Endangered: American commerce under attack

© 2014 Michael Swickard, Ph.D. This much I know: whatever you wish to do in commerce will be opposed by environmental lawyers in three areas: animals, lands and procedures. All are tied to a political agenda to destroy commerce. The money for environmentalists to oppose commerce is provided by said commerce in the form of taxes. They are using the proceeds of capitalism to kill capitalism.
     How does it work? Whenever someone attempts to farm, ranch or develop extractives, there is always a potential endangered species that suddenly crops up which cannot exist with the farm, ranch or extractive activity. Year after year every capitalistic venture in our country is under this same attack.
     Environmentalists look to see where the capitalistic activity is and then apply concern of some unknown species to that activity. You want to open a mine? There is a potential endangered habitat there. Suddenly the media is full of stories about the newest species which is then used to stop commerce. Environmentalists trot out these species as needed. 
     When they do, the forces of capitalism must muster a robust defense of the proposed commerce while the environmental lawyers are paid by taxes. Importantly, when one battle is won or lost then environmental lawyers bring out the next species to battle over and the battle begins again. They battle until people who work for a living run out of money and desire to fight. 
     Many multi-generational ranchers have left ranching for good because the courts are stacked against them. Many battle with all their heart to continue the Agricultural heritage of America which is under attack. They battle until they no longer can battle. The media either paints them as wanting to harm endangered species or does not mention them at all. 
     Ultimately when Agriculture and the Extractive Industries are destroyed by political monsters for the purpose of political gain, the American citizens lose. Read full column