Roswell FM Lands Jason London

Jason London
Los Angeles - Roswell FM Director Stephen Griffin announced today that Jason London has been selected to play the role of Kurt Buzlerd on the upcoming feature film. London is perhaps best known for his role as Randall "Pink" Floyd in director Richard Linklater's film “Dazed and Confused.” London also starred as Jason in the 2000 NBC miniseries Jason and the Argonauts. London joins a cast that includes leads Brandon Fehr and Mirelly Taylor. London’s character (Kurt Buzlerd) is a quirky paranormal radio talk show host on station KLEN in Roswell. The independent feature is now in the final stages of casting and scheduled for shooting on location in Roswell, N.M. starting July 25th.


Southern NM Fires Finally Subside as Rain Falls

New Mexico has been ravaged by fires this summer. Most of the media attention has been focused on a fire on the Arizona border followed by the fire near Los Alamos and the National Labs. Most residents don't realize the Ruidoso Downs area also suffered very substantial fire damage, with little media fanfare. Below is a photo of a firefighter tent camp on the local football field near Hondo, New Mexico where firefighters appear to have finally controlled the blaze there. Also pictured is the mountainside behind the Ruidoso Downs racetrack. The facility barely survived a recent forest fire there. The damage covers miles and miles of mountainside between Ruidoso Downs and Hondo. News New Mexico also captured a picture of weary firefighters trudging towards their staging camp early Sunday morning. Stereo-typed as a male occupation, we were particularly surprised as we noted how many brave females were also doing battle with these horrific blazes.
Firefighter Tents on the Football Field in Hondo New Mexico
Firefighters at the Staging Station in Hondo

Scorched Forest Above Ruidoso Downs Racetrack