Swickard: They will insure you lose on insurance

© 2017 Michael Swickard, Ph.D. “Most of the great problems we face are caused by politicians creating solutions to problems they created in the first place.” Walter E. Williams
             Healthcare is the battleground today because one set of politicians today are creating solutions to problems Congress caused in 2009. Shall we fix those problems or create even more problems?
            Caught in the middle are the American public who pays more and get less service. Why? Because the political healthcare plans are financial redistribution plans, not actual healthcare plans intending to provide better service for less money.
            The current healthcare plan in our country known as Obamacare came into being promising to lower costs. But the first action was to hire millions of lawyers, consultants, account managers, technical directors and bureaucrats to run the healthcare system. It suddenly costs more for healthcare.
            Who can possible looked surprised when healthcare cost much more because of it being the feeding bucket for millions of political people who are creating solutions to problems they created in the first place. They will insure you lose on insurance.
            One fact about healthcare not being discussed is that the political pushers of these new plans have and are making out well. When we have dysfunction in our country we should note who is making out well in the chaos. Namely: the politicians of both political parties.
            So, let me ask: why would either political party come to the aid of the country when both sides are doing well themselves with the chaos they are creating? They will not.
            My older brother Bill was born at home. The home in question was twenty miles south of Carrizozo on my Grandfather’s ranch. He was born in the front bedroom with Dr. Klump attending. The bill in 1947 for Bill was forty dollars. It paid for the doctor to attend.
            There was nothing in the bill for any account managers, tax consultants, primary attorney, secondary attorney, the lead consultant on births, the yada yada yada. Just what it cost the doctor to attend the birth.
            What I have is Dental Unsurance. It looks like insurance but doesn’t work. But there is millions of people in the company making money while not doing anything of value for the customers. Why? Because the politicians have set this system up.
            How to make healthcare better? First, stop making it worse for political gain. If you are in a hole and don’t like it first stop digging. That is what America must do. Rather than come up with a more involved system of bookkeeping and rules and regulations, we must step back.
            The media will make every step toward less government sound like the Black Death of 1346. It will not be but the scaremongers will point out that any reduction of government intrusion will kill at least 700 Billion people this week.
            There’s only 7.5 Billion people alive now, should I react to politicians saying 700 Billion people will die if we pull back on government intrusion? Nope.


Denial is the great enabler

© 2016 Jim Spence - Consider all of the losses at every level of government that have occurred under Nancy Pelosi’s House leadership and Obama’s stay in the White House. The totals are staggering. The net loss is 1,042 state and federal Democratic posts. This includes congressional and state legislative seats, governorships, and the presidency. And with all of these devastating losses came the appointment of Neil Gorsuch instead of a Ruth Bader-Ginsburg clone to the Supreme Court.
When you dive down into the details it is amazing. Democrats have seen their 55 U.S. Senate seats fall to just 46. Their U.S. House seat count has plummeted to just 194.... down from 256.  Democrats have just 16 sitting governors, down from 28.
Ohio Democratic Party House member Tim Ryan said before he failed to depose Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader, “We’re not even a national party at this point. We have some support on the coasts, but we’ve lost the support of middle America, and we’ve got to make some changes. So I’m pulling the fire alarm here, because the house is on fire.”
There are two basic questions that need to be answered by onlookers 1) Why is the Democrat's house on fire? and 2) What are Democrats doing about it?
There is an amazing head scratching "denial" situation unfolding. It is inexplicable until you start to realize there has been an epidemic of denial within the Democratic Party for several decades. At any level of human endeavor, denial is an intellectual cancer. Sadly, the Democrats have had if for quite some time and now it is spreading like stage 4 cancer.
Their house is on fire because they insist that government is the solution to every problem. They have insisted on pretending that big government actually works when it doesn’t in the vast majority of instances. Democrats deny that illegal immigration is a problem and argue for ignoring basic border security. Democrats use the tax laws to punish productive workers and use excessive regulation to punish productive employers. Democrats pretend weather variability is new. Then they pretend they can control weather variability by punishing energy companies and increasing energy costs for consumers. Democrats resist welfare reform insuring that able-bodied adults are not forced to either work or do without. Democrats defend criminals with long arrest and conviction records and throw law enforcement officials under the bus.
Most important of all, Democrats pretend most white people should be treated with suspicion because any opposition to failed Venezuela-style socialism is linked to whites and their persistent racism. 
Once a political party has made pretending a way of life, there are no boundaries on dysfunction. Witness what is happening now in the wake of all these devastating losses that Democrats have taken at the polls. Efforts to unseat Nancy Pelosi continue to fail. It should come as no surprise that Democrats in Washington continue to cling to Pelosi, despite all of the telltale signs that she is suffering from the onset of dementia. Democrats deny what everyone can see in Pelosi's public appearances. Pelosi gets lost in mid-sentence, engages in nonsensical pauses, and then veers off on irrelevant ramblings. She jumps from topic to topic, often unable to articulate on a fundamental level let alone finish her thoughts. You can see the sad unraveling of what is left of Pelosi's mind in many of her recent public appearances, including this one.
Why won’t Democrats gently nudge Pelosi aside, if such a thing can be done in politics? The answer is simple. Once Democrats get comfortable with engaging in habitual denial that their public policies are working, it is very easy for them to watch Pelosi, as she is today.......and be completely comfortable arguing that she hasn’t lost her mind. This is the essence of denial.