How to identify a meth lab

My buddy is a law enforcement officer. He has been approached by several people lately wanting to know how to identify a meth lab. So he sent me this picture to help in the identification. Here is a picture of four labs. I think it's pretty obvious which one is the meth lab.

NM Environmental Dept. Issues Wildfire Smoke Advisory - Suggests If You Are Indoors Don't Smoke

The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) and New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) today issued a smoke advisory for areas of New Mexico affected by smoke from multiple wildfires in New Mexico, Arizona and Mexico. Based on current extreme drought conditions, it is possible that smoke in the region could persist until the monsoon season. When smoke levels are within the unhealthy range (see table below) or worse, the Department of Health has the following recommendations:
1. If you are sensitive to smoke, evacuate the area if you can. If you choose to stay, remain indoors with the doors and windows closed.
2. If available, use a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter on your air conditioner to reduce the amount of smoke pulled into your home from the outdoors. A HEPA filter may reduce the number of irritating fine particles in indoor air. Do not use swamp coolers when there are high levels of smoke outdoors because the cooler will pull the smoke indoors.
3. During high temperatures, older individuals or those in frail health who do not have an air conditioner should stay with family members or friends who do.
4. Reduce other sources of indoor air pollution such as smoking cigarettes or burning incense.
5. Recognize the symptoms of smoke exposure and pay attention to visibility.
6. For severe shortness of breath, chest pain, decreased mental function or other life-threatening conditions, call 911 immediately.
7. Listen for news updates on the fire and smoke in your area. Continue to follow all precautions and instructions given by fire management authorities.


Bankrupt Greeks Rioting.....Again

WSJ - ATHENS—A largely peaceful protest Wednesday by tens of thousands of Greeks against new government austerity measures was marred by violence in central Athens late in the day, when hundreds of youths wearing ski masks hurled water bottles, firecrackers and other objects at police who responded with tear gas and pepper spray. Still, the protest was restrained by the standards of recent Greek actions, coming almost exactly one year after a mass demonstration left three bank workers dead. Read full story here: News New Mexico

Trucker Pleads Guilty to "Ferrying" Illegals

Pulaski note: Why would a judge allow someone guilty of human smuggling facing up to 10 years in prison to be released on bond? From the Sacramento Bee -A California truck driver has pleaded guilty in a New Mexico court to a charge that he transported illegal immigrants. Federal prosecutors say 42-year-old Ulises Lluch-Valdes of Santa Clarita entered his plea Tuesday in Las Cruces. He was arrested in March and released on a $5,000 bond. He remains on release pending his sentencing hearing, which has not yet been scheduled. The charge stems from a stop at a border patrol checkpoint in southern New Mexico. During an inspection, agents found three illegal immigrants hiding inside the cab of his tractor-trailer. Prosecutors say Lluch-Valdes admitted that he was charging the three men $800 each to transport them to California. Lluch-Valdes faces up to 10 years in prison and three years of supervised release.

Obama in Full Campaign Mode in El Paso

Based on what we saw yesterday the message and the tactics seem clear. We can look forward to eighteen months of Americans being manipulated for the purpose of dividing them along ethnic lines. And we can expect President Obama to continue to hope certain assumptions he has made about Hispanic voters and border security work. Accordingly, you can expect more of what we saw in El Paso yesterday until November of 2012.
What happened during his visit to El Paso? Most working people and business owners were not there to hear his words. Instead, interested people caught the presidential sound bytes from the El Paso campaign stop on television last night. Knowing unemployment was up (not down) during the month of April and the federal budget deficit was up (not down) viewers saw their president change the subject. Instead of supporting employers and employment Obama pretended the U.S. border with Mexico has suddenly become secure. It was a truly amazing political spectacle. Just across the river from a city that is the drug cartel-plagued murder capitol of the world, Obama could be heard actually making fun of people who desperately hope for the day to come soon when the U.S. Border Patrol will have sufficient resources to detain all who would enter the U.S. illegally. As of now, the estimates are the agency captures roughly one in three that illegally cross the border.
Why would Obama say these things? It is simple. The president is making a bet. He believes that people in the border states, particularly New Mexico can be divided along ethnic lines with most Hispanics in favor of open borders. Will the Obama strategy work? It might. But then again, the top three elected officials in New Mexico are Susana Martinez, John Sanchez, and Dianna Duran. The last time we checked these popular Hispanic leaders favored a dramatic emphasis on border security and a much more focused dedication towards supporting employers and employment. You don't have to be a political rocket scientist to figure out what Obama is really doing. Why bother talking about a floundering economy that is struggling under the heavy weight of bad energy policies and heavy handed regulations? And with 51% of all households not paying any federal income tax, those who actually do contribute to the nation's coffers are a much easier political mark.The futility of discouraging productivity be damned, 51% is is 51%. And politics is a numbers game right? And what the heck........with recent developments in the Middle East going on campaign trips makes plenty of sense. It seems like a cinch that if the president will just go out and mingle with people who can actually leave their jobs to listen to him, somebody is bound to shout out a thank you to him for killing Osama bin Laden. Then with credit in hand, he can humbly thank "the troops."