez backs the proposal. 
British billionaire Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic plans to fly tourists into space from New Mexico's more than $200 million spaceport. 
The legislation will extend liability limitations to suppliers and manufacturers of spacecraft and their components.