Voter I.D. Laws? Surely You Jest

Talk about wasting time. Democrats in the New Mexico legislature have managed to render all efforts to make a statewide voter I.D. law pretty much irrelevant. If House Bill 577 (another voter I.D. law) were to pass when it is voted on next week, it won’t mean much. Now that the state’s practice of issuing driver’s licenses to those who have entered the country illegally will continue, it would seem almost silly to pass a voter I.D. law.
John Arthur Smith
Would the majority of Senate and House Democrats (except John Arthur Smith) now be so cynical as to pretend to be in favor of the philosophy requiring voter I.D. after making sure the issuing of bogus I.D.’s continues? In politics anything is possible. But for those plagued by a modicum of logic, knowing New Mexico identification documents will continue to be put in the hands of tens of thousands of people who are ineligible to vote, we can’t help but realize that the constitutional rights of equal protection under law have become a charade in the state we call home.
What do legitimate taxpaying residents of New Mexico think of having their own rights to cast votes being systematically diluted by all but one Democrat in the Senate (John Arthur Smith) and all but six Democrats in the House? It is hard to say, especially when the next election is still 19 months away. Will voter’s memories on this constitutional travesty be long enough to matter come November of 2012? Only the passage of time will tell. In politics, even New Mexico politics,19 months is an eternity.


Grubesic: Senator Richardson, Seriously

John Grubesic
Capitol Report New Mexico - Senator Richardson. Say it slowly, try not to throw up and give it a chance to sink in. It makes perfect sense. Come on folks, if I can say it so can you… SENATOR RICHARDSON. Yes, that Richardson, Big Bill, Slick Guillermo, the flabby King. Richardson is the only Democrat that merits consideration. Balderas, the two Martins, that Diane lady who even the President couldn’t remember, Patsy Madrid (who last time I checked couldn’t even remember who she was), Benito Lujan? One more time, together… Senator Richardson! Getting easier right? It should be. Especially for all you Democrats that have almost managed to wash the taste of his butt off of your lips. Pucker up, assume the position and get him elected! We are not sending someone to Washington to make friends, play by a mythical set of rules and sit around waiting for the Labs to shut down, see Kirtland relegated to Nerf warfare and watch as any available money goes elsewhere; the current Congressional delegation has it covered. Don’t take a knife to a gun fight; don’t send a man wearing a suit made of salmon into a den of grizzlies or a Girl Scout to a crack house.
Bill Richardson
We need to send the most successful hood (I mean this in the best sense as in …Robin) New Mexico has ever produced to represent our interests in a city that has more unindicted felons roaming the streets than anywhere else in the world. New Mexico needs a senator with the morals of a tapeworm, the energy of a drug-addled mongoose and the cajones of a rutting moose. Somebody who can down a gallon of vodka, bed an intern and finagle funding out of an economy that is sputtering like an accountant with a speech impediment at an IRS audit. Read full column here: News New Mexico

Senator Sanchez Rips Governor Martinez

Santa Fe, NM- The man many believe is one of the chief architects of the troublesome budget deficit and rising unemployment rate in the state of New Mexico is going on the rhetorical offensive. Strangely, Senate Majority Floor Leader Michael Sanchez, an attorney, is centering a large portion of his finger-pointing criticism on the governor's legal background. "Governor Martinez's background as a prosecutor has not given her practical experience or any idea of governing and how the legislative process works, including the detailed efforts required for shaping legislation. In order to give the proposed bills full consideration, it is critical to have extensive review, analysis and debate. New Mexicans deserve nothing less," Sanchez said. 
Governor Martinez
Speaking to reporters yesterday morning, Gov. Martinez accused Sen. Sanchez and the Senate of not moving her bills along fast enough. Sanchez was quick to respond. "Rather than tying up valuable legislative time on divisive issues, Gov. Martinez needs to get out of campaign mode and get down to the business of governing and working with the legislature to create a comprehensive plan for the future," said Sen. Sanchez. It would seem to many observers that the issue Sanchez is referring to is the effort to end the issuance of driver's licenses for people who have violated immigration laws. With polls consistently in the 70-80% range in favor of ending the process, and many Democrats voting to end the process, possibly what Senator Sanchez really finds irritating is the "divide" this effort has created in his own party.
Michael Sanchez
"I would encourage the Governor to focus her energy on solving problems instead of merely exploiting them for partisan political purposes," he said. Ironically the governor seems to be preventing Sen. Sanchez and House Speaker Ben Lujan from exploiting their caucuses for partisan purposes. Sanchez said the Governor "still hasn't weighed in with a realistic plan for fixing the budget and maintaining critical services for the people of this state." Of course the budget Martinez is tasked with fixing by Senator Sanchez is the same budget problem he presided over for several years. Fortunately for voters, Senator Sanchez has a record on time management in the Senate and Senate Bill 1 is his budget fix idea. He wants to borrow money to narrow the difference between what the state spends and collects. Read the full story on Sanchez budgeting ideas here: News New Mexico


Pearce: Delivers Letter to Keep Gila Forest Open

Steve Pearce
Washington, D.C. (March 11, 2011) Today, Congressman Steve Pearce met with Thomas Tidwell, Chief of the U.S. Forest Service, to deliver a letter in opposition to proposed road closings in the Gila National Forest. Congressman Pearce’s letter was written on behalf of the hundreds of constituents who have spoken out in opposition to the closings. Mr. Pearce is especially concerned for the elderly, families, and disabled who would be unable to access much of the forest with decreased road access. He has been contacted personally by numerous constituents who said the Forest Service’s plan would prevent them from visiting the places they have shared with loved ones for decades.
“I respectfully request that the Service reconsider its plans to close roads and trails in the Gila National Forest,” Pearce said in the letter. “In so doing, I specifically ask that you intervene to have the DEIS withdrawn and redrafted to ensure access for disabled and elderly Americans, hunters, hikers and other outdoor hobbyists. No American should be denied the right to enjoy the pristine habitats that their tax dollars pay for.” Last week, over 700 New Mexicans packed a convention center in Silver City to oppose the closures. In a survey conducted by Congressman Pearce during a Tele-Town Hall last month, 89% of respondents said they opposed closing roads in the Gila. Pearce, an avid outdoorsman, has consistently emphasized the importance of conservation and of preserving the state’s treasures. He also believes that enjoyment of those treasures is a freedom that must be preserved for everyone.


Another Union and Management Dispute

Wall Street Journal - The National Football League descended Friday into turmoil as negotiations between owners and players broke off, setting up a potentially lengthy court battle that could have serious consequences for both the league and the sports business in general. After spending seven-plus hours negotiating in Washington, D.C., in a 17th day of mediation, leaders of the NFL and the players union said late Friday afternoon that talks had stalled and blamed the other side for the meltdown. Shortly thereafter the union filed paperwork to decertify and 10 players, including stars Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, filed an antitrust lawsuit against the league. The suit seeks to prevent the owners from locking out the players. But the league locked out players as of midnight. "Significant differences remain," said DeMaurice Smith, the union's executive director. Read full story here: News New Mexico

Driessen: Welcome to the Third World

Paul Driessen
Townhall - As Britain suffered through its coldest December in a century, families were forced to choose between keeping homes warm and feeding their children nourishing meals – thanks to climate policies that have forced extensive reliance on wind power and deliberately driven energy prices skyward. Barely two months later, the UK’s power grid CEO informed the country that its days of reliable electricity are numbered. Families, schools, offices, shops, hospitals and factories will just have to “get used to” consuming electricity “when it’s available,” not necessarily when they want it or need it. A new “smart grid” will be used to allocate decreasing electricity supplies, on a rolling basis or according to bureaucratic determinations as to which consumers most need available power – mostly from wind turbines that provided a pitiful 0.04% of Britain’s electricity during its coldest days last December.
Meanwhile, the EU’s Energy Commissioner warned that German electricity prices are already at “the upper edge” of what society can accept and businesses can tolerate. Taxes, levies and regulations imposed in the name of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and global warming are forcing companies to relocate to other countries and causing “a gradual process of de-industrialization” across Germany. Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt called for a full and independent investigation of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, its practices and suspect science. The IPCC no longer has integrity or credibility, he said, and some of its researchers “have shown themselves to be fraudsters.” Read full column here: News New Mexico