Tweets place Superintendent in hot water

Winston Brooks
From - by Royale Dá - ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —Following a chain of tweets published Tuesday, the governor said Albuquerque Public Schools Superintendent Winston Brooks should be ashamed of his social media behavior. Some have said the tweets posted by Brooks compare the Education Secretary Designate Hannah Skandera to farm animals.
     Wednesday, Brooks apologized and said that was not his intention. Skandera was answering questions at a town hall meeting in Moriarty Tuesday. Brooks reached out to a KOAT Action 7 News reporter on Twitter to inquire about what was going on. For example, he asked how many people were at the meeting.
     Eventually he penned, “Maybe Skandy should head for the livestock truck!!!” The following tweet read, “Moo, moo, oink, oink!!”
     “All he’s doing is showing young girls and boys that it’s OK to do things like that,” said Gov. Susana Martinez. “It’s not OK to behave that (way).” Martinez said Brooks should be ashamed of himself. The school board demanded that Brooks apologize.
     This is Brooks’ second Twitter scandal. He recently retweeted a photo of a protester with a sign depicting Skandera and the governor with bloodied fangs. Brooks has only had the account for about a month. “You don’t behave this way or treat women this way,” said Martinez. “(You don’t) talk about women this way and expect to be respected by young girls who are in the school district.”
     Brooks said he’s still learning about the “reach social media has. More