NewsNM Exclusive: ballots not correct in Otero County

Copyright 2012 Michael Swickard - What if the right names of candidates are not on your ballot? Are you sure Michael that such a thing could happen? Yes, I am. That question was answered Tuesday in Otero County. With the recent redistricting most voters did not notice. Actually, almost all did not notice. A sharp-eyed voter, though, knew where the candidate on her ballot lived and knew this name should not be on her ballot. It was a state representative. This listener of News New Mexico called me and said that the Otero County Commission heard today, Wednesday June 6, that some of the ballots did not print correctly. She assured me that the Otero County Clerk is aware of the problem. Question: what do we do now? Should Otero County residents get another chance to vote? Did it change any races? What about other New Mexico counties, has anyone confirmed that the ballots were all correct. If it can happen in Otero County it could have happened in any New Mexico county. Let us hope these problems can be ironed out before the general election. Stay tuned.


State Officials Break Up Driver’s License Ring

Luis Raul Collazo-Medrano
Albuquerque JournalA phone call to the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division from a Brazilian woman living in Georgia helped investigators uncover a complex scheme that likely resulted in hundreds of New Mexico driver’s licenses being issued to illegal aliens. “This is one of the largest and most sophisticated driver’s license fraud rings we have uncovered,” state Taxation and Revenue Secretary Demesia Padilla said at a news conference here Wednesday. Padilla was joined by 9th Judicial District Attorney Matthew Chandler, who said the ring — run by a family of Mexican nationals and their colleagues — used eight rented houses in Portales and Clovis over a two-year period to help 54 illegal aliens obtain New Mexico licenses. The ring, allegedly headed by Luis Raul Collazo-Medrano, used the addresses to obtain fake documents — such as rental agreements, utility bills, vehicle titles and proof of auto insurance — to get driver’s licenses. One of Collazo-Medrano’s accomplices, Veronica Diaz of Portales, is alleged to have used her notary public status to fraudulently notarize hundreds of such documents. Chandler said Collazo-Medrano recruited illegal aliens living in Illinois, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina, and charged them $4,000 apiece to transport them to New Mexico, obtain the illegal documents and get a driver’s license. Fifty-four such licenses have been linked directly to the eight addresses in Portales and Clovis, and helped illegal aliens from Mexico, El Salvador, Brazil, Guatemala, Uruguay and Honduras get licenses. Read More News New Mexico (subscription)


Gila Fire 22% Contained

KRWG - There will be a community meeting Wednesday in Glenwood at the Community Center starting at 6 PM. The incident management team will be providing an update on progress and fire containment.
In the west and northwest portion of the fire, crews focused on mopping up the previous days burn out activities. In the south and southwest sections of the fire boundaries, firefighters finished prepping cabins for potential fire movement and patrolled for increased activity. In the eastern boundary, hotshot crews continued to build line by hand and strengthened with small burn out operations. Read full story here: News New Mexico

Obama Surrogate Sought GSA Secrecy

Washington Times - A top administrator at the General Services Administration who worked on President Obama’s presidential transition team sought to keep secret the agency report that uncovered massive waste at a lavish taxpayer-funded GSA conference in Las Vegas, records show.
The 2010 conference, which cost $823,000 and featured a mind-reader, clowns, magicians and a red-carpet party, forced the ouster of several top GSA officials after the agency’s Office of Inspector General released its findings in April. But months earlier, as word of the report was circulating among GSA officials, Ruth F. Cox, the agency’s regional administrator for several Western states, contacted a colleague in Washington asking what could be done to shield the report from public view. Read full story here: News New Mexico


Tea Party View of Wisconsin

Newsmax - Tea Party Express chairwoman Amy Kremer blasted the Wisconsin recall as a “waste of taxpayer dollars” in a CNN interview on Wednesday, calling the election “unnecessary” and explaining, “We didn’t need to go here. They should have waited. [Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker] was elected fair and square in 2010 and he should have been able to serve out his term without going through this.” The conservative activist praised the Wisconsin voters who saw that Walker’s “reforms are working,” continuing, “The facts are the facts. The people saw that, and you see it with the exit polling, that 35 percent of households that have union members voted for Governor Walker yesterday.” Read full story here: News New Mexico

Progressive Magazine's Take on Wisconsin

Progressive - A BRUTAL NIGHT IN WISCONSIN - Tuesday night was a brutal, brutal night for progressives in Wisconsin. I was stuck in a local TV studio watching the dismal returns roll in, and it felt like someone was kicking me in the teeth over and over again.
Scott Walker
After a historic uprising in February and March of 2011, after months and months of organizing for this recall, when all is said and done, Scott Walker remains governor of Wisconsin. He even won by a bigger margin this time than last. In 2010, he beat Tom Barrett 52-47 percent, with a 125,000-vote surplus. This time, he beat Barrett 53-46, with a 173,000-vote surplus. Walker got 202,000 more votes than last time; Barrett got 154,000 more than last time, but it wasn’t enough. Not nearly.
Here are some of the reasons why Walker won. Read rest of column here: News New Mexico

Immoral Beyond Redemption

Walter Williams
Townhall - Benjamin Franklin, statesman and signer of our Declaration of Independence, said: "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." John Adams, another signer, echoed a similar statement: "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." Are today's Americans virtuous and moral, or have we become corrupt and vicious? Let's think it through with a few questions.
Suppose I saw an elderly woman painfully huddled on a heating grate in the dead of winter. She's hungry and in need of shelter and medical attention. To help the woman, I walk up to you using intimidation and threats and demand that you give me $200. Having taken your money, I then purchase food, shelter and medical assistance for the woman. Would I be guilty of a crime? A moral person would answer in the affirmative. I've committed theft by taking the property of one person to give to another.
Most Americans would agree that it would be theft regardless of what I did with the money. Now comes the hard part. Would it still be theft if I were able to get three people to agree that I should take your money? What if I got 100 people to agree -- 100,000 or 200 million people? What if instead of personally taking your money to assist the woman, I got together with other Americans and asked Congress to use Internal Revenue Service agents to take your money? In other words, does an act that's clearly immoral and illegal when done privately become moral when it is done legally and collectively? Read full column here: News New Mexico

Susana's PACs Fared Better in Dem Races

Susana Martinez
Roundhouse Roundup - It looks like Reform New Mexico Now got better results than the other political action committee located at 6100 Uptown Blvd. NE; Suite 590, Susana PAC -- meaning Republican Gov. Susana might have had more influence in the Democratic primaries than in the GOP contests she got involved in. “We are encouraged that New Mexicans stood with Democratic candidates who are willing to work across the aisle,” McCleskey told The Associated Press. But he apparently doesn't feel that way about Republicans who do the same. In Martinez's effort to choose the GOP candidate to replace retiring Sen. Clint Harden of Clovis. she backed Angie Spears, who lost to rancher Pat Woods. Spears hired McCleskey and went intensely negative on Wood -- largely for contributing money to Democrats who had helped him on agricultural issues. Wood responded by making McCleskey an issue in the campaign urging east-side Republicans to reject "mudslinging" by a "slick Albuquerque consultant." They did. Though there might be a couple of awkward moments between Woods and Martinez, he's likely to be a reliable vote on most issues. He's taken conservative positions on virtually all the issues and last night in a radio interview, Woods predicted he and Martinez will get along fine once she gets to know him. Read More News New Mexico


Scientist at NM’s Sandia National Labs pleads not guilty to passing research to China

Jianyu Huang
Washington Post A former scientist at Sandia National Labs in New Mexico has pleaded not guilty to charges of stealing research to share with China. Jianyu Huang was arraigned Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Albuquerque. The Albuquerque Journal ( reports Huang faces five counts of federal program fraud and one count of false statements. Authorities say he passed off nanotechnology research that belongs to the U.S. as his own. They say he went online to share the data with state-run schools in China. Huang is also accused of lying about taking a lab-owned laptop computer there. Sandia Lab says Huang was fired in April for violating procedures and he never had access to classified national security information. A message left Wednesday for Huang’s public defender, Brian Pori, was not immediately returned. Read More News New Mexico



Wilson, Heinrich, Lujan-Grisham Advance

Former U.S. Congresswoman Heather Wilson easily defeated rival Greg Sowards to win the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate yesterday. Martin Heinrich also enjoyed an easy win over State Auditor Hector Balderas to win the Democratic Party nomination for U.S. Senate. These two will face off in November. And in a stunning come from behind win versus the polls, Michelle Lujan-Grisham defeated Eric Griego for the Democratic Party nomination in New Mexico Congressional District #1. She will now face Janice Arnold-Jones in November. Griego blew what many pollsters suggested was a sizeable lead when stories began to surface last month that Griego had failed to appear in court on eleven different occasions for traffic violations. His failures to appear triggered multiple bench warrants for his arrest. Griego had the early backing of public employee unions. Public employee unions took another beating in Wisconsin yesterday when Governor Scott Walker survived a recall attempt orchestrated by angry public employee union officials. In her win over Griego, Michelle Lujan-Grisham was also able to overcome reports that cast her as a serial late payer of her property taxes. Former Albuquerque Mayor Marty Chavez finished a distant third in the CD#1 race. You can view most of yesterday's primary election results here: News New Mexico


Albuquerque GOP Cuts off Wiener

Michael Wiener
Michael Wiener's days of serving on the Bernalillo County Commission are numbered. GOP primary voters in the Republican primary severed ties with Wiener yesterday and voted for his opponent Lonnie Talbert in overwhelming numbers. In a district where there is no general election Democrat, Talbert will serve District #4 in Bernalillo County.
Wiener sunk his own campaign when he was photographed in a red light district in the Phillipines with underaged prostitutes. Not long after Wiener was exposed he drooped in the polls.
Talbert is the former chairman of the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce.


KOB has election results here

Albuquerque Television Station KOB-TV has statewide election results here


Clinton Continues to Contradict Obama

The Obama Administration just can't seem to get former President Bill Clinton to shut up. Yesterday in an interview on CNBC, Clinton said that all federal income tax rates that are scheduled to go up in January should be temporarily kept the same, including rates paid by the most productive Americans. Clinton said it would be wise to give Congress time to reach a deal on a longer-term extension that cuts the deficit, but does not do anything to further derail an economy that is already floundering.
Clinton's views directly contradict those held by President Obama. Obama, who has kept tax rates the same for his entire first term, has reversed policy course in 2012. He now says he is opposed keeping tax rates the same for people earning over $250,000 a year. Obama has implied this segment of the population is not paying its "fair share" of the cost of government.
It is unclear what Clinton is up to. Last week the former president refused to distort Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital calling it "good work" shortly after the Obama campaign unleashed a firestorm of controversy when ran television ads suggesting Romney's former firm was a vulcher investment entity that sucked the blood out of companies and killed jobs.
Some experts believe Clinton, who has always resented the race card that was played against Hillary Clinton in the 2008 presidential primary, is sabotaging Obama's re-election efforts to pave the way for another run by his wife in 2016.