Former Green Job Czar Van Jones Calls For Occupiers to Blockade All Ports

Van Jones
Pulaski note:  This was Van Jones' tweet and he linked to the article below as well.  "It's the 99's turn, again. Post-encampment phase begins Dec 12th. RT : Occupy to blockade major ports".
From -Occupy movements plan to shut down major ports along the U.S. West Coast and Canada's Pacific seaboard in a day of action next month, they said Wednesday. In an announcement hours after a two-month-old anti-Wall Street protest camp was evicted in Los Angeles, they said they plan to strike back against the "nationally co-ordinated attack on the Occupy movement." More News New Mexico

Governor Warns Citizens to Prepare for Severe Weather

Susana Martinez
SANTA FE – As season’s first winter storm approaches, Governor Susana Martinez asked New Mexicans to take steps to prepare for the upcoming severe weather and has personally confirmed that utility companies are prepared to deal with any resulting outages. "While we don't anticipate another widespread gas outage, we are well-prepared to act as quickly as possible to restore service," said Governor Martinez. "Thanks to the Pilot Relight Emergency Program program that is now underway, we would be able to deploy National Guardsmen and volunteers on a much faster timeline should New Mexico’s communities experience significant gas outages."
Martinez spoke to leaders of both the New Mexico Gas Company and PNM this afternoon to ensure that the companies are prepared to handle the severe weather. "I have spoken personally to the leaders of both New Mexico Gas Company and PNM to ensure that both utility providers are prepared to respond quickly in the event of interruptions that occur as a result of wind or snow damage. I have been assured that the fuel lines are full and that the call centers and work crews are fully-staffed to respond quickly to any outages," said Martinez.
This afternoon, representatives from the governor’s office, the Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, the New Mexico National Guard, the Department of Transportation, and the National Weather Service participated in a briefing to cover likely weather scenarios, preparation, and responses to any possible emergency situations. Both and the Governor’s Office website at have been updated with links to the latest weather updates and road conditions. In the event of significant damage or utility interruptions, both websites will provide real-time updates on road closures, shelter locations, timelines for restoring electric or gas service, and other necessary information. Winter storm preparation and safety tips can be found on the governor’s website at or


"Bad Santa"


Legislators Want to Get Involved in Medicaid Restructure

Santa Fe New Mexican - Under a proposal backed by a legislative committee Thursday, lawmakers would have to sign off on all significant changes to Medicaid proposed by Gov. Susana Martinez and her administration. The 4-1 vote by the Legislative Health and Human Services Committee threatened to put the Legislature on a collision course with the Republican governor and her team. Martinez, a first-term Republican governor, has made restructuring the state's $3.9 billion Medicaid program a major initiative, provoking pushback from beneficiaries, some state lawmakers and a bevy of health care advocates who have expressed a variety of concerns about changes to the government program that insures more than a quarter of New Mexicans.
That political reality gave the committee-backed proposal the feel of another front in the wide-ranging fight over Medicaid, even though the proposal's chances appear dim during the 30-day legislative session that starts Jan. 17.  "It seems like an exercise in futility," Sen. Gerry Ortiz y Pino, D-Albuquerque, said before voting with the committee's three other Democrats to endorse the legislation. Republican Rep. Dennis Kintigh from Roswell, was the lone "no" vote. "She could just veto it," Ortiz y Pino added. "On the other hand, if we never exercise any attempt to exhibit some responsibility, we have no one to blame but ourselves." Read full story here: News New Mexico


NM Credit Union's Profits Soar

New Mexico Busines Journal - The nation’s credit unions gained more than 450,000 new members during the third quarter, and nearly 1 million during the year’s first nine months, the National Credit Union Administration reported Thursday. Assets of the 7,179 federally insured credit unions increased during the quarter by $8.7 billion, to $951.1 billion, and deposits increased by nearly $7 billion, to $819.2 billion. Credit union lending stood at $567.1 billion at the quarter’s end, a $3.1 billion increase from the second quarter, the NCUA said. New Mexico's 50 credit unions saw increases in members, deposits, loans and profits during the quarter. Profits soared by 84.1 percent during the quarter, to $19.7 million from $10.7 million. Read full story here: News New Mexico

UNM Football Practice Facility Wind Damaged

KOB TV - The mighty wind took on the UNM football practice facility and tore it apart in one area on Thursday. The indoor practice facility, on the south end of University Stadium near Cesar Chavez and University Boulevard, is now damaged on the south wall of the building. Read full story here: News New Mexico


A Smidgeon of Tort Reform?

Las Cruces Sun-News - SANTA FE - Space travelers who launch from New Mexico would lose the right to sue in most cases of injury or death, under a bill endorsed Thursday by a legislative committee. The proposed law would limit lawsuits against manufacturers and suppliers of spacecraft. Virgin Galactic, the company that intends to operate flights from Spaceport America in Sierra County, already has state protection from most lawsuits. An exception in the existing and proposed laws would allow space travelers or their survivors to sue companies in cases of gross negligence. Members of the Legislature's finance oversight committee voted 12-0 to endorse the bill. Sen. Mary Kay Papen, D-Las Cruces, will cosponsor the measure during the legislative session starting in January. She said New Mexico cannot expect to be competitive in commercial space travel unless it provides liability protection for companies.
Papen said Florida and Virginia, also venturing into the business of space travel, already have laws limiting lawsuits. Those who want to journey into space will need fat bank accounts. Virgin Galactic executives say a two-hour flight originating in New Mexico will cost each passenger $200,000. Even if the bill is approved, Papen said, all travelers would have to sign releases giving up the right to bring most lawsuits against space companies. She said she was optimistic about the bill's chances because it has bipartisan support. Of the 12 committee members who endorsed it, six were Democrats and six were Republicans. But Papen said bills to restrict lawsuits often face opposition in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Read full story here: News New Mexico