Woman says she found more than $70K at Walmart

From KOAT-TV.com - ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —An Albuquerque woman claims she found a bag with more than $70,000 dollars in cash in it at a local Walmart and returned it to its rightful owner. Michelle Fazio and her 4-year-old son Anthony were shopping at the Walmart on Eubank Boulevard Thursday afternoon.
     As Fazio was about to put her son in a shopping cart, she claims she saw a bag of money. Fazio said she went through the bag trying to find information to identify its owner. “I think God let me find it because he knew I would do the right thing,” said Fazio.
     She claims she found a card with an attorney’s name on it. She was then able to find a number and call him. Fazio said she learned an elderly woman had gone to the Walmart earlier with her caregiver and left the money behind. Fazio said through the help of the attorney, who is the woman’s sole proprietor, she was able to return the money to a caregiver.More