Union Hires Non-Union Pickets

From New Mexico Watchdog -The workers don’t seem to mind the low wages or a contentious employer that puts them on the street to air someone else’s grievance. They seem to like their $10 an hour jobs – for the most part. Although he understood that he doesn’t have to talk to reporters, a man paid to picket Lovelace Womens Hospital on Montgomery Blvd. in Albuquerque didn’t realize that his job might include appearing in the news. He didn’t want to be photographed holding a banner that said “Shame on Lovelace Health Systems.” After first declining to talk on camera, the man later motioned a videographer back to his end of the sign. On camera, he said he had not been trained to understand rules that govern news photography when he accepted the job as a picket in the nationwide Shame-On campaign.  More News New Mexico

“News New Mexico” Wins Talk Show of the Year Award

Spence and Swickard During a Serious Moment
KSNM - (Las Cruces, NM) - In less than a year, the rapid growth and development of “News New Mexico” has netted the three-hour talk show a top state broadcasters honor. On Thursday, May 19, 2011 the New Mexico Broadcasters Association released its list of the 2011 Award recipients and “News New Mexico” won the Division 2 Talk Show of the Year Award. The award reflects the outstanding achievements of broadcasters for the calendar year 2010 and recognizes exceptional news coverage, entertainment, and production across five radio markets and one television market. 
Janice Arnold-Jones
 “News New Mexico” debuted on July 1, 2010 on KSNM AM 570 (Las Cruces) with hosts Jim Spence and Dr. Michael Swickard. The idea for the show was developed by the two co-hosts and Radio of Las Cruces Vice President/General Manager Allen Lumeyer. Since its debut, the show has expanded with the addition of Albuquerque talk radio host, Janice Arnold-Jones. The show is produced with the help of team members Patrick Sosa (Producer), Rachel Pulaski (Web Coordinator), and Kyle Doperalski (Executive Producer).
The show, which originated from the flagship KSNM 570 studios, moved in April 2011 to its new studio home at the Spence Asset Management building in Las Cruces. The new studio was built to help develop the first-ever statewide three-hour syndicated show.
Rachel Pulaski
News New Mexico's managing partner Jim Spence summarized the fast success of the show when he said, "We have a tremendous team in place. Michael Swickard and Janice Arnold-Jones both bring deep backgrounds in radio broadcasting to the audience. Kyle Doperalski is the quintessential teammate with years of experience building radio networks. Patrick Sosa also has years of broadcasting experience and a charming on-air presence. Rachel Pulaski has a great eye for an interesting story and the unique perspective of a young mother with pre-school age children. In three time Emmy Award winner Rob Nikolewski, CPA Brad Beasley, and Dr. Brigette Russell we are able to provide our listeners with frequent contributors who come to us from diverse professional backgrounds. Also the contributions of regular guests like former Governor Garrey Carruthers and many others bring remarkable experience and insights to the listeners.
Patrick Sosa Managing the Show
Additionally, the wide range of elected officials from all ends of the political spectrum who have generously shared their time and viewpoints have contributed mightily to what we are trying to do each day. We are also particularly thankful that our state is blessed with terrific journalists like Steve Terrell of the Santa Fe New Mexican and Heath Haussamen of NMPolitics.net. These outstanding individuals provide us with outstanding coverage of news stories from around the state. And of course the growing list of radio station affiliates that are carrying our radio programming is helping us continue to spread our wings and touch more lives in the state we all love."
Kyle Doperalski
With the brand new studio and state of the art Internet equipment, the News New Mexico radio show is now heard in Artesia on KSVP-AM, Carlsbad on KATK-AM, and in Clayton on KLMX-AM as well as on KSNM AM 570 in Las Cruces. Stations interested in affiliate information can call News New Mexico Executive Producer Kyle Doperalski at 575-649-8136. The “News New Mexico” team will accept the award at this year’s annual NMBA Excellence in Broadcasting Gala in Albuquerque on Friday June 10, 2011.


Is Spain Experiencing the Thatcher Warning?

MSNBC - MADRID — Spaniards began voting on Sunday in local and regional polls expected to deal heavy losses to the ruling Socialists, who are blamed for widespread unemployment that has off a wave of pre-election protests. The elections are a key test of how much the party's support has crumbled due to soaring unemployment and its handling of the financial crisis, and are seen as a prelude to general elections next year. Tens of thousands of Spaniards demonstrated in the past week in city squares around the country against austerity measures that have kept a fiscal crisis at bay but aggravated the highest jobless rate in the European Union. More than 34 million people are eligible to vote while in the background the growing protest movement has illustrated the disillusionment felt by Spaniards toward both main parties and what they call a political system that favors economic interests over citizens. Read full story here: News New Mexico

Lopez Contributed Over $50,000 to Richardson

Edgar Lopez
KOB TV - SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) - A Las Cruces businessman entangled in an alleged pay-to-play scheme for judicial appointments has contributed more than $50,000 to former Democratic Gov. Bill Richardson and played a role in Richardson hiring a state investment officer who's been implicated in a separate public corruption scandal. Edgar Lopez, who runs a real estate investment business, is portrayed by government investigators as a power broker who helped secure appointments for those wanting to serve on Dona Ana County courts. Read full story here: News New Mexico

Driessen: Oil and Gas Subsidy Nonsense

Paul Driessen
Townhall - The petroleum industry does not receive "subsidies" to produce oil and natural gas. It doesn't even get "special tax breaks" or outright tax credits. What are falsely described in these terms are actually tax deductions for costs incurred by companies in the process of exploring, drilling, producing and refining the oil and natural gas that energize this nation's economy and living standards. These tax deductions are equivalent or similar to deductions claimed by every US business, large and small, for things like facilities depreciation, equipment, utilities, payroll, and research and development. They are intended to ensure that businesses, like individuals, recover their costs and get taxed only on their net incomes. For oil companies those deductions include:
* Geological and geophysical costs, for exploration to assess prospects prior to drilling;
* Intangible drilling costs – equipment, labor, fuel and supplies associated with drilling expensive wells;
* Expensing "tertiary injectants," water and chemicals injected into older wells to keep them producing;
* Domestic manufacturer's deductions of up to 6% of income earned from extracting oil and gas (farmers, manufacturers and other producers can deduct up to 9% of earned income);
* Percentage depletion allowance, allowing for gradual recovery of up-front investments in a petroleum (or iron, gold, limestone, et cetera) deposit that is gradually extracted and depleted. The allowance is not available to "integrated" companies that produce, refine and market oil. Read full column here: News New Mexico