Man turns violent during police sweep

From - by Celina Westervelt - ALBUQUERQUE - After getting multiple complaints about transients harassing people near the historic Frontier Restaurant, police decided to do a sweep in the area but that sweep did not go quite as planned. Police say 32-year-old Darrell Tsosie was hanging out in front of the Frontier late Friday evening when mangers complained he was bugging customers.  They found him highly intoxicated and bleeding on the sidewalk.
     Police say Tsosie gave them a fake name when they questioned him. When they learned of his right name, they found he had warrant for his arrest.  The officer cuffed him but when Tsosie got inside the police car the officer says he started kicking and spitting all over the back seat. That's when the officer tried to cuff his feet, but the officer said Tsosie started kicking him in the stomach and legs. The officer says next Tsosie spit blood on his face getting it in his eyes nose and mouth.
     Eventually another officer stepped in and get Tsosie to calm down. Tsosie appeared before a judge Sunday. He is charged with battery on a police officer and is still in jail Sunday night. Read more